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  1. In the Armor Mods section The Gadgets section it will say 'Current Skill Kit Mod' to the right And in the Skill Kit section it will say 'Current Gadget Mod' Has anyone else noticed this? These are backwards? Please check your game to see what I mean.
  2. Things that patches/mods could enable easily : Make the game moddable Ability to turn off chromatic aberration Loot all faster method Auto compare inventory weapons/armor to those equipped Better map! At least more hover info - like the green quest marker, shows no info in the map Default sleep time to the min 6 hours seeing as that heals you fully Rebind buttons that are hardcoded (why?) First planet: remove the silly giant planet from the sky, and the band of rings Third person mode Some balance suggestions : Less loot overall Nerf melee weapons a bit Things that are difficult to add/mod : Cover mechanic (would be really helpful) Give town NPCs less bland things to say
  3. Same thing happening to me and has been for a while. Anyone besides me and the OP here? Are the devs aware?
  4. Druid character using the Drinking Horn of Moderation, now correctly working on its own thanks to the patch. (Although the description says +0 Intellect.) My PC has 18 base INT, and 20 with the Horn. I saved and then enchanted his armor with +1 INT (even though I knew it was very unlikely I would get the extra point with the other INT boost already). INT goes down to 19 with both items equipped (seems like the game chooses the lower of the two items instead of the higher I've noticed for whatever reason). I remove armor and INT is 18... then the Drinking Horn and INT goes down to 16. There's a bug where you can now lose 2 points of INT by unequipping the Drinking Horn in the way I describe.
  5. I agree, and also taking a break, reluctantly. The bug affected me via the Drinking Horn. My druid has 38 INT...
  6. When/how do the third and fourth weapon slots become available? As it is, each party member has a melee weapon and a ranged weapon I can switch between in combat. I find it necessary for each character to have quick access to both melee and ranged. If an enemy is not easily susceptible to the damage types being used, I can't switch to a different melee weapon during combat. I'm finding this system frustrating. Need that third slot. Open to suggestions if I should be approaching combat differently.
  7. Is there a way/mod to reduce the size of the HUD that shows health/ammo etc during gameplay? And move it more into the corner? It's rather huge and takes up a lot of screen real estate.
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