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Motion sickness on consoles

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Are there any plans to add FOV sliders or video options for consoles.  I just got to play for the first time and had to quit after about 20 minutes due to motion sickness.  The game looks great but it doesn't look like I'll be able to keep it if things stay like this.

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There's no way to turn head bob off in a FPP game? Haven't they played Kingdom Come Deliverance, removing headbob is the the 2nd most requested feature.

The bad part, there is no way to mod this game atm, so it won't be fixed without developer support. Gopher is not happy. How is he, or we, supposed to fix the game if you can't properly customize or mod it?

First video below is his experience in the settings. Second video is part of his experience with installing a mod for KCD to remove headbob.






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