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[4.1.0] Lashing Vine summon not level scaling



Probably related to similar other mentioned issues, such as Vela or other summons.




Note the circled accuracy is extremely low despite the fact that it should be getting at least 18 * 3 = +54 accuracy purely from natural level scaling. As it stands, for a high level spell (AL9 for Xoti) it is utterly worthless due to such a low accuracy.


Dropbox link to save and output_log:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/koaztgzblmzgvy3/AABC1J_zIkyuJVAjha1AkcPOa?dl=0

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Bump for great justice. I mistakenly put this as 4.1, since I was reporting for 4.0.1, but it is definitely still broken in 4.1.


Given that we're likely hitting content complete/end of life for Deadfire soon, I strongly urge developers to prioritize this issue. Of all the various gameplay oddities and outstanding issue, I feel this is actually the most severe bug (even though I'm really annoyed at how lame Stag Carnage is), as it undermines a whole lot of different abilities and classes (not to mention screws up Hylea's Challenge).

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