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Had some time while commuting, and nothing else to do except imagining what new subclasses there could be)

I've liked some ideas and decided to share them. Just because :)


Reaver (Barbarian)




  • Bloodbath: when an enemy (that is engaged by a frenzied reaver) dies, reaver regenerates 20% of the foe's hp.
  • Frenzied Bleeding: while frenzied, both incoming and outcoming damage from DoT effects is increased by 20%.
  • "He's Mine!": while frenzied, reaver's attacks place a mark on his primary target. Any ally that hits the marked enemy is considered a foe for reavers's FoE AoE and carnage attacks.
  • "What's this? A toothpick?": reaver has a -10 dexterity malus while wielding a weapon that is not from the following list: battle axe, hatchet, club, war hammer, morning star, bashing shield.



Sonance (Cipher)




  • Enemies that are consecutively hit by an Echo power are affected by Soul Resonance debuff that lasts for 20s. Hitting a resonant enemy with non-echo power applies a stackable Soul Dissonance debuff. Soul Dissonance lasts for 10s, stacks up to 7 instances, and any new instance refreshes the duration of all stacks.
  • Mind Cacophony (active, 10 focus cost): at any time, cipher can release an AoE wave that quickly expands to 4m radius and triggers all Soul Dissonance charges, consuming them and dealing (3 + 2 * PL) raw damage per instance to the affected enemies.
  • Mind Cacophony clears all Charm and Dominate effects from the enemies in it's AoE.
  • Sonance has -15% focus generation penalty while not under effects of Concentration.



Bladesinger (Chanter)




  • Vibrato: grazes/hits/crits with melee piercing weapon in your main hand add +1s/+2s/+3s to the linger of the next chant.
  • Enchanted Blade: casting an invocation energizes your primary weapon. Your next hit deals +50% as shock damage.
  • Fencing over Learning: Get a 10% chance to completely parry (resist) an incoming melee weapon attack.
  • Fencing over Learning: Default linger duration is only 1s. Your cast time with invocations is doubled.



Keeper (Druid)




  • Has an innate bonus of +10% duration for all outcoming effects.
  • Gets 3 unique spells:
    • Preservation [rank 2]:

      - Petrify the target and keep it's hp at current value. Lasts for 8s, but breaks preventively after taking 4 attacks.

    • Sacred Grove [rank 5]:

      - Mark an area as sanctuary. Every 6s, everyone in 3m AoE is granted a protective shield that absorbs 3PL damage, and cleanses ongoing poison, decay and corrode effects. Lasts 15s.

    • Broken Balance [rank 8]:

      - Set target's hp at 50%.

      - If it was hurt or healthy heal it for fixed 5% per second, until it's hp reaches 75%.

      - If it was bloodied or near death damage it for fixed 5% per second, until it's hp reaches 25%.

  • Cannot cast Decay spells. Storm spells deal 15% less damage.



Battlemaster (Fighter)




  • Has +2 Discipline bonus
  • Gets a new Rally ability on ranks 2, 5 and 8:

    - Rally: Charge (2 discipline): all party members get +50% Stride and +50% melee weapon lash for 6s. This lash deals crush damage, and is decreased by 10% with every weapon attack.

    - Rally: Stand and Fight (3 discipline): give Resolute to all party members, and decrease damage taken by 90% for 4s. Each damage instance taken decreases this value by 15%.

    - Rally: Heroic Presence (passive aura): all party members in 4m around the fighter, get +15 defense vs intellect and resolve afflictions, and +30% chance to convert a miss to graze.

  • Battlemaster suffers from Weakened and -25% Stride for 5s after Rally expires on himself. Using Rally again clears the ongoing penalties.
  • Disobedience: lose 1 discipline every time a party member is charmed, dominated, frightened or terrified.



Disciple of Thousand Dreams (Monk)




Get 2 unique active abilities and 1 passive:

  • Channeled Hunger (2 wounds): your weapons restore 20% of damage dealt as health to you. Weapon kills restore 1 mortification. Lasts 15s.
  • Shared Dream (4 wounds): place yourself and the enemies you are engaging, in a state of meditative sleep for 4s. While asleep, you generate 1 Mortification every second. If a sleeping character takes damage he is awakened and confused.
  • Enlightenment (passive): while having at least 4 Mortification, you are not losing wounds and have immunity vs mind afflictions.
  • Unquenchable Hunger: you start the fight with only 1 Mortification. You lose 1 Mortification every 10s.



Fellows of St. Waidwen Martyr (Paladin)




  • Beacon of Hope: your beacon base radius is doubled (from 1.5m to 3m).
  • Sworn Enemy gains the upgrade "You reap what you sow". Flames of Devotion deal extra 15% damage as burn to the marked target for every hostile action it performed, up to a +100% lash bonus.
  • --



Priest of Abydon




Automatically learns the following spells at appropriate power level:

  • rank 1: Anvil: applies stunned, paralyzed and +7 AR to a target for 9s.
  • rank 2: Hammer of Abyddon: Instantly summons a legendary two-handed hammer with 28-42 crush base damage, that lasts for 2 swings plus half your PL. Hammer deals raw damage to enemies that have higher AR than the priest.
  • rank 3: Resounding Blows: Underpenetrating, melee attacks with crush weapons emit a resounding clang dazzing enemies in 4m aoe for 3s. Underpenetration damage penalty is cut in half for all weapon attacks. Lasts 15s.
  • rank 4: Ironskin
  • rank 5: Echoing Shield
  • rank 6: Blessing of the White Forge: Infuses allies armor and weapons, by decreasing armor recovery penalty by 20%, increasing crit damage by +30% and providing 20% hit-to-crit conversion for 20s.
  • rank 7: Unbreakable
  • rank 8: Children of Abydon: Summon two Eyeless to aid you in battle
  • rank 9: Abydon's Labor: your next 5 melee attacks emit an expanding wave that deals 19-28 crush damage to enemies in 5m aoe. Those damaged are staggered for 3s. Constructs are stunned instead.
  • --



Duelist (Rogue)




  • Feint: when duelist misses with a melee weapon he is proficient with, he automatically performs an attack with that weapon again. This extra attack cannot trigger Feint.
  • Excellent Footwork: while wearing light or no armor, duelist adds his dexterity bonus (or malus) to own deflection. If duelist has 25 or more MIGHT he gets the bonus, even if he wears medium armor. This bonus is suspended while duelist is under effect of a body affliction of 2nd or 3rd tier.
  • Can only be proficient with: rapiers, daggers, stilettos, sabres, small shields and pistols.
  • Code of Honour: duelist cannot backstab.



Aspecter (Ranger)




  • Can switch between different Animal Aspect passives. Switching costs 1 bond, but can also be done out of combat.

    - Aspect of the Bear: +1 AR. While having 15+ CON, ranger gets an additional +1 AR vs slash and +2 AR vs crush and freeze.

    - Aspect of the Boar: Every 3s regenerate an amount of HP equal to your PL. While near death this amount it tripled.

    - Aspect of the Stag: Your melee critical hits against the primary target, hit one adjacent enemy.

    - Aspect of the Deer: +10 Deflection and +20 vs Disengagement Attacks.

    - Aspect of the Wolf: +1 PEN and +15% to base damage with weapons.

    - Aspect of the Lion: +5 DEX. Consecutive hits with weapons inflict -5 non-stackable, resolve penalty for 10s on primary target.

  • Stalker's Link is substituted with Stalker's Ambush: +10 accuracy with attacks made out of stealth or invisibility.
  • Has no Animal Companion, and cannot learn related talents.
  • Has -2 Bond.



Archivist (Wizard)




  • Infuse Scroll: can cast a scroll without consuming it, by using a spell resource of corresponding rank instead. Scrolls used this way have a -15% damage and -15% cast speed penalty.
  • Archived Knowledge: gain a passive +3 Arcana and History bonus.
  • Unused to Fight: -10 deflection and -15% damage penalty with melee weapons (except fists)



And am curious now: do you find any of these interesting?

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Aye, Archivist is my favorite as well) followed by Battlemaster and perhaps Keeper (for those Broken Balance shenanigans).


Unfortunately Archivist is also the one out of reach for modders\

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