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Bug (Lose about 20k gold upon load)



I have been dealing with this bug for an extensive amount of time and lost around 150k before I started watching my inventory every time I reloaded a game.

I did start my chars in game version 2.0 but I am at version 3.1 now

I have read others have dealt with this bug before as well.


Basically what it does is it pays out something like 20 days of crew charges all at once or something to that effect.

I did not see it as a fix in 4.0 so I wanted to make sure it was known.  And if I repay myself with the money I lost through console I get blocked from achievements so I did not do that.

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It’s actually listed as a fixed issue in the 4.0 patch notes.

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Hey everyone,


One of the programmers put in a fix that should force the system to only charge once so it should be good for the 4.0 patch.  If any of you are still having the issue in 4.0 please let me know so I can let them know if the fix failed for some reason.


In regards to the finances, if you'd like Sapient, if the save I have of yours is still up to date, I can toss some cash in there and remove the achievement blocker with the program BMac made to unlock those.  Otherwise, if you send me an updated save I can do it to that one instead.


Thanks again everyone!

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