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Konstanten Appears on every single map.



I am unsure of what this bug is coming from. I can talk to him and he just talks like he's in my party, despite not having him. This started right after I recruited them and promptly left him on the Boat. 


He's always friendly, never gets involved in combat, and he has yet to actually cause any game play problems. He's just there... like a weird stalker


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Hello GreenSpear!

Thank you for letting us know about this!  Creepy Konstanten is something I was unaware of and am very curious about.  Would you be able to send me a copy of a save file where this is occurring?  If needed, you can find instructions on how to obtain save files here.  If you could either attach it here or send it to me at support@obsidian.net with your forum user name and a link to this thread as a reference, I would be very appreciative.


Thanks again GreenSpear, and sorry for any inconvenience that Konstanten might cause.

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