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Feature Request: disable "Fast Mode" text and giant red Ø cursor



I just started playing PoE2 and am learning the interface. I wish there were more UI customization options.*

Two things I find unnecessary and distracting: the "Fast Mode Active" text and the big, red "No" symbol cursor. I know you can hide UI entirely, but that removes the parts that are helpful also.

At least for hiding the "Fast Mode" text I did find this little mod, but it's not a great solution because there's still a big, flashing "F" on screen. I can already tell Fast mode is on because of how fast I'm moving as well as the speed and color on the clock -- the text is overkill. Maybe there's a way to further mod this mod?



*OPTIONS: I understand that some people do want these things.

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Hi Tilki,


Glad youre giving our game a go! Ill get your feature request over to the devs to look into.


I appreciate the link to the mod too! Its good to showcase the communitys work, something we want to exhibit a bit more moving forward :)


If you have any more, do not hesitate to post them.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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