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So I've decided to actually try to create this as a build. This is not a solo build. This has been (partially) run on Veteran's difficulty (game not complete).

This is not built for min-maxing, it was built for roleplaying for a character I had. If someone wants to min-max it, make a comment and I'll add it in.


 (®=recommended, !=important)


M: 10
C: 10
D: 15
P: 15
I: 15
R: 10


Race: Fire Godlike (Or whatever else you decide)
Origin: White That Wends (Or whatever else you decide)
Background: Mystic (If you haven't noticed the pattern here)

Weapon style: Dual Wielding


I originally chose dual wielding, but if two-handed weapons are ever looked at they would be a viable option for this. The reason for this (hypothetically) would be because of how Soul Annihilation is not a full attack, which really doesn't make full use of dual wielding. The only full attack is barbaric blow, but that's not really required for this build. 


Berserker: This provides the most bonus to the character, the increased damage, +2 armor, and increased attack speed offset the confusion. In the early game, confusion makes it difficult to use any of the offensive multi-target Cipher abilities, and Carnage does not really do enough damage to kill your party. In the mid to late game it is possible to negate confusion which allows for a respec to take multi-target abilities. Having a class that can provide heals is mandatory.

Soul blade: This makes the most sense to pair with Berserker. I may give a better detailed analysis later.


In general I find it's better to take the passives over the actives first.

Power Level 1:

Whisper of Treason: This is a given. It makes the early game a bit easier; always choose targets that you believe will do the most harm to you: casters, gunners, drakes, paladins, etc.

Eyestrike: A good debuff, but it runs into issues with the confuse from Berserker.

Frenzy: The other reason Barbarian is chosen as the second class.


Blooded: With Berserker you're always going to be blooded.


Power level 2:


Biting Whip: Primarily you'll be auto attacking so the damage boost is welcome. When focus is full, always use Soul Annihilation so you can continue to benefit from the bonus. 


Two-Weapon Style: Self explanatory. 


Thick Skinned: You should always be in Frenzy, and once you acquire The Bloody Links you become a decent Off Tank.


Barbaric Blow: It's a full attack but it can safely be ignored. 

Phantom Foes: It has potential but like barbaric blows isn't necessary. 

Mind Blades: Quick to cast with great damage, but ruined by Berserker until confusion can be negated.


Power Level 3:


Bloody Slaughter and/or Bloodlust: I always take Bloody Slaughter but it could be replaced by/combined with Bloodlust. It should be easy to get the benefits either way.


Hammering Thoughts: At this stage penetration shouldn't be an issue, but it never hurts to boost it.


Wild Sprint:  I've never actually utilized it.


Secret Horrors: great debuff but not when paired with Berserker since it even hits your character.

Pain Link: Always a great ability to have but not mandatory.




Power Level 4:

I haven't actually tested this out just yet so this is where my abilities section will end.


Equipment: As stated, I'm not really a min-maxer, I just tend to use what I find/forget to change out. However, there are a couple items that are heavily recommended. Keep in mind, this play through isn't even close to being finished so if anyone has any recommendations I will add them as well. 


Head: Godlike (If not Godlike choose Whitewitch Mask)

Amulet: ???

Armor: The Bloody Links ®®®®®®®®®®®®®

Ring: ???

Ring: ???

Shoes: ???

Cape: ???

Hands: ???

Belt: ???

Pet: ???


Weapon: Modwyr 

Weapon: Watcher's Blade

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I hate to say this, but I think what you're running into is the current cipher problem - beyond charm spells they don't really offer anything interesting. The point where you stop playing because you become dissatisfied reflects this - there really isn't much that is that interesting/powerful/useful for ciphers until PL5 & PL6, which makes the climb to get there on a multi class a drag. Even then the PL5/6 stuff is just passable, not really "good".


The suggestions I would have would be:


Focus on getting something to negate the confuse as soon as you can, to avoid the friendly fire issue. (Modwyr, intellect affliction immunity food, etc)


Recognize that you're largely a barbarian with some support passives and a few spells - the cipher is the also-ran in this contest.


Possibly consider alternate class combos for similar Berzerk-Caster flavor - I am a particular fan of a Berserker/Fury (Barb/Druid) combo using the Lord Darryn's voulge weapon. Its a very fun electrical damage focused theme build with a flavor that may be more interesting for you. (carnage synergizes well with the aoe effect of the voulge as well)

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Like Ryzak said just concentrate on being a Berserker with soul whip for a nice damage boost, the penetration passive, soul annihilation and Whispers of Treason. You basically frenzy and then auto attack with some soul annihilation thrown in.


For stats what you have is OK, maybe drop a few from Resolve and add to Intellect.


Modwyr is the sword you'll want to clear the confusion.


I prefer the shout instead of barbaric blow.


The club modal gets you a nice will debuff that helps early game on PotD when trying to land a charm/dominate.


Heavy armor works well with dual wielding and the extra armor from Berserker and thick skin stacks and gets you into the territory of armor being very worthwhile. I'm not sure if that Cipher power that transfers armor from target to you stacks with the Berserker armor boost.


Its a solid melee build that is low on the micro, lots of good passives and on kill effects.

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Definately Berserker. The benefits are huge and clearing Confusion is a trivial non-issue.

- Modwyr (passive)

- Devil of Caroc Breastplate (passive)

- friendly Paladin hitting you with Aegis of Loyalty talent

- some form of Smart inspiration (priest?)

- food


I would say Ascendant for more casting focus or Soul Blade for melee focus.


Though for Ascendant I would also strongly consider Streetfighter multiclass to reach max focus even faster - and spam powers with machine-gun speed with the Streetfighter Heating Up/On the Edge effects (the first of which can be self-inflicted reasonably easily, for example with Blunderbuss Powder Burns modal or standing in Chill Fog with the beginner Perception Resistance hat that would degrade the Blindness effect to Distracted).


I'd say some more Perception and Constitution would be nice. Perhaps at the cost of Resolve (you'll be hit often anyway, so you better maximize armor+damage resistance and manage healing well).


Barbaric Blow is good but kinda expensive early on. It becomes very good when you have more Rage points and get the Talent that can refund its cost.

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I played a Berserker/Soul Blade pre-1.1, and it was good fun. I used Whispers of the endless Paths back when it was ridiculously powerful (Soul annihilation AoE...). In the current state of the game, that's sadly no longer a good option.


Building the class is still the same I guess - put everything in Barbarian talents except for Whispers of treason, Draining Whip, and Hammering Thoughts early on, later maybe take one or two CC spells and Focus-raising abilities.

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Witch has a really strong synergy with lord darryn’s voulge. The crit rate from berserker and barbaric blow help proc static thunder regularly. Carnage itself doesn’t build focus, but it does apply stacks of static thunder, and static thunder builds focus. Meaning whenever you crit you deal a high damage lightning explosion that also generates a lot of focus. Combine with soul blade for being able to immediately use another soul annihilation after every crit and you have a build that should deal amazing single target and aoe damage.


It’s probably not as strong, but ghost blades from that unique estoc has the same effect, meaning each soul annihilation that kills can immediately be followed up with another soul annihilation. I haven’t tested every weapon with procs, but I imagine there are some others that probably function similarly. Void wheel’s necrotic lance builds focus, but is extremely unreliable.

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So I've managed to get the character to level 13 on Veteran (no level scaling) before I ended up restarting (not due to the build for once).


As a Fire Godlike, the Bloody Links armor, and Thick Skinned the character has become a pretty decent tank, although it may be different with scaling. After getting past Port Maje Whispers of Treason wasn't really used either.


For weapons, I'm dual wielding the Watcher's Blade (aesthetics) and Modwyr to remove the berserkers confuse. Could I be more effective with different weapons? Probably but I just want the build to be effective, not fully min-maxed. Once Modwyr was maxed I was able to use Secret Horrors a lot more (I used to use it before Frenzy), but finding useful Cipher actives has been an issue since Soul Annihilation does good damage at higher levels (too bad it's not a full attack).


I have no idea which accessories to use, but then I've been having issues finding them compared to the first game.


I also have no idea which talent to choose at level 3 from either the Barbarian or Cipher tree.


If no one else posts a Witch build I may repurpose this for that.


I suppose I should note that with every iteration I've done of this build I've used Berath's Blessings. The current one (level 5) is using the stat boost, which is definitely helpful, but the stats I posted above are also entirely doable on Veteran without it.

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So I've managed to get the character to level 13 on Veteran (no level scaling) before I ended up restarting (not due to the build for once).


As a Fire Godlike, the Bloody Links armor, and Thick Skinned the character has become a pretty decent tank, although it may be different with scaling.


Don't forget Berserker Frenzy. That's +2 AR as well!

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