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  1. They're not counted as a clan according to the Paradox forum.
  2. Persona 5 The Royal has been announced: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/04/persona_5_the_royal_is_an_enhanced_version_of_persona_5_launches_on_ps4_this_year_in_japan
  3. Supposedly, but we know less about it than we do Bloodlines 2. It's been in development for a few years now, was supposed to release in 2018, and has switched publishers.
  4. Frostbite was developed to look great and for FPS games, it had absolutely nothing required to develop RPGs.
  5. BioWare was also subject to being forced to develop games with Frostbite, which is a ridiculously difficult engine to code for. With Fallen Order and Apex Legends developed with UR4 and an updated Source Engine it may be likely the suits at EA will stop trying to deel throat Frostbite.
  6. It's being published by Paradox not made by them.
  7. Cara killed someone's cat, otherwise it can be found online already.
  8. You are clearly unaware of Deus Vult Simulator 2 or Mass Genoicide in Space with Slavery.
  9. I'm not aware of this, but Paradox did step in to force a rewrite of a VtM supplement a few months ago, after the perpetually offended claimed it contained passages that were "disrespectful" to LGTBQ+ groups. White Wolf had their editorial independence taken away as a result and is now just a brand manager. Whether that constitutes "censorship" is debatable, but Paradox have a well-earned reputation for coming down hard on speech they don't approve of. That was due to the outrage the Chechens had about it than it really was a the LGTB*alphabet soup* community. Paradox also allows murdering children, incest, slavery, mass genocide, eating of other creatures, Deus Vulting, Devil Worship, and other family friendly topics in their games.
  10. Its VtM Version 5, the latest version. It's not The New World of Darkness (Chronicles of Darkness). V5 starts in 2008 with the metaplot being Gehenna itself. On a side note, you start as a THINBLOOD vampire, you are not part of the clans. You were created during a mass embrace by someone.
  11. That needed the patches to make it really playable.
  12. I haven't used them yet because I had Win7. And I still won't use them because ... I don't want to give them any more support than I already do via their O/S. It's not rational perhaps but yeah. I can sort of understand a perspective that extreme measures might be needed in order to get consumers to move away from what are current clients. People are often resistant to change of course. But I'd prefer/like if they could offer something more concrete to the consumer - like, different services/abilities Steam does not, or something along those lines - then "buying" exclusivity. Even something like a longer refund policy, like extending it to 3 or 4 hours played instead of just 2. Or how about being able to play Offline mode without having to login to Online to tell it to go Offline, first. Or a "revert to last version" patch ability in case the most recent patch makes you unable to play for some reason. Stuff like that. If you buy a game from the EGS you own it, the same as buying from GoG. The game can not be taken away from you if you get banned from your account, or removed from your Library by either GoG or EGS. Unlike with Steam where none of that is true. That right there is an improvement. I started using Steam under protest when it seemed that all of the series I liked at the time required Steam. I bought a physical copy of Empire Total War and Shogun 2 and was immediately forced to use Steam. The only thing the disc was good for was for running the Steam installer!
  13. No benefit to engaging with people angry about it.Oh I dunno about that. It may not be PLEASANT to engage with angry people, but having a presence, explaining as much as they can how the decision happened, maybe noting what additional features gamers will get in the game as a result of the extra cash infusion going exclusive means down the road, showing understanding of why not everyone is thrilled... Going radio silent isn't the worst kind of damage control that can be used (that would be, for example, Diablo Immortal's "Don't you guys have phones?"), but it's not exactly optimal either. Right now, it's pretty clearly understood what the benefit to Obsidian and Take Two is, but the benefits to the customers are less clear. What are they supposed to say exactly? "explaining as much as they can how the decision happened, maybe noting what additional features gamers will get in the game as a result of the extra cash infusion going exclusive means down the road, showing understanding of why not everyone is thrilled..." Some of this for instance. Like, for example, "Because of this extra cash infusion, here is the additional things we're going to be able to put in the game without charging" or anything close to that. Essentially, show how this benefits ME, the customer, rather than just YOU, the company who has just taken something away from me for your benefit while giving nothing back. Yes, because Obsidian is clearly getting a cash infusion seeing as they are self publishing this game...oh...wait... Private Division made the deal, Private Division profits from the deal, Obsidian is clearly at fault. Woe to humanity since this mindset is popular.
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