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Found 9 results

  1. So, how do you guys feel about Loremasters (Chanter + Wizard)? The concept seems extremely cool from a fluff standpoint, but I can't discern if this mix actually translates into anything worthwhile in-game. The fact that it seems to be one of the least popular and discussed multiclasses doesn't inspire a lot confidence for me. Is it a case of two very different classes pulling the character in completely incompatible directions? Is there anything even close to a synergy for this particular combo? Is there any way to make it work? Please say yes.
  2. Hey guys, After an unfinished playthrough after release I started playing PoE again this year. I have reached what I presume to be the last encounter (Thaos and Woedicas Judge & Headsman). I haven't had any issues with the difficulty of fights up until now. After about 20 tries I can reliably make Thaos transfer his soul to the judge and beat both him and the headsman. That's when things start to turn ugly though. Thaos' domination (!) and pillar spells wreck my party pretty quickly. Party consists of: Main Character (Level 10 Ranger, Wolf companion, outfitted with unique blunderbuss or pistol, pretty helpful in the first stage) Edér (Level 10, has been a pretty good tank up until now, he survives the fight the longest) Pallegina (Level 10, regularly survives until the last stage as well) Durance (Level 10, often dies during the fight, if he doesnt he will be mostly out of spells because of all the healing he has to do, when he's not healing he's casting buffs, shield of the faithful, etc.) Aloth (Level 10, try to have him debuff Thaos and deal damage with wall of flame/fireballs/missiles) Kana (Level 10, I rely on his summons of the wyrm or loads of skeletons pretty heavily) Some random notes: - playing on normal difficulty - in the end stage I normally try to debuff Thaos with Arcane Dampener or that other Level 3 Wizard spell (if Aloth survives until then, that is) and whack at him with all I got. - I also try very hard to have my wolf companion survive as the accuracy penalty of bonded grief makes my Main pretty useless - none of the "control" spells seem to work on Thaos - I could probably level up some more by doing side quests, but don't really feel like it as I wanted to have some content left for a second playthrough - the main issue is the domination spell he casts, I could probably deal with the damaging spells Thanks a lot, Polarius
  3. Watch Me Play... Pillars of Eternity #9 [i can't Bear see you like this]
  4. Hey guys, I'm back again for the next in my series. Come join me on a adventure charlie, we're going on an adventure..
  5. Hey Guys, I'm back with the next installment to my 'lets play' of PoE. This episode I watch some crazy **** go done and get mauled repeatedly by a bear. Hope you all enjoy. ADirtyRumour
  6. Hey Guys. I'm a new youtuber and I love to play games. Been so keen to play this since I backed it and here is the start. Watch as I endevour to play through this whole game. fingers crossed. Thanks guys =D
  7. Hello. *pours himself some fine wine, sits by roaring fire* *starts J. Peterman impersonation* As many of you know, I post on this forum. Whence I learned that Obsidian was making a South Park RPG, I did a spittake in the manor of our lord and savior, Ron Burgundy. This was followed by clapping and looking around, telling people they needed to be impressed via my smile and vehemence. It was an empty room, but still. The idea is there. I'm sure you have it. I hath only played a minute portion of your vijeo gaem last night, if only to get the Are We Cool? acheevo for the Jewish class. You see, I love acheevos like I love the ladies. I aim to misbehave and by that I mean start a new game with the Fighter class. I know, I know; "but Bryy?", you ask "why the Fighter? It s the comfort zone choice for sissies and people that can't be bothered to have a real challenge". That it is, my friends. That it is. I will say this: my brief time in the land of South Park, even though it was rushed and temporary, was magical. It was as if a giant slug had attached itself to mine eyeballs and sucked out my capacity for anger. While there were plentiful bugs, I admired highly the robust and full combat system. The integration of cinematics and gameplay, or, to be more technical, narrative gameplay. The graphics were like Walt Disney's wet dream. I will play the many, many Stick of Truth clones that are bound to come out in the next two years. So just sit right there and let me tell you all about how my life got turned right upside down, just take a minute and sit right there as you read my adventures as Sir D-Bag the Fighter. Yours forever, to be continued...
  8. Hey, so, surely you guys remember BG2's opening main quest - "raise X amount of money to proceed". I think it was 20k gold. Now, while BG2 is not my favorite RPG and the quest was appropriately blunt, this made my first playthrough SO very immersive. Suddenly, even silly fetch quests had a purpose! Since I have a knack for playing on hella-hard the first time around, I even had to postpone resolving that quest because I wanted to buy one more item (I think it was a helmet at Ribald's). That gave us a third layer beyond XP and wanting to experience the content. And the content experiencing bit fades after the second and third playthrough, obviously. So I propose to make money relevant, even moreso than in BG2. XP and money and in the case of the Fallouts reputation are things you expect to get for deeds well done. The first two, however, usually tend to be rather gamey. I always assume it's because it's the oxygen of RPG staples and designers don't think they have to put any more effort into it - after all, it's already been done and NOT HAVING IT would not be an option because people would explode with confusion. Why can I not bribe my way through more quests? I'm not talking "I'll talk if you give me five coppers" but amounts that matter to me. It's a Mass Effect semi-interactive-space-opera-click-to-win-dialog-option-non-choice if I know that 5 coppers will net me progress. It doesn't hurt me and makes me always pick that option, because why gamble on a Charisma roll if I can just spend money I don't need anyway. Why are the encounters with bandits that want 100gp to let you pass always the easy ones? Imagine Kangaxx level difficulty in one of those encounters, but with a band of Serbian war criminals instead of ~Oliver Twist and his incompetent band of louts~, and money would change hands right quick. Of course the encounter should be surmountable, but it should rarely be a no-brainer to keep your money. Has anyone here ever given money to ruffians like that, short of maybe in the beginning of Arcanum with a stupid, clumsy AND weak character? I guess what I'm complaining about is a certain betrayal of the otherwise beautiful, immersive worlds people create. There's never a shortage of poverty and greed in dialog or character design if it helps paint the setting, but that's only half the equation. As long as the money the player has comes from the same common pool as the money the poorest lack and the richest bathe in, the concept of need and/or greed dictates that Player should feel the value of it.
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