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Found 6 results

  1. I have exported enemy Attribute/AR/Defense values to a spreadsheet for personal use. But in case someone needs it, feel free to view or make a copy. You can find it: here. Notes: - the values were exported from vanilla 4.1 characters.gamedatabundle and items.gamedatabundle. - these are the normal values. I.e. no PotD, no upscaling. - hp was calculated by: MaxHealth + HealthPerLevel * (BaseClassLevel - 1) * [1 + 0.05 * (CON - 10)] - some enemies (26 out of 245, for vanilla) seem to have equipped armors whose AR scales with level. See the fAR_IsScaling and fAR_Scaling columns. So with upscaling they are potentially scaling twice. And some extra, well-known info, but just in case: - enemies on PotD get: +15 accuracy, +15 to all defenses, +2AR, +2PEN, +25% hp - enemies on Veteran (starting from v4.0) get: +8 accuracy, +8 to all defenses, +1AR, +1PEN, +12% hp - upscaling (from Deadfire) increases enemy level by up to 4. But only if their level is lower than player's. - upscaling (from Deadly Deadfire): > increases the level of all unnamed enemies to be 1 level ahead of player. Their level can be increased by up to 8 levels this way. > increases the level of all named enemies to be 2 levels ahead of player. Their level can be increased by up to 9 levels this way. An enemy gets: +3 accuracy, +3 defenses, bonus to hp (according to HealthPerLevel), and +0.25 AR per level from such upscaling.
  2. On the level up summary page, all defenses are shown as higher than they are after level up. Steps to reproduce the issue: - Level up as normal - See higher defenses on summary page - See lower defenses on character and inventory pages, after level up I tried to attach a save file but it said I'm not permitted to attach the file type. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. The Wild Orlan racial got me thinking: when do you start seeing significant amount of Will attacks/spells? I've been starting up PotD+Expert (sometimes with Trial of Iron) playthroughs to test out builds for the early game, and the first major defense that really gets tested is Fortitude (phantom stunlocks). I'm assuming Will defenses are primarily checked against Charm and Dominate type spells. What other significant (in terms of frequency and/or magnitude) tests of Will can I expect to encounter further along in the game?
  4. Hey all! So I'm a huge fan of the IE games where a clothie wearing plate is ludicrous. That's obviously not the way it works in this game and it's totally thrown me off who should be wearing what. Obviously melee tanks should have the heaviest and strongest armor regardless. What about the other classes? What type of armor should they be wearing? Priest healer? Wizard DPS? etc. Thanks guys! Pic Related....
  5. Ok you dont really NEED the wiki to play but in these types of games very few people dont spend some time looking at their character´s stats and numbers and fiddling around with them. The thing is, the game doesnt tell you what many of these mean (in either the Inventory Screen or the Character Screen) or do and even less about what is affecting them. Some are only mentioned in character creation. The game doesnt let you understand the system you are playing with. So we gotta consult the wiki, and even then you have to do some trial and error (activating->checking screen->deactivating->checking screen) before finding out if that 145 Deflection is the the base deflection or because I got Defender on BB Fighter or if that 216 Stamina is because I have high CON, I am a Barbarian or because I got the +20 Stam boots on. I cant see the calculations and I dont know what they mean. Unless I consult the wiki, which doesnt solve the numbers bit. The game does provide some calculations for stats like Might and Athletics but despite the ample tooltip size there isnt an explanation for what they do outside the character and level up screen: And the base value doesnt display the same calculation as in char gen (though thats understandable as chargen stats are meant to be your "base", but it would still be nice to see where that base is coming from outside char gen). Speaking of Chatacter Creation, the only defenses mentioned per class are Deflection (which it doesnt explain, though that is understandable as it can be interpreted as overall defense [which it isnt] and you dont want to overwhelm the player with too much information): And AFAIK there Concentration/Interruption mechanic isnt mentioned outside Resolve and Perception (which, once again, arent expanded upon beyond char gen). The Inventory screen does have tooltips that work when you mouse over certain things. It would be nice to have these (with more detail like calculations and descriptions obviously) for the stats like Stamina. Or at least allow us to right click on the stats to see a detailed popup like with Might and Athletics in the Character screen. And then theres the thing with diferent damage types (shock, burn, freeze, corrode, raw, piercing, crushing, and slashing) for which natural resistances or the ones that your gear give you are unkown (chainmail good versus slashing, bad versus crushing but these defenses and damage types arent displayed anywhere in the Character Screen). DT is a mistery beyond "the more the better". So new players or players simply trying to understand how the numbers work are gonna be like: Do I want more Fortitude or more Reflex? Does it matter? Does 17 Def applies to Burn damage or does it depend on what the ability is? Does Defense matter at all besides auto-attacks? Do I have to exit the game to consult the wiki every time? What Im saying here is basically: We need more information feedback on our character´s numbers. We already got a mouse-over calculation text on the combat log, why not add that into a popup-tooltip like the character Screen one if you feel its too crowded for calculations? I feel there are many ways already within the game to make the player understand the whole system better without having to alt-tab to the wiki every time he gets a new pair of boots. This is a good start: I just think it needs to be fleshed out more. TL; DR: More detaled Tooltips to prevent wiki-alt-tab-diving and better understanding of the new game system from the player, plus better character number-management/building.
  6. Looking through the PE wiki just now, I realized that there wasn't much information on level advancement. Since I couldn't find anything solid, I want to get a general feel how the community feels about it. 1. Should the growth of stats like accuracy, defense, skill points, and health/stamina be dependent on class? 2. Should stat growth be more exponential or linear? 3. How often(if at all) should attribute growth happen? 4. At what rate should a character get talents, and should some classes get them faster than others? 5. How should the XP requirement for leveling up be determined?
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