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Found 10 results

  1. In order from most to least severe: - Are the Factions that the player has assisted throughout the game supposed to infiltrate Tartarus on the final mission even while you are disguised? Unsure if this is intended or not but i found it strange that the triggers for the factions (Groundbreaker , MSI, and the Iconoclasts in my case) to come and shoot up the place activate even while I was disguised and hadn't started any combat. So there i was, walking around the resulting fight that was taking place. My immersion was somewhat broken at this event so I assume that this was an oversight on the devs' part. Maybe the disguise system was implemented after these flags on the final mission were set and were forgotten about? - there's a typo in one of the player responses when talking to the iconoclasts standing outside the raptidon infested printing building. It's a missing word, something like "Glad you ok." rather than "Glad you are ok.", though the details elude me and I'm not gonna go back to check. - The ash pile that formed from killing a Mantisaur Queen appeared on top of the "pre-placed corpse" (meaning a corpse already present in the world) it was feasting on and it became inaccessible despite the pile being visible over the corpse. I never encountered this event again. The second time an ash pile landed on top of a corpse (unsure if it was pre-placed that time); it didn't have this issue. Literally unplayable.
  2. During the quest "Pay for the Printer" on Monarch, the player is instructed to find the Van Noys. Upon first speaking with May Van Noy, the third dialogue option is missing a word. Rather than "Zora sent me to look for guys", it should say "Zora sent me to look for you guys." Kind of funny, honestly, but it is a typo.
  3. Since typos are pretty minor bugs, we could collect them all here. Found one in the Night Market amulet's description: "optimisim"
  4. Greetings, There are some persitent issues with the brazilian portuguese translation since launch, minors but still persistent. *Island Aumaua sub-race description: Island Aumaua is translated as Aumaua's Island (Ilha Aumaua), the race is referred as a place. It should be "Aumaua da Ilha" or "Ilhéu Aumaua". *Recovery: It is tranlated as "Restauração" (Restoration), which is not accurate. It should be "Recuperação" as it's more accurate to a time taken between actions. Thank you for your time!
  5. Hi! I am on my first playthrough and I came across a typo or a missed word in the first book I came across. I've attached a screenshot of it, the issue is in the red box thingy. I'm guessing the "The" should either be followed by another word of should be switched to "This". Cheers!
  6. The card tag is Light Armor but the text makes reference to Heavy Armor. Is this correct or errata? Thnx.
  7. Hi, just a quick tip for your consideration. In past months I have been reading PoE's texts rather thoroughly and noticed that quite a couple of times the characters with accents you use (ê, î, ŵ…) are omitted in words they are supposed to appear. It's in no way a game breaking bug, but it still might be a good idea to run a search through the words that use special characters and unify them throughout the game to fix some typos. If it's any help, here are some particular occurrences. Each line is its own ID. mênpŵgra & pŵgra (also Devŵen)conversations\06_stronghold\06_cv_warden ...I'm not sure what to make of this one. Something about a murderous cult of druids, led by a menpŵgra. game\items Menpwgra Claws Menpwgra Armor (…) The cipher's "daughters" (mind-controlled pwgra) made the necklace for her as a gift. (↑ this is also copy-pasted in WM II) This burlap sack contains the head of Devwen, a monstrous menpŵgra. quests\06_stronghold\06_tsk_boss_menpwgra Kill the menpŵgra Devŵen and take her head. (…) A strange, murderous cult of druids has sprung up around the menpŵgra Devŵen. (…) A druidic cult has formed up around a menpŵgra in the Northweald. I claimed the bounty on the menpŵgra Devŵen. bîaŵac​ (WM I) conversations\px1_04_mercenary_camp\px1_04_cv_mercenary_guards "A bîawac couldn't kill me. Neither will you." (WM II) conversations\px2_05_wildernesses\px2_05_cv_adaryc (…) You see Odema's campsite, ravaged by the bîawac. The halls of Caed Nua. brîshalgwinconversations\04_defiance_bay_brackenbury\04_cv_kurren (…) I'm a cipher. In Eir Glanfath, we were once known as brishalgwin. 'Mind hunters.' game\items (…) Admeth, suspecting the truth, used Glanfathan brishalgwin (‘mind hunters’) (…) use of her brishalgwin ‘mind hunters’ and with their help found evidence pointing directly back to the fercönyng. Majivèrno​conversations\02_defiance_bay_first_fires\02_cv_records_keeper (…) Woden Teylecg, Died 18 Majiverno, 2808. Third Battle of... Clee- Clee Captain Muārumi​game\characters Captain Muarumi game\items Captain Muarumi's Head This burlap sack contains the head of the legendary Rauatai pirate, Captain Muarumi. I think I will stop here. I didn't want to go pointing out typos anyways, just show it isn't just a single occasion, so it might be worth your time to look into it.
  8. Flask of Ice (Deck 5) text states "add 2D6 and Cold..." while Flask of Frost (Deck 4) tells the same. Whereas the Fire versions differ (3D6 vs 2D6) those don't. Is this correct, errata? Is both their dice bonus adding 2D6 to the check maths? Thnx. Edit: Also Flask of Force Missile should be "Arcane 14 check to recharge" to be properly escalated in comparision with Flask of Force.
  9. Sorry, I did not know where to post this, but I think the screenshot will be self-explanatory. Typo?: "For the a little coin"
  10. Hi there, after playing around 60+ hours, I encountered not so many bugs, but a few which forced me to reload (and, I'm pretty lucky I didn't play in Trial of Iron) - Character stucked, after combat, (or even, once, IN Combat) down, without any possible action. In combat, I won but couldn't unstuck the priest. It seems to happen when prone + paralysed. - Typo in one of the loading screen : Disengagement is written Disenengement or something close (I forgot, may edit) - Castle completly BAD : -> The hireling attacked me when my caslte is attacked -> Even at max defense, with 8 hirelings, auto resolve means ... Loosing ? WHAT? -> Hireling seems to be unpaid, even if I got the message, and ... I can't do anything to change it ! -> It becomes pretty fast something quite boring, as it doesn't work ... Would have loved to see it expand, who knows, make us the leader of the North (GOT reference intended), we may be able to change the tax level (as we don't get anything ... I mean, less than 1k when I am maxed ... Youpi...) -> Prisoners are useless ... And evade even if you have a full upgraded castle -> No Castle related quest EXCEPT the Master Below Here they are.
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