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Found 6 results

  1. [...] As an aside, I'd love to hear an explanation on why information is infinite. I was under the impression that the universe is a closed system with finite energy. This would suggest that information in a quantum sense is, indeed, finite. However, by virtue of the principle of uncertainty, we know that information doesn't really "exist" unless an observer makes a measurement, and at that precise moment and by virtue of the measurement, the relevant "information" bit comes into existence. Again, since there can only be a limited amount of observers making a finite amount of measurements (because the universe has a finite energy, remember), information is also finite. Further, a prominent model of the end of the universe predicts that it will end with what is called "heat death". In this scenario, the universe becomes esentially a nothingness without distinguishable features (in simple terms, no information). If all information has been destroyed, this means information was finite to begin with. So what makes you say that information is infinite? Well, professor. What's your take?
  2. Hello everyone! I was thinking to myself about all the information about Project Eternity. There is constant stream of updates about classes, world, lore, races, religions and many more things. There are however some of us (and there will be more when the game is released) that would like to know it all but instead of having to look around for it, to have it all in one place. Now don't get me wrong. I am fully aware Obsidian does not actually have lots of free time but hear me out. I think it would be great to have some Project Eternity PDF Compendium of sorts. That could get occasionally updated with new games and new information (if there are new games). It would allow many of us to indulge ourselves into lore-nerdinessy . Maybe even make it an online project instead of PDF, or both. I for one would be more than happy to know all the additional bits an' pieces that may not be thoroughly explained in the game. It would help players understand the world of PE better and get more out of the game itself. It would work as an additional background for the game and make it more alive, closer to us. Don't know if this has any chance of ever happening or if something similar was discussed/planned but I'm dropping it here. I am interested in hearing if anyone else would wish to see something like this made. EDIT: Just so you know. It would be a little different from the Wiki. I guess info from it would eventually end up on wiki too though.
  3. http://www.sorcerers...ead.php?t=58248 Lovely little nuggest of information here about a character (possibly a companion?). Pretty cool!
  4. Not sure if this has already been covered but I would really love to see the old character information implemented again. Being able to check what % of kills a party member has made, strongest enemy killed etc seems like a small thing but it was a really cool feature. I'd even like to see this expanded on somewhat if possible. Maybe have a big codex of monsters that gave you a description of each with a nice bit of artwork that got unlocked when you killed it. You could even incorporate this so that the more creatures you kill of that type the more information is unlocked. By the time you've killed 50 odd skeletons you've pretty much summed up that smashing them with a blunt object is the best way to go.
  5. Your rogue sneakily enters an unguarded house in the dead of night, pickpockets a drawer next to a sleeping patron and opens it. Ruffling through all the goodies inside, the person sleeping on the bed awakens and calls out for help. Somehow, despite closed windows and doors, and despite there being no guard on the street for 2 blocks, a guard magically appears at the entrance to confront you. Upon initiating a fight, suddenly 5 more appear. Something I think I'd appreciate in P.E. is, aside from summons or other magical means, I don't feel enemies should spontaneously spawn anywhere. I'd also appreciate it if information traveled in a believable manner - for example, instead of having guards who are super man and can hear a cry for help from miles away and instantly travel at the speed of sound to the location of trouble, have guards who only hear things within earshot. I'd much rather see someone whose house is getting robbed run out the door for dear life yelling for help till they got to the guard station or found some guards to help. Instead of a failed pickpocket resulting in a save and reload, don't ever tell us if it's a success or a failure. Simply have some people be a little more subtle... since you're clearly too much for them, have them simply walk to the nearest guards or guard station and report it. Some will turn to let you know you've been spotted and confront you, return it or pay the consequences (be it them fighting you or friends). Have some illicit all the NPCs in proximity to mob you and your party "Hey, this guy stole my coins!". A little diversity in the reaction to being robbed would be nice.
  6. Do we have any information on the spell system? One of the things most intrinsic to the old Infinitey Engine games is the (2.5 ed ad&d) spell system. The depth and variation was really well implemented, and while not always balanced, I would sincerly hope that Obsidian is considering something of similar depth and breadth for Project Eternity. Sawyer, anyone, can you give us any info? Let me talk for a minute about what i mean when i say depth and breadth. The depth of the spell system in old IE games was a reflection of the 2.5 ed rules. Multiple resist types, save types, durations that forced you make hard choices and spell side effects (caster immobilization, chance for summoned fiend to turn on caster, etc) that forced you to think. I feel like mage battles were the best example of tactical combat in IE games being similar to a puzzle. Many spells had an effective counter-spell. All defensive magic spells had certain counters (which if not useful, are burning an available spell slot...), there was spell turning, and hell: you could even cast a resilient sphere on a fighter who was near death just as validly as on an enemy who was wreaking havoc with your back line. I appologize if this is reading a bit like a love letter, but I strongly feel like this is one of the shining features of the old school games I enjoyed so much. The breadth in the spells is obvious to anyone who played the Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale series. Beyond the cool ideas of some spells, there was a conscious effort to provide low level spells that suited low level players when they needed them, while providing good options for high level players later on. Some of the classic examples are spells that initially do 'a lot' of damage (for a low level party) but don't scale with the player level (ghoul touch, angazzar's scorcher) or others that do something like 1d4 + 1/lvl of caster (shocking grasp, burning hands i think, chromatic orb is similar). There is no doubt that the higher level mage spells were badass, but there was a breadth to the level 1 - 3 spells that let the player grow into them. You would find yourself a point where you needed to reevalute your spell selection because your power plane had shifted, and now the previously weak spells were more effective. What was great about the old system was that this was part and parcel of 2.5 ed ad&d, and if you took the time to learn the spells and read their descriptions, you were rewarded with a depth of gameplay that I haven't experienced yet again in a computer RPG. I sincerly believe there are some people at Obsidian who feel the same way, and I hope they are in charge of developing the spell system. So, with that being said.... TL;DR: how similar in depth and breadth will Project Eternity's spell system be to the old infinety Engine games?
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