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  1. In attached screens: 1.) a typo for a cipher power ("bonust") 2.) pop-up tooltips getting cut off in 1920x1080 res. 3.) when clicking between monk subclasses, Nalpazca is cut off with no way to scroll down. Scroll bar then appears on Shattered Pillar but disappears when attempting to scroll. 4.) when creating a wild orlan character, I clicked on the hair button and her hair disappeared with no way to restore it.
  2. 1. After completing one of the scripted "choose your own adventure" interactions on the map (the one to the left of the starting village with large lagufaeth) there was a constant sound effect of using a skill from that scripted interaction. Could only fix it by quitting the game completely. 2. Stormturner cloak's visuals are bugged. EDIT: Tried another enchanted cloak and it's bugged as well, only normal cloaks seem fine. 3. Some popup textboxes are not formatted properly and go beyond the screen area:
  3. So, the tooltip during character generation indicates the Beguiler's bonus' apply to his/her "Illusion" spells, but the keywords for the spells are Echo, Deception, and Shred. I would assume this is suppose to imply that these bonus' are for the Deception spells (maybe Echo), but it could be that the illusion keyword is missing from the spells themselves (not as likely in my estimate). It could use some clearing up.
  4. [Description of the issue] In any of the game's interfaces, it's impossible to scroll up or down with the mouse wheel, if your mouse pointer is over a button. This can be tested in the Load game screen or in the Controls screen. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Have enough savegames in order for a vertical scrollbar to be present in the Load game screen, or go to the Controls. 2) Hover over a Load or Delete button in the Load game screen, or over the Restore Defaults button in the Controls. 3) Try to scroll the list down or up. [Expect
  5. [Description of the issue] When viewing a weapon's description window, stats are based not on the currently selected party member, but on the party member in whose inventory the weapon is. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Place a weapon in the inventory of one party member 2) Equip a weapon of the same class in another party member's quick slot. 3) Have the second party member selected in the inventory screen. 4) View the description of the weapon you placed in the first party member's inventory. 5) Click "Compare" in the descr
  6. Hello Backers, So it appears that we have a large amount of missing string data in various locations throughout the beta. Since these issues need to be resolved individually, I am building a master list of the missing strings. This is both to organize the data in a way the developers can easily fix and to relieve pressure on the forums from these bugs being posted multiple times. Please post any findings of Missing Strings in this thread and I will come through periodically and update this post with the full list. Screenshots are still great for this, as it gives us a clear visual
  7. I go to drag select, but my mouse is over an enemy when I push down left mouse button. Rather than drag selecting, it will give a move order to the currently selected unit when I lift up on left mouse button. This causes frustrating situations where a move order is given without the player realizing it, causing a character will die instantly for disengaging combat for no apparent reason. If I drag select multiple characters, and tell them to attack an enemy, I find that often Eder, who is using Melee, will not be given an attack command, and will just sit there for no apparent reason. Thi
  8. [Description of the issue] Casting a healing spell for example, by clicking on a party member's portrait will not make the caster cast the spell on the character but on the ground underneath that portrait. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Select a caster character with some healing spell. 2) Select the healing spell. 3) Click on another party member's portrait 4) The caster moves if necessary to get in range for casting the spell and casts the spell on the spot on the ground under the portrait. [Expected behaviour] The c
  9. [Description of the issue] When you open a category of crafting Recipes in the Crafting interface, the list of recipes and their categories scrolls to the top. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Open your inventory 2) Open the Crafting interface 3) Expand enough categories so that a scrollbar appears 4) Scroll to the bottom and expand another category. 5) The list scrolls to the top. [Expected behaviour] The list should not scroll at all, or if it scrolls it should scroll to the top of the last expanded category (if that
  10. There are some scaling problems when running at resolutions above 1920x1080. 1) 3D models in character creation/levelup or inventory are scaled instead of rendered at the current resolution. The result is very blurry characters. I realize that 2D artwork is by necessity scaled (presumably current UI 2D artwork is only made for <=1080p resolutions. I hope higher resolutions are planned!), but this should not apply to 3D content. Example: 1920x1080: 2560x1440: 2) All text is similarly rendered at a low resolution and then scaled, instead of rendered properly. Results in pretty blurry te
  11. The "paper unrolling" sound when tutorial messages show up will not stop repeating in a loop. Even when i turn them off the sound will just randomly start and will not stop unless i exit the game and reload. Any ideas?
  12. First of all, you forgot to add cyrillic initials. Just like that. Second of all, I guess the font itself you also forgot to make, so the game uses my system font, which looks like **** in game. I can live without ligatures (although I'd prefere not to), but the absence of the decent font is a no-go for me. I'll stick with the english translation for now, but I hope you'll update the font soon.
  13. [Description of the issue] If an object interaction requires an item to be equipped, any party member can preform that interaction, as long as the player character has that item equipped. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Go to Cilant Lis' the hall with the braziers 2) Equip a torch on the player character 3) Select Heodan or Calisca and click on the braziers. 4) The braziers will be lit, although your party members have no torch equipped [Expected behaviour] I expected the other party members would be unable to perform tha
  14. In the combat log, I notice some inconsistencies and improvements that could be made. 1) Many lines do not end with a period. Exemples include ...and hits with additional effect. Petrified (4.3 sec) BB Fighter hits Nridek for 39 Pierce damage. Prone (4.8 sec) This should be ...and hits with additional effect. Petrified (4.3 sec). BB Fighter hits Nridek for 39 Pierce damage. Prone (4.8 sec). Basically, when there's a status effect with a duration, the final dot is missing. 2) Ellipsis are not followed with a space. Exemple ...and hits with additional effect. Petrified (
  15. Edit: (BBv480, linux), this report isn't for previous version. Sorry for the wrong version in the thread title. [Problem] There are several issues with spell Suppress Affliction: 1. Description doesn't clearly explain, that only afflictions, which are active at the time when Suppress Affliction is cast, are suspended. 2. Description shows only base spell duration (15 sec), even through this duration scales with Int of character. 3. Spell itself doesn't look like it temporary suspends afflictions, as stated in the description, but cancels them -- tested effects aren't probably r
  16. [Description of the issue] After an enemy has taken some hits it's often occuring that the red dots disappear completely. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] I don't know how to reproduce it. I've attached screenshots to prove it though. [Expected behaviour] Red dots should denote correctly at what stage is the enemy's health.
  17. [Description] When you exchange items between party members when perusing a store, clicking and dragging the item is equivalent to scrolling up and down your party's inventory. [steps] 1) Start new game (any character), or load existing save. 2) Go see Winfrith/Hendyna/Dengler/Any merchant, ask them to trade 3) Click and drag any item from one character to the other. Do this a couple of times. 4) Notice that the inventory scrolls up/down as you click and drag items from one party member to the other. [Expected behaviour] Clicking and dragging items should not scroll the inventory
  18. (linux, BBv480) [Problem] When a party member has enough experience to level up, the cross/plus icon appears on top of the portrait. In combat mode, this icon isn't present most of the time, but time to time blinks back to it's initial position. [How to reproduce] For example: 1. Start the game with a new character, don't level up, so the this element is visible over the portrait. 2. Start the combat, execute some action, such as an attack, and observe the blinking. Or if you manage to earn enough experience for the next level for the whole party, the party roster will blink li
  19. (linux, BBv480) [Problem] If player reloads the game (F8 key), when an ability/item tooltip is currently on screen, the tooltip persists partially to the loading screen, as well as it's still present no the newly loaded game screen. The persisted tooltip doesn't disappear until the mouse hovering over another ability icon. This happens probably for all the ability tooltips as well as for quick items and weapons in sets tooltips, and also in case of tooltips of special icons of several classes (in the right bottom corner of portraits): Focus (Ciphers), Wounds (Monk), Phrases (Chanters).
  20. When creating a character recently, the tooltip of intelligence showed me that my will safe would increase by only +1 per point of intelligence, while all the other stats properly displayed a bonus of +2 per point. The value displayed in the charsheet in the game seemed to be actually +2 per point of intelligence.
  21. If there are customized key bindings using Shift or Ctrl modifiers it may happen that an ability gets assigned to a hotkey unintentionally. Example: 1) Customize key bindings and define CTRL-N for "Next Character" 2) Hover the cursor over an ability 3) Switch to the next character using the key CTRL-N Observation: The ability is assigned to the Hotkey "LeftCtrl " Expected: The character shall be switched to the next character without assigning an ability to a hotkey. Suggestion: I would suggest to make the hotkey assignment more explicit using an explicit key to initia
  22. [Problem] a) When creating new notes the entry window doesn't force the text into the text box area. I think there is a limit like ~32 characters regardless how those are wide. b) When the note is already created, the game lets us to change it's name on the sheet. However, one can then generate much longer names, inconsistently with the initial box limit. I'm not not sure whether it's intended. c) There is only portion of the long entry name shown on the sheet, always one line regardless of the font size. For all the points, see image below: [Expected behavior] This doesn
  23. This is not a bug new to [480], but I did not recognize with a cursory glance through the known issues lists. I'm using a 1680 * 1050 resolution - not sure if that matters. (Also appears on 1280 * 720) When (in-game) clicking on a selected portrait, there's a white border at the top and left side of the portrait inside the frame. Also, when depressed, the bottom of the portrait punches through the bottom frame. When clicking on an unselected portrait, that white border is transparent, which isn't very noticeable. Likewise, I can't really tell if the portrait bleeds through the bot
  24. See how item name in the 5th entry in store UI (The Dyrwood, Part 1: Early Colonial History) overlap with the price (some unknown ammount of cp, because you can't make it out). Long item names should either be truncated, or rendered in smaller font.
  25. Not sure if this is a bug or working as designed, but if you press tab, you can highlight items and other interactables that are beyond your party's line sight. This is particularly jarring in Dyrwood, where you can see what's happening on the other side of town without ever having been there. This was done in build 435, but I don't recall the behaviour being any different in b480. Edit: Confirmed in 480 too.
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