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  1. The PC Gamer article says that it's first person only. Oh well, I hope other people enjoy it! Maybe I'll be able to play Obsidian's next game.
  2. I also have my fingers crossed for a third-person camera option, because I won't be able to play this othewise and it looks fun. (I'm one of those people who get motion sick in first person.)
  3. Yes, give a character "my" weapon and run free. Run free with the wind! I would just like to say that I really liked that bow. (Even though my Druid didn't use it that much because she was busy casting, it was nice to have something useful to do in long fights after she ran out of magical oomph. Looking forward to using it on a ranger in the future!)
  4. ... unless the man is a human or an elf or an orlan. Amaua have a +2 to Might and humans only have +1, while elves have no bonus and orlans have a malus. There's every chance that dwarf and amaua women are stronger - on average - than human men. And yet human men somehow still manage to be smiths.
  5. There might be a couple of reasons that Boreal dwarves send women rather than men on the type of long-hunting expeditions that Sagani describes. Firstly, assuming that dwarves are like humans in this respect, women have a higher percentage of fat in their cells than men do on average. That means that we get drunk faster - but it also means that we're usually slower to freeze and/or starve to death. While pregnant and lactating women eat a lot, women need less food to simply stay alive than men do. For people who go on hunting expeditions across icy terrain, that could be a more significant survival factor than pure strength and endurance. (Besides which, PoE dwarves are stronger and tougher than humans anyway, so Sagani and the other wives are evidently more than capable of drawing light hunting bows or dismembering a caribou to drag home.) Secondly, while it's usually the people who are capable of lactating that end up doing the child care in most societies, if attacks on settlements are common then maybe it makes sense to leave the pregnant and lactating women, the children AND all the men at home while the women not currently carrying or feeding babies go far from home. That way the most vulnerable people in the village are protected by the strongest if enemies or predators show up, but someone is still out finding meat. (Look, this is at least as on-topic as the Star Wars discussion was.)
  6. Well, I'm a man-hating* feminist and I loved it! So I guess that means it must be SJW propaganda of some kind, since everyone knows us feminists despise all other forms of entertainment. So I guess you shouldn't buy the DLC. *No not really.
  7. This is definitely going on my list of all-time favourite video game bugs, along with the cat that reported me for stealing in Baldur's Gate 2, rotating heads in New Vegas and all kinds of model-related nonsense in Red Dead Redemption.
  8. Complete chaos in the Deadfire as all four factions fight over who gets to control Ukaizo. (On the bright side, though, none of your companions leave!) Just make sure you upgrade your hull and sails or you will die.
  9. There are four romances, and another companion you can sleep with but can't have an ongoing relationship with. The companions are all listed here and the ones you can sleep with are Aloth, Maia, Serafen, Tekehu and Xoti. You will have to work out for yourself if you find any of them attractive or not. There are brothels. There are no sex scenes or erotic drawings of any kind. (Some people are naked in the bathhouse, if that does it for you.) All dialogue is indeed voiced.
  10. Yes...he is my surgeon, other can? So I hear! I haven't actually tested it myself.
  11. They're bisexual. Or at least Tekehu, Maia, Xoti and Serafen are all bisexual - don't know if Aloth ever expresses any interest in anyone other than the Watcher, so he could be playersexual. But everyone else is is explicitly attracted to both men and women and can mention this during the course of the game regardless of whether or not the Watcher romances them. I mean, I don't think making playersexual character is a sign of moral decline anyway, but that's not really what they did.
  12. I love a lot of them, but truly, I had Cosmo following me around for at least 80% of the game. My first Watcher travelled with her space pig through most of POE1, and even the wide variety of excellent critters couldn't tear her away for long.
  13. It was never possible to choose to be a different size in POE1, unless you were godlike. All kith of the same race and gender are the same height in both games. Godlike just get to pick which kind of kith their parents were.
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