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  1. This was a great update. The art work of a large explorable world makes me want to see the game. But after reading about the care given to characters, I'm very anxious to virtually live there. No matter the type media, bad dialog can ruin a great story and visa versa. For me The Witcher 2 had amazing believable dialog. I loved it. If Obsidian is truly passionate about delivering there unique style of art with great voice acted dialog, this game will be an amazing wonderful creation. Thanks for keeping us informed.
  2. Granted. But, last time I checked, in real life, people are illogical. Why would you try to focus your attention on something like painting your nails (and even use both hands to do so) whilst driving a 3,000lb hunk of metal through traffic, only to end up colliding with another 3,000lb hunk of metal filled with people? Because not-reasons, that's why. By Lephys being able to inject 'finger nail painting while driving' into a race / gender conversation proves beyond doubt the poster is multidimensional.
  3. For me racism in real life is illogical. I have to assume other worlds may not have this issue. I.E. If stuck in a burning car, do you look at the color of the hand that's saving you? Would you say "Thanks but no thanks?" Next; In construction, I chose the best tradesmen period. Do you honestly think I care where they are from if they are masterful craftsmen? Gender: I have a wife and 2 adult daughter's. One is an accomplished artist the second is in management (The latter saved and purchased a house in cash, she's not 30 yet.) My wife was a partner of a consulting firm. Need I go on? Female doctors , African American President! Lastly, a world that has Orcs and magic can have no prejudices. If there is prejudice, tone it down please. IMO
  4. I personally like the ideas of novels. Why not? I download free books on Amazon.com all the time! Yes I get a fair share of bad reads but l'm often surprised by some great reads out there. Sorta like dungeon crawls, you never know what you'll find till you explore. How it could be implemented: If Obsidian were to supply info on a few locations to start and world background history (WIKI) I bet some folks could do a great job! My philosophy is great things happen only when people are willing to try and others help them! .... Ummmm sorta like what we are doing for Obsidian I think. Lastly, For me I'd love to enter a new world after reading novels about that world.
  5. Ok! Fine! No romance then. BUT I demand sweet rolls then in it's place.
  6. "Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes!" The only pet you'll ever need IMHO
  7. I do like playing multi class characters. BUT! If the game world has few resources, multi class may not make sense. I.E. If I spend most of my life perfecting my heavy armor fighting / crafting skills, would it be reasonable to assume a character could also have enough time to master magic? I think it more reasonable, as in RL, to master 1 trade and count on others for other needs.
  8. By the pics posted and comments, I agree with most of you, armor eye candy is big. But few games permit real uniqueness to a character's look. If I make my own shield and sword, would it look like any other? If I meet a rich nobleman will he have not only better fitting armor, but nicer embellishments? How hard would it be in the game world and regions to find vibrant red or blue dyes? What would it cost? I don't know if it's possible, but I'd love to be able to have superior great looking armor but know I worked hard finding materials and building crafting skills to get it.
  9. Being emotionally involved in a game adds a real world factor. Finding love in hard times is an eternal story theme. How can you go through a hard life without finding someone to love? Sex isn't necessary, and the game can be great without romance. But if I had to chose between to great RPG games, I'd go with romance.
  10. The World size matters to me but the whole world doesn't have to be in the 1st game. Elder Scrolls I find puts so much consistent history and lore into each zone /region , a player feels like they are still on the same world though they may be in Skyrim and not Morrowind. Long post sorry. What I'd love to see is an area, well thought out and alive. Perhaps mention of other lands in game. Legends of monsters in far off places. Then when the next game comes out, the Player has an opportunity to see for themselves what was talked or written about in a past game. For me this is what Bethesda does so well. Hate the party system, hate the character faces. Who in RL runs with their 2 hands out front all the time? LOL. But OMG I love the books and in game stories.
  11. Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 for us old time RPG's was nothing short of amazing. Today for me Skyrim and all past Elder Scrolls are the benchmark. Not just for the graphics but for the world created and the publisher's commitment to keep that world and lore alive. Consistency is the key there I think. I honestly think Obsidian wants to do the same thing but their way. I want to discover a new world and in years to come discover more about that expanding world Obsidian has created and breathed life into. I wish the team all the best and my pledge has been made. I stand behind you guys. Now just have fun and thank the good lord EA and Bioware are no where to be found to screw this up.
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