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  1. Mod it. Design choice. Gameplay practicality over realism.
  2. Good to know this required a separate thread, what a quaint notion to reply in an active discussion. Glad to know we can all get angry about this all over again and lose our collective feces about it for the Nth time. And don't use terrorist in this context.
  3. How does an advice and a feedback make me a "billigerent ****"? And why shouldn't Obsidian decrease the VO work if a lot of players agree such an amount is not necessary? After all, cutting on VO frees additional budget to spend on other, more important things. After all, in most cases, less VO = more dialogues. Because your feedback is nonsense that dribbles between VO quality versus quanity of VO work. You want less VO work but higher quality? Baldur's Gate 1 did that. But wait, players complained they wanted MORE VO work because they liked it so much. You are one side of a pointle
  4. Oh no, I won't be able to play a patched PoE. I guess I'll have to stare vacantly or indignantly at my computer screen rather than play the myriad of other games I own...
  5. ... Seriously? There are people who had complained there wasn't ENOUGH voice overs yesterday. No, Obsidian should not reduce or increase the VO work. You don't like it? Turn it off. You want more? Why don't you pay the VOs for additional hours of work. Obsidian can choose to switch voice actors, spruce up the scripts, etc. I hope they don't factor any future decisions on the mewlings of brats. For the love of god, you are belligerent twats with entitlement issues.
  6. All the butthurt feelings in this thread makes me laugh. That's what mods are for.
  7. I'm sure it is as easy as you describe it. I'm sure there are modders eager to fulfill this request.
  8. I'm glad an ubiquitous quote in a forlorn section of the game can arise such discussion. I'd hate to see what sparks the next incendiary chorus of recriminations... Oh well, we know how it goes,... This is the song that never ends It just goes on and on my friend Some people started singing it not knowing what it was, And they'll continue singing it forever just because . . .
  9. I've no problem with romance in CRPGs, as long as it isn't wedged in or tacked on to sell copies. If you want romance, you can mod it in. Or play an older RPG that allows you to fulfill the ultimate nerd dream of making out with a dark elf.
  10. You'll have to do any refunds through the distributor/seller. You've bought it from Steam so you should seek a refund from them via a support ticket. Sorry you didn't enjoy the game.
  11. I'd be more interested in how the mock review is conceived and realized than the actual metacritic.
  12. I have only read the backer emails, I've avoided any and all information on the game, including previews. I'm more than happy with that decision as it hasn't given me a false sense of expectation and I'll enjoy it for what it is.
  13. THIS! This and more this! Succinctly explains everything. We needed 7 pages to derive at this point.
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