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  1. true stuff.... also some people claim they are happy that romance is not in because it is so often not done realistcly. Next post they ask for raptors scorpions dragons or giant crabs as their companions that follow every command and execute your will doing fancy cooldown moves... because that is totally like hunting pets work and doesnt kill the flavor at all...
  2. The sad part is the devs do not even take the time to explain design decisions like that which clearly intetest a lot of people. this is not limited to romance... crafting was explained a bit better but still more than lackluster same as stats. Instead they give me updates about which development steps are needed to design a room... which while technical interesting for some sure is not what is really interesting to most players... This time would be better used for community interactions at the forums... beyond closing threads for reaching postcont. Sure a lot of filth is written here but many topics also have great points or ideas... or valid concerns in it. A kickstarted game gives the best chance to interact closely with the own playerbase use it...
  3. Maybe true I am not really deep enough into programming to judge how it works best. I just have to put up with the **** they produce. All off them kinda think they are artists and while that is true for games... it is not really a quality useful for getting the software for our safety equipment done... this **** needs to be understandable and functional not your own little masterpiece ^^ aside from that someone here called amouen a good charakter example over Jaheira... wtf... while amouens twist is nice 90% of the time he is just tge worst annoying **** in history. Why would anybody keep him around... only in ME1 I was more happy when I finally killed of a character... he is unbearable... (maybe intended to be so). Jaheira at least has a reason to be emo and works great with Vico.
  4. I actually believe your day is going like that... I know a lot of programmers and designers in my job... and this is what pretty much sums up thei work ethic. Thats why development costs so much. But this update was really great it actually made me feel way better about the status of the game. I really hope that a substancial part of the budget goes into the companion interaction. I still think there are some questionable decisions when it comes to game mechanics (crafting system sounds kind of odd especially compared to your monster problem...monster in city brakes the mood instant sword from smith does not? ) But I am way more excited to see the game after this update... Also I hope the answer to the monster problem was not vampires or werewolves ... I rather take the invisible crab
  5. I refuse to believe that we reached the peak of romance writing in rpgs like 13 years ago. Also with the proof its doable out there... and obsidian being known for good writing skill.... I still fail to see how it is anything but either bad resource management that leads to cuts in the crucial character interactions department. lazy writers or weighting other aspects of the game like pew pew skills higher... The argument that it is not cutting necause the time will be invested in other things that would not be there otherwise is crap. first from a purely practical view there is no proof that this other interactions would be not there whilie it is fact that one option will be missing. From a fan perspective it is crap because why cant we have all the char interactions? I would value a game way more that finally allows me a lot of group interactions and experiences ... usual as unusual ones... way more than one that gives me 10 similar looking forest screens or 2 classes more to explore than any other game... budget where it is needed please...
  6. there is never an or decission in character interaction... like romance or other relationship types or romance or shut up. If there is the developers just fail at the core element of a party based rpg. You should not let them off so easily by saying it is ok for you to cut the part of party interaction you like the least. I rather have 10 areas less in the game than losing any party dialohue no matter if it is a silbling story or a romance or minsc and boo... This is actually what should be budgeted first right with the exploration aspect. It is one of the 2 core mechanics. No justification out there to cut any content in that area.
  7. if it's balanced around other races, then yes. otherwise no: godlikes would become the go-to race. This is hopefully a clasdic rpg ... your mmo thinking is in the wrong place here... since I have no competition with others it does not mattef if something is stronger or weaker the go to race/profession is what i wanna explore and llay. If you allow skill strenght to influence your choice of char in a singleplayer game without ladders or permadeath... thats more an isdue with you... I dont care how they are balanced I care if they are integrated well in the story lore and world... oh but chosing your... mutation... is a great idea for char generation.
  8. give my party the need to eat sleep and drink and let cold and warm klima influence them. Make us need a place to stay (maybe even build) and let some crafting take time. When resting in the wild for a quest let us have campfire discussions about recent events or the current quezt ... or general topics. If resting in the inn let the groupmates hang out drink and talk together. This sequences should be eadily ended by going to bed for people that are not interested. give me interaction between npcs in the group not only with the player chars from discussing politics till a bloody fight because of religion or a romance I am willing to take everything as long as they are not only talking to me.
  9. Jaheira is a good example how the friendship and relationship of characters can grow even over more than one game. While she also has some bad written moments she is a prime example of character growth that seems believeable it is a solid romance and same as with vico the game would actually be worse without her. That is why the BG2 romance setup was good you had the classic damsel with issues in Arie the seemingly nympho that cant overcome her racism because of what she has to put up with in vico as well as jaheira that has a slowly developing relation to the character and the world outside the druids and harpers sometimes making her bitter over her loses. All three adding something for different kind of players (male options were not bad too btw but edwin was always.... well edwin hilarois with vico though). While they could be ignored if you dislike this kind of storylines. The second thing that wss great were the face offs between chars with different believes and relationships that sometimes even lead to one leaving for good but I fear the developers dont have the balls for that either ... since it needs to be believable. You can say what you want about the game in other areas and not all of the relationships were good and most too rushed but coming closest to this in the last years with regards to big titels was the ME series.... not with all romance options but with 2 of them. Jack had a character and backstory that made it totally believable that she would push the physical part and bioware had the balls to basically end your relationship at one point if you had sex with her just for the sake of nailing her exploiting her being clearly deeply damaged. While she could have used way more banters to flesh it out I felt she is the one to trust with the bartier against the insects. In her way too short apperance in part 3 she mentions details lkke that and how they impacted her and while still cleary damaged she gives a really sane point about why she cant bother much with you now in a way that vlearly shows growth and seems believable in the context of the roboapocalypse... Solid character that unfortunately was not fleshed out enough but the interaction with the player clearly added yo her (unlike for example with... ash). My personal favorite is Tali... while also awefully short on banters part1 dhe is childish and overly good in an ok way while still giving useful information so when you have her with you on misdions you still get what the char is about. While not being ugly in general she shows to be clearly something different with her arms and legs... well and the mask. Not having her as a romance option part 1 was very useful and gave the char time to grow on me while in some parts it seemed a bit forced (was clearly fanservice) they also made an arc for her missions that was meaningful and showed us her social surtondings forming her. While she showed (unlike other chars in the series) some change due to all the things she saw... In Part 3 she also has a bigger goal... but is simply not able to abonden you. You are part of her goal even if she doesnt realise it first and the way you decide can lead from everything between happily ever after till suicde for her (that shocked me a moment when it happend) While both could have used more dialouge they both show that you can integrate romance in a way that makes sense in the story... same as BG2 showed us. While again... both games are playable without major gameplay downside if you ignore all those options.
  10. people that believe racism and sexism can not included meaningful in a fantasy pnp because of the often black and white settings should better not play DSA Shadowrun or L5R as thei PnP you would be suprised.....
  11. You're still using someone else's product. Which is a problem why if I can use it for free and dont plan to make profit? I agree on WEI btw amazing tool that makes those games especially BG2 what it is ... I run around 60 mods and for a game out of this time and if I think how hard some interfer in the world and with each other the amount of crashes I have is amazingly low.
  12. I still fail to see how the failure of a completly different company in a completly different game with completly different characters can be any kind of justification to lower the content of the game by cuttingfeature that theoretically opens up a lot of group interactions and can be strong rpg element if wrritten right. Especially if we are talking about a completly optional feature you can simply ignore if you do not like it... There is simply no positive aspect from cutting this. It only has the potential to make the game worse if the execution would have been good and no benefit if it would have been bad since it could be just ignored. I still did not see any argument explaining how the game can benefit from this. Neither does an optional romance decrease the quality of interaction with non romanceable chars nor does it limit plot options. All I see is examples for it being executed badly which are totally pointless... For example the last one... you didnt need to go through this scene at all in da2 if you dont want to... so I think it is bs too but i didnt even see it before... because Iignore features I am not interested in insyead of calling for it to be removed to piss of people who like it.. Because thats all that is happening here some people here need to admit that it is about the enjoyment they get from denying others what they want... because again... no benefit from not having it. Sure bad romances are kiddie fodder like that jade empire scene... but the game does that anyway... prelearend cooldown mmo skills and classes instant crafting repair system that doesnt allow your helms to be damaged... leaving out another potential kid pleasing feature could be a strong indication for it being in an area of the game they do not wanna focus on and while i even like some of the other stuff mentioned I really hope the group interaction and dialoge will be one of the parts the most work goes into. Still no proof for that in the news unfortunately... so I have to continue being worried judging by the so far known features. Still believe it to be a great game in the end but maybe not the reinvention of classic IE style rpg I hoped for. Which would make me sad a bit while playing it )
  13. I can only say I am suprised about theweird picture some people here have of temselves. They decline others some purely optional inge feature they would like just because of the way people completly unrelated to the people they now annoy im a different forum use this feature in a way you dont like? Seriouly? You think that kind of behaivor is ok? Even if I agree that some people on those other forums should see a therapist. That is completly none of your business. Everbody can use this featurea however they want... even if I would like meaningful romance I have no right to tell someone not to rub off one to morgain in dao if he wants to. We all want a free world guys ... do some selfreflection and mind your own business... Tbe optimal game would give us all the chance to do whatever welike in the way we like if we want to. Now we know that will not happen... but really as long as they are optional I rather have more featutes in the game than less especially if there is a part of the community that wants it. Instead of less and making fun of the dissapointment of others.... Anyway I already explained that this game seems to havr less and less group interaction... I really hope I see proof for that being a wrong assumption in the next updates... because there are a lot of pretty dungeoncrawlers out there... I want derp interaction well written npcs a group and adventure feeling and not 3 sentence companions instantcrafting and cooldown wars of magical thief teleport skills....
  14. I would like this as well but I fear this wilk be up to the modders. If the budget is so limited dedicated moddingtools and romance are out... what makes you think they will rerwrite half the dialoge in the game basdd on class and race. this can get complicated fast what if you are a dwarf templar with a bad reputation? Maybe the response should be highly different from a dwarf rouge with good reputation? Lot of text here ... my guess is 2-3 greetings and 1-2 different quest per class race and that makes a lot of work already.
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