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  1. I did this some years ago with Dragon Age: You can tell by the music, where the pauses were. This post contains a link to a youtube video. I cannot see it, however.
  2. The loading screens only stay so long, because the game is synchronously saved every time. Please put the serialization (I guess, this is taking most of the time) and saving into a separate thread. This would be the pretty simple solution to a very annoying problem.
  3. Not fixed in that version. Just encountered the bug for the first time. I will load 1.0.4 now.
  4. It seems to be autocast in very rapid succession and never ends. I like it. It also helps in combat, since it causes a lot(!) of interrupts. Watch the combat log.
  5. Overlooked this. I will try it and pray. edit: It worked. But I am very sceptical about this. It seems to reset some things. I was able to collect some herbs outside of the hold again. Also, Edèr said something he usually says at the first visit of the hold. So the quest state is messed up. This could be harmful sometime.
  6. That is exactly my problem. I am so glad, I am not the only one, because I guess, it is game breaking. I cannot proceed, or can I?
  7. I am playing on hard, my party was pretty weakened, when I encountered Maerwald. Still killed him first try, although he did a lot of damage with his fire aoe attack. Two of my members had level 2, the others level 3. So how on earth did you have level 5, while Litmusdragon and me were so low level? I am trying to do every quest and every fight to gain experience.
  8. I played IWD2 solo. How hard is this in comparison to hard mode in Pillars? I am bit scared by the description, that veterans would face a challenge. I do not consider myself a veteran.
  9. I expected something like that. As much as I want to play this game, I will wait until it is properly patched.
  10. Well, of course it's because of that. Did I express myself a bit clumsy? English is not my native language. Let's all hope that. This is something I worry about. Because this means, you have to care about the number of party members who are in the stronghold. I don't think, there's a good solution for it. But I guess, it's not a real problem, as long as the player is able to dismiss party members (who may join inevitably based on the plot) entirely.
  11. I did a bit of searching, but couldn't find this question anywhere else. Currently I am playing Icewind Dale 2 with a single character in the party - and it's a blast. This is only possible, because experience is split evenly between party members. So the fewer characters you have, the more experience each of them will get, making them stronger. This is the essential mechanic that makes it possible to play such a game with an arbitrary number of characters. For me, this is very likely the greatest replay value factor, also, because of it's implications.
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