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  1. My Sith Lord found killing her to fix the situation very nicely.
  2. Well said. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I concur. I guess that's why it's "frequently asked", as such.
  3. I did that, but only when I was pretty certain I was going to be able to Jedi-ize them, which since it was my first time through was pretty late. So I got Handmaiden & Bao-dur a couple extra levels each as Jedi. Of course, since you can insta-level up them, you can keep them at a low level then up them a few levels instantly (also healing them) as needed.
  4. Also Sion's her old apprentice, so she would be very familiar with his force vibrations. Plus Sion's strong in the force (unlike the Sith Assassins), so he'd be easier, plus he didn't seem to be trying to conceal himself.
  5. You need to talk to T3-M4 after you blow up G0T0's ship. He tells you about his little adventure into Vogga's warehouse, and how he uncovered the droid that was transmitting Vogga's ship signatures to G0T0 (which is how G0T0 was always able to intercept Vogga's ships). THEN you go talk to Vogga, and he agrees to supply fuel to Telos. You don't need to talk to Grenn at all. I had this problem until I happened to talk to T3-M4, so I figured it out on dumb luck.
  6. I'd definitely shift points into INT. You could lower strength to 10, & Wisdom to 15, then use those 4 points to have 14 INT. (And then up WIS at the first chance). Two reasons: skills are very important in KOTOR 2, plus having a higher INT (and high skills) opens up a lot of dialogue options. Given that you'll breeze through the game regardless (yes, it's that easy), you should have the INT & skills so that you can talk more & learn more about the characters & world. That is the best part of the game, anyhow.
  7. Nihilus is obviously a regular Sith, but with some weird alterations. After you kill him on the Ravager, you can choose to let Visas remove his mask. If you do, and then ask Visas what she saw, she says "Just a man". So he can't be just a force-phantom or something like that. My theory is that he was a Jedi/Sith at Malachor V, the disaster happens, lots of people die, a "ripple in the Force" (a la Alderaan) happens. If you think about it, if Obi Wan was able to feel the death on Alderaan from so far away, what would the impact be on force-sensitive people who were *right there*? The Exile--who is less dependent on the force than most Jedi, apparently--cuts himself off from the Force in response, or maybe is forcibly detached/weakened (which would explain why he thought the Council did it to him). Meanwhile, Nihilus has the same thing happen to him, only he's unwilling to give up the Force. So he learns to drain the force from other people, though that will only "force fuel" him for awhile. Since the Exile caused Malachor V (and who knows what else happened there), Nihilus blames him for "stealing his essence". So Nihilus and the Exile would be flip-sides of each other in that they both faced the same problem (being largely cut off from the force), they just chose to respond to it in opposite ways (giving up on trying to use the force v. stealing the force from others).
  8. Plus they may have procedural rules, like only the Jedi Council (such as it is) can choose to cut someone off from the force, not one of the Jedi Masters acting on his own.
  9. Have you tried continuing the game, or exiting and re-entering the Ebon Hawk? Maybe she'll be back to life. And have you tried reloading and fighting her again? This is weird...
  10. Assuming she's dead dead (corpse on the floor), then it's a bug. I became a Sith Lord, and I didn't kill her (made her a Sith, though). Can you proceed through the game? I would think it would crash when you came to a dialogue screen with her involved in it.
  11. As I recall, when Atris and Kreia are talking after Kreia & Handmaiden return to Telos (when you find out Atris is dark side), Kreia says something along the lines of "there must be a Darth Traya, and if it's not you, then it must be me". Which implies that, at least insofar as Kreia's grand master plan went, it could've been either of them at Malachor V.
  12. It'd be great if this stuff could be implemented as a mod, but without the animations I imagine it'd be nearly impossible (unless there are some *really* expert animators out there). And even then, I imagine LucasArts or Obsidian could block it on copyright grounds...
  13. Yeah, generally just hang out with him. For me, as I recall I got influence two times with him. Right after I became a Sith Lord, I talked to him and got the conversation that ended with him being a Jedi. (errr, Sith) So I think if you become a Jedi Master or Sith Lord, you get an immediate influence boost with people, and I think that pushed me over the top. So I think that can help.
  14. There is *no* HK-50 factory in the game. It's generally understood that it was going to be in the game, but was cut (due to time considerations). So no quest, no trigger, no nothing.
  15. Just complete the main quests on Onderon (follow the plot) and you'll find the Jedi. Same in all the planets.
  16. Same here. I said in the flash-back that my old saber was double-bladed silver, so I wanted to get that again. Unfortunately, I found it right after fighting Sion in the Trayus academy...so at least I got to fight Kreia & other waves of Sith with that, but that's it.
  17. Wow. That's great stuff; especially the Atton v. Disciple & Handmaiden v. Visas stuff. That'd be great, would dovetail nicely with the romantic conflicts between those characters, and fit with Kreia as the "master manipulator/betrayer". Just one or two of those above would've made the Malachor V ending sequence fantastic, rather than the boring incomplete bit it is now. Makes me even madder that they rushed the game. The game was great, but with some of this stuff it could've been fantastic (even if they didn't add to the actual ending at all)
  18. I'm guessing you sided with General Vaklu, and now you have to fight Kevar? If so, don't sweat it, even if you're light side. It doesn't change much, and you'll still get the lightside ending.
  19. Actually, Atris already fell to the dark side before you meet her the first time, you just don't know. Kreia makes some hints about it, like "you can see the unspoken judgment in her words, the harshness of her tone, etc." So you can't "get to her" before Kreia does, and there's no way to get her to join your party
  20. No, you didn't ruin anything. You can mix light and dark side planet endings, and still get the proper ending for your side. For example, I was a Sith Lord, but I helped the Queen on Onderon (I was shooting to have the Republic survive, but as dominated by the Sith - which was one possibility GoTo hinted at). So trust me, everything's fine. I would say what would have happened had you saved Kevarr, but I can't figure out how to use spoiler tags. At any rate, it ain't much different. Besides, the endings pretty paltry, so there ain't much to screw up regardless.
  21. Well, if you have a consular character, with points/emphasis heavily on wisdom & charisma, with minimal strength or con...and you're sparring a soldier with high strength & maxed out combat feats, and you can't use force powers...
  22. So you're "Darth Sun Tzu" with a Mr. T icon? I'm confused........
  23. I concur, although I went to Onderon last, so I didn't have too much time to talk to him/develop him. I was also disappointed given that at the end of KOTOR 1 (if you follow his story) he seems to mellow a bit, so I was hoping he'd go into defending the republic. But that's just what I was hoping, so I can't really complain about that.
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