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  1. Maybe you need to read more of Leo Strauss and the Republic.
  2. Also dont forget the great mods for it. Like the C.O.R.E mods.
  3. I am going to sell KOTOR II to EB Games because the buy back is worth $20. Also Hearts of Iron II is much more replayable than KOTOR II. Sorry.
  4. Yeah right. "Banned" just means these games won't be sold in government regulated vendors like "First Multi-stock Department Store of China". Private vendors could care less. I play Age of Mythology and FIFA 2005 rigorously with my Chinese friends and they laugh at your ignorance. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Their techincally breaking the law in china for playing the games. So your playing with criminals.
  5. I didnt like the voice actor for Diego in Gothic II. Was it two different actors?
  6. I dont think's hard for a Canadian to get a job down here. Just follow the rules and regs and your are fine. Come to America! The Legal way!
  7. Thank you! Thank you! Sorry I dont have a speech right now, but I'll make one later.
  8. The only English verion will probaly going to the British, but I dont want to pay for the international shipping.
  9. They even banned Hearts of Iron because it does not support their view of history. LIVE LONG TAIWAN! I believe I proved my point Whitemithrandir!
  10. All I have to say about Gothic II is: "GOD DAMN ATARI! Get your ass going and give us the damn expansion for us Americans!"
  11. I noticing some moderators are closing threads that are debates or discussion about current events. How about a forum decated too that?
  12. I think i found a reason he may not find it in China. Its probaly banned in China. Since the game gives China a bad view, because in the Fallout story line China invades Alaskia. China loves to ban games that gives it view of China a bad name.
  13. which is pretty sick, when you think about it. To make myself clearer: 100,000 civilians were targeted and killed. Soldiers know what they're signing on for; civilians do not. It's not just decadence...it's also of a lack of concern. Blame the parents. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The people in those cities were all working for the military machine.
  14. You wish. The western civilization is already showing the signs of its decay. The corruption of the young generations being the most serious. You think the romans were decadent? Look around... But they didn't have the Internet or nuclear weapons. Everything was much slower back then. And I'm not sure the US can survive the fall of Europe (if it were to happen before the fall of the US), the same way Europe would go to hell if the US were to collapse. The hegemony of the western culture has lasted for a long time already and it won't be long before history repeats itself. I wouldn't bet the world itself will last so much. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have a question. Are you a Canadian or a European?
  15. That wont happen for 500-1,000 years. God the Roman Empire & Republic lasted 2 thousand theres and the British Empire laste d nearly 900 years. We can probaly predicted that America will last another 300-1,000 years. PAX AMERICANA!
  16. I guess he was trying to make a theme.
  17. This is the warning that Truman said to Japan: "If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air the like of which has never been seen on Earth. Behind this air attack will follow by sea and land forces in such number and power as they have not yet seen, but with fighting skill of which they are already aware." I think thats a good warning to Japan.
  18. I dont believe this is Drew Struzan's best work. My favorite is still is Drew Struzan's poster for the Empire Strikes Back Special Edition. That one is hanging on my wall next to my bed.
  19. That should be a school book example of terrorism. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How is that terrorism? We warned the japs that if they dont surrender we will unleash a weapon that could destroy cities. They didnt surrender so we had to use the bomb to end the war quickly. Since an invasion and occupation of Japan would have been costly. Since almost every damn citizen has been training and ready for a American landing on Japan.
  20. From my opinion of the bias of the boards here. That I will have less support, because it looks like most people are anti-Republicans.
  21. Hey started first! Im finishing the war! *Grab his NRA jacket and his rifle (Thank god the ban is over!)* "
  22. You can probaly find the Pre-KOTOR comics in some Comic shops.
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