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  1. In reality to Hezbolla. America is the great satan. Jews and other non Muslims are infeldels. Jews dont belong in the Middle East. Americans are terrorists. Americans are puppests to their Jewish masters.
  2. Dont blame Europe. Blame the French!
  3. Hezbolla is a terrorist organzation based in Syira. I believe this protest was planed by the Syrians. Since the Syirans dont want to lose their puppet state.
  4. Got to love Left wing nut jobs!
  5. The only reason some people dont like the reviews. Is because of reported abuse in the past of publishers buying off reviews.
  6. I guess Obsidian is allready prepairing to battle with the natives.
  7. What is wrong with a little dictatorship with some policeing? In the other threads before. There are alot of people willing to voluteer be a moderator! Obsidian has to be crazy not to get free labour.
  8. The Force.net has a editorial about KOTOR II http://www.theforce.net/jedicouncil/editorials/030405.asp
  9. Hurray! Good luck with the kid. Im sorry about the darwin thing, but I do believe in Social Darwinism. It seems like your falling in that way.
  10. Maybe we should make sigs that say "LA LEAVE OBSIDIAN ALONE!" or "LA DONT SCREW WITH US!"
  11. Well if this place does burn in hell. How about creating our own forums?
  12. Maybe Obsidian cant find it nich and wont be surviving. Unless its planning to leech from Bioware.
  13. Sorry but HK is more entertianing and more usefull than T3. :D
  14. Let see if Social Darwinism is working here. There is a company called "Golem Labs" based somewhere in Quebec. They created "SuperPower" & "SuperPower 2." The games were great idea, but they had their problems. Mainly LOTS OF BUGS. They had bad reviews and such. Why are they still open? After 5 years of bad games? Thats because they keep their fan community. They love their fans. SInce they know that the fans are the source of their pay checks. If you keep the fans happy and you will live. What obisidian is doing is doing nothing. To me it looks like Obsidian is a puppet of Bioware. If Obsidian tried to keep the NWN2 forums here. Then Fargus would never had to make theis annoucement. Because from what it looks like. If they do get to make KOTOR III. The forums would be probaly be in Bioware or in LucasArts forum.
  15. Because those are corporate forums after all. They might not be held responsible for what is posted here, but still, it affects their image. I don't like it, but I understand it. All good things... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats the moderator's job.
  16. http://www.gamespy.com/articles/592/592496p1.html A great artical on the death of Trokia and also has some parts about Obsidian and the forums here.
  17. Maybe we are seeing Social Darwinism right now.
  18. Why do you need to hire someone to run the forum? Just let the global moderators do their jobs any questions can be E-mailed or PMed.
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