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  1. We are. Saddam supports enemies of the United States and even praised attack agaist us. His government is a terrorist supporting state. We didnt officaly trained him. We gave money and weapons. Also alot of weapons in Afagisitan are old Soviet weapons that dont even work. But their not a threat agaist us. Shure I want the communist rebels killed, but their not a threat to our intrests. The only threat in South America is Castro and Chavez.
  2. And so easily recognisable because of the black hats they wear. What if it turns out that it wasn't a terrorist? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oops. J/K If I see any of these:
  3. Forum gods believe that their own home made avatars should be big. All other avatars should be 70x70.
  4. No Terrorists are like coyotes. You shoot them at sight.
  5. Yes, animals do have rights. They have the right to be in my stomach.
  6. What part of Nam were you in? The Old South or Old North. If you stayed in the North. I can see that, but in the South. I felt like we abandon them. The people of the South were slaughtered by the Charlie and Northern Communists.
  7. Hey I support the Jews. Dont call me a racist. Heck I am a Zionist. Israel will only belong to the Jews. Even the West Bank and Gaza. Since the Palaestinans have to homeland. West Bank was part of Jordan and Gaza was part of Egypt. Simple: The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend. Saddam- Iran was our enemy. UBL- We need him to kick the damn soviets butts. Pinochet- We needed him to kick the communist government out and replace it with a capitalist state. Which he did and the nation prospered. Also note that Monroe Doctrine is still in affect. So North and South America is our control.
  8. Yes they can have a trial, but they should have no rights as a POW. Remember terrorists are animals. World War I- Alliances and the Serbs World War II- Appesement from the British and French. Germay and the Japs. Korean War- Communists Vietnam- Communists No we would just put you on a plane and kick you out. No, the 9/11 attacks was a foriegn operation. They are funed outside the US but trained in the US and used our planes as weapons.
  9. They should not. They should have limted rights. Like no free eduction, driving, or any government programs. Unless they are here for school or work (Which should be monitored) or they prove them selves that they are getting their US Citizenship. Citizenship should be somthing that is a privlege and you should repect it.
  10. You make me sick. Also note thats before 9/11 days. So under Clinton, acts of terrorism was a crime and not a war. Which was a mistake. Also note why we didnt crack down on American terrorists are 2 reasons: 1. Ruby Ridge 2. Waco Also they are US citizens cause the attacks. So they have rights because they are a citizen of the United States. The terrorists who attacked us on that day are foreigners with no US citizenship. It was a attack out side of the US. That is war. I hated Clinton's anti-terror tactics. We should have invaded Afganistian after the USS Cole.
  11. The 9/11 attacks was an ACT OF WAR and not a crime. You never saw the planes live on TV hit the towers. You never saw people jumping off buildings. You never saw the fires burning the Pentagon and WTC. You never saw the tower fall. WTC attack was a act of war and not a crime. Killing three thousand people for allah is not a crime, but a war crime. The invasion of Afganistian was justifed. Because wanted Osama's head! We told them give Osama to us or die. Well they chose to die.
  12. Really? You got your arse kicked during the Winter War and you had to join the Nazis in 41 to regaign all the land you lost from the Winter War.
  13. Yes, I remember those quasi-war years. They bomb us and we do nothing.
  14. Did you all get your taxes done? Im still waiting for my tax refund.
  15. I guess this man is a freedom fighter right? and this was a legal attack agaist a enemy?
  16. Im sorry, but I guess you havent read the Geneva Convention. Nice Opinion Ed:
  17. Thats because terrorists do not follow the Geneva Convention. Terrorists violate every freaking rule in that convention. So they cant have legal POW rights.
  18. The differense that SS squards know that they are whiping a entire race of people. American flyboy dont know what kind of people are down there so they bomb them. Look in WWII when US, British, Germans are bombing entire cities. Do you believe that they didnt want to do that? No. They had a job to do. They do what they order to do. God If you been or lived in military life. You would know what were talking about.
  19. How right he was. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Have a source of the quote? If invading Iraq was wrong. Why did Bush Sr. support his son?
  20. How do you know you're killing 'your enemies'? In a war you're being controlled by a higher authority, and you're killing very abstract 'enemies'. How do you know for sure, that the people you're bombing 5000 feet below are your enemies? They tell you to bomb that area. You bomb that area. No, we shun him or run him out of town. :D
  21. WRONGO! Bush Sr. was a War pres and lost a 2nd term and a few other Presidents.
  22. Whats wrong defending your country's needs and killing your enemies?
  23. Worst idea ever. No-one should be forced into situation where they might die(or kill) simply because they live in certain country. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well I like the idea. Joining the military proves that your are loyal to the United States of America and it will also make you proud to be a American.
  24. What if it was your kid?
  25. Acullay a Mexcian citizen who joined the US Army and died in Iraq gave his life for freedom. Gained US citizenship.
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