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  1. You know that is really a lie. There is no such thing as free health care and free education. Since your paying taxes to pay for your heath care and education. Social Democratic goverments are forceing people to pay for someone else health care. Im a Republican and I believe that I should not be forced to pay for someone else's healthcare and for schooling.
  2. Twilight Zone! Best image of William Shatner:
  3. We may have to Atari's NA HQ and take some of them hostage to get the expansion to come to America.
  4. That means you need to buy a boom stick.
  5. Project New Jersey? Does that mean this project is from hell?
  6. Like we didnt hear that allready from you.
  7. The main problem that the hore is still dressed. Well the bath lady in Gothic I was nude. :D
  8. Remember people Hades is a minority here with that opinion.
  9. I dont I got neither LS or DS points when i went into the grey mode. Me: I was wrong for disobeying the coucel and the war was evil and I wish it never happen, but the war was needed if the Republic to survive.
  10. Well lets just see how they did that for the movie. Remember Zaphod does have two heads in the movie.
  11. Come on the new Marvin is much better than the TV series version.
  12. Whats wrong with the Empire? The Empire was good for the galaxy! The Rebels were just freaking anarchists! The Case for the Empire http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Publ...01/248ipzbt.asp
  13. Trailer 1: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/touchst...idetothegalaxy/ Trailer 2: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/touchst...laxy/trailer_2/ Trailer 3: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/touchst...laxy/trailer_3/
  14. What are you all people? Lazy Socialists or Authortarian Communists?
  15. If you look in history. During the 1800s, child labour was NEEDED! Once the power of industry came to America during the 1870s up too the 1900s. Child labour wasnt needed. 3rd world nations are stuck in the 1840s.
  16. Child labour is needed in those nations, because they need it to survive. Once their industries are up too the standards that they dont need child labour. Then they wont use child labour.
  17. I dont freaking care about cheap labour. I dont care they make 5 cents or a dollar a day. Most 3rd world nations industries are still in the 1870s. Also cheap labour makes things here cheaper. I also dont mind cheap labour comming to America, but all I want too is them to come to the US legaly. Thats why I support the US national guard to guard the boarder and willing to stop any illegal crossing the boarder. I support building a wall on the boarder just like the Berlin Wall. My policy on China. My view is that China is allways a threat to America's national intrests. I Also believe in hard core Wilsonism with steroids. I believe we must promote democracies all over the world and defend democracies. Thats why we must defend Taiwan from China. Democracy and Capitalism must be defended! Another reason to defend Taiwan because what would make us look to Japan and South Korea if we hand over Taiwan to China?
  18. I know US Politics! God Im planning in my future to be a politician as a Republican.
  19. I live in Tianjing,the nearest big city of Beijing. Everyone,don't talk any question about Taiwan because this is Obsidian Forum,not government forum. Dear Volourn,HongKong Macao are back to China,why you want Taiwan freedom? We need talk in message. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What? Is the Ministry of Culture might try to shut down this site? Debates are fine as long we dont start a flame war. Taiwan allways belong to Nationalist China and not to the commies.
  20. I know some members here who might force crush me for turning in the game before the patch is out.
  21. Penny-Arcade is still my ult. favorite.
  22. I can accept that as good news! :D
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