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  1. So its just a joke then? Makes sense especially when taking the videos labeled "Gameplay" into account.
  2. Trailer needs more bodies being let to hit floors.
  3. Wonderful. Coming soon! another activity to disclose to your doctor which will get you prescribed medication.
  4. Mobygames link of most of my games. Complete and in the box, at least. I haven't been updating things quite so much as i did when i used to contribute to Mobygames in 2001. There is probably another 50 or so games that they still don't have listed which i have laying around. Gaming is my only real hobby. Well which can be discussed here anyway. My friends fathers Commodore/Apple/Atari game collection made quite an impact on me when i was younger. When i first could afford a computer of my own, i bought several games to make my own little "collection." They were Harvester, Starcraft, King's Quest V, Spycraft, Ultima VII Part 2, Gabriel Knight and System Shock (lol.. i think only two of those made it on the list.. the others are packed up with most of my early collection). Over time i slowly started adding games and after a couple months, it started to grow into this 30 game monstrosity. At that moment, i was at a crossroads: either stop the collection there, or go all out. I made a judgment call and now i have so many games they go from floor to ceiling in some spots. I seriously doubt any outside influence could make me get rid of them (been down that road before). However, i have given considerable thought of selling them due to demanding nature of caring for such a large collection of.. well, anything really.
  5. The child was probably targeted for sexual slavery. There are many instances of it happening everywhere all over the world. Here in Las Vegas it is particularly bad. Although here in the US it is mostly children from China/Russia/etc.. Its mostly kept hush-hush as most heinous crimes like these are. The world doesnt need a hero, it needs a Punisher. If i ever get totally down and out again, i at least know a good way to go out.
  6. If i were going to make any game.. i would develop one that incorporated learning real world skill into the game. That way, you could use the knowledge and experience you gained from the game and actually utilize it in real life. People dedicate hours upon hours taking in things that mean nothing.. useless things such as languages that have no bearing outside the game (ie Ultima). Personally, I would not be adverse to learning Sanskrit or Ojibwe if it were made fun and accessible. There are several games that do this well such as Chemicus and Physicus.. however, there is no mainstream rpg i am aware of that has accomplished this in any meaningful way yet. I dont think edutainment has to be a dull and frustrating ordeal.. Brain Age has proven that doing math drills against the clock can be fun and tie up people of all ages for hours (why it wasnt that fun in school i have no idea).
  7. Might have something to do with her being not only a Zerth but a cleric. Priests tend to talk about certain things more than followers.
  8. Thats what I thought too.. but you get to choose subrace after hitting the next screen. For races with subraces there are two steps. I kept clicking on "Details" or info or whatever going "What the taff!" I hear you on this. The tutorial was pretty fun. And some parts.. like the Knaves Challenge were funny.. I loled. Its been awhile since Ive played NWN1.. I literally stopped playing after the end of the second chapter and put it back in the box... so it is hard for me to remember exactly how the camera system worked back then. That being said, I had problems with the camera until I started playing mainly in "top-down" mode. That fixed a lot of my problems right there. When in dungeons however, I move to a more 1st person mode.. just cause of the ceilings.. lol There are many more checks than I was expecting. Good stuff. I spent the first 5 or so hours playing with a warlock. Great fun.. but I had to change back to a mage. Not enough skills as a warlock for my taste. The crafting system I havent really fooled around with. Im such a packrat though, I rarely sell anything until Im sure I wont need it (like non-magical weapons). I also am a horrible potion/scroll miser. I always save them for the tough fights.. but when I hit a tough fight.. I never use them!
  9. What's your system? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 2.8 P4 1 gig ram x800gto (if you got ati.. omega drivers, people) Im running @1280x720.. Medium on most settings.. Shadows will definately eff things up unless you got something >= 7900.. Shadows are also on medium.
  10. I stopped by EB/GS on the way home last night.. lucky for me, there was only one copy left. Taking my prize directly home, I installed the game and downloaded the patch. The updater did its thing for about 5 minutes or so.. I was expecting the download to take longer but cable is a wonderful thing. After much anticipation I began the game and fooled around with making a character before bed. 5 hours later.. I'm impressed. And this is not an instace where I was walking in with low expectations. I understand that the first NWN OC has its diehard fans.. they have my condolences.. but seriously, what I experienced last night is what I thought I was getting into with the first game.. a logical extension of sorts with the IE games. Some quick notes, postitive and negative: +/- This game is much more of a technical beast relative to the first game. What I mean is that the first game was not visually impressive at all when it was released whereas NWN2 is looking pretty sweet (note: Ive seen some screenshots that people have posted and its almost a totally different game visually from one rig to another.. on my system its looking pretty sweet). I believe I understand the reasoning Bioware had for including support for even GF2MX cards.. keep the game open to more potential users at launch. NWN did not age well at all. What has occured in the new game is the opposite. Hopefully, the game will stay more aesthetically pleasing for its lifetime. + The tutorial was nice and the writing was solid. I lol'ed a few times. .. I was going to say more here.. but dont wish to spoil anything for anybody. - Magic item rate is waaay high. Im more of the low-magic mindset but I figure its something to be mentioned. Whether this leads to ridiculous uberer-than-uber gear later remains to be seen. + Context menu is awesome. It took me about 5 minutes to get used to it and now I am hooked! The radial menu was alright but this to me is just much more user friendly.
  11. The Fatal Frame series has been released on PS2 and Xbox. There are three games, and although they aren't direct sequels per se, they do have elements that carry from one to the next. The first and second games were released on PS2, then re-released on Xbox with graphical upgrades and various other tweaks. Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented has so far only been released on PS2. BTW, the series is known as Project Zero in Europe. Fatal Frame 1 Trailer Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented Trailer
  12. True. Although it is hard to find a modern game that is incompatible with multi-threading entirely. HT has been out for what? 4-5 years now? Setting up older games to run on one cpu only pisses me off.. at least in System Shock 2 (the only game where ive come across incompatibility). Start up game.. get to menu.. Alt-Tab out.. set Affinity... grrr.
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