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  1. Well Im getting KOTOR: II. I will probaly get Gothic III, The Bard
  2. Happy Winter-een-mas! (w00t) Everything you need to know about the gamer holiday. :D http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/index.php...atic&bd=weminfo I got the Pepsi ready for the long nights of NWN, Morrowind, and Hearts of Iron.
  3. A Degree is needed for any job. A degree shows employers that you will work hard for success. Also it gives the employer proof that you have the knowlege to do the work. Im taking a Buisness Management Degree at a Community College. Then when I have the money, I'll go to a upper school and try to get a Marketing Degree.
  4. Information for Gothic III: Gothic III Developer: Piranha Bytes Platform: PC Setting: Fantasy Links: Press Releace: http://press.jowood.com/html/News/news_det...NEWS&bereich=61
  5. Damn you Europeans! You all get a three day week-end.
  6. I really like to have a job in Management or Marketing.
  7. Agree the controls were odd, but you can revert to the orginal controls. Of course! You playing the nameless hero. Well I was immersion into the story mainy the action adventure part i like. Its a AA with RPG elements. You have to think of the big picture. This is a story between the battle of the Gods. The nameless hero is a pawn. Gothic III is suppose to have a bigger story.
  8. Thats in your opinion. The Gothic series is one the best RPGs. Not as close as KOTOR, Morrowind, and NWN.
  9. Every hard to find the first Gothic game, but you can still buy Gothic II. Im pissed that Gothic II's expansion, Night of the Raven, wont be comming to the USA any time soon.
  10. I voted no because I dont care if there is violence in video games. Its the job of the parents to decied if a game is too violent.
  11. For RPGS, KOTOR II for the PC and Gothic III. I just love the gothic series.
  12. Come on! Its only 41g of Suger.
  13. I listen too Country, Pop (Damn co-workers), and some Rock. Mainly my favoriet thing I listen too is not Music, but right wing talk radio. :D
  14. Pepsi is your only Soda! Also Pepsi has better products too. Like Mountian Dew.
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