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  1. Also in the future, you may want to check out www.gamebanshee.com, they have a very nice walkthrough if you can find yourself willing to sink to that level... :ph34r:
  2. Again, the problem with conventionally traveling at even just the speed of light (say, rocket thrusters, gravity slingshots and even distant gravity sources), what type of energy could move faster than the fastest form of energy known in this universe? One could argue that communcation by string theory is faster, because it is, as far as we know, instantaneous. But that delves back into quantam mechanics, and once more alters the shape of the universe that we imagine it to be.
  3. Well, here's the optimistic, anything's possible view from a basic physics standpoint: Conventional travel through space at a speed faster than light is impossible; it is a fundamental idea of Relativity, which, for the most part, has turned out to be very true. Very simply nothing can travel faster than pure energy in a vacuum; to even match its speed, matter needs to be converted to energy (a stream of photons, in this instance). HOWEVER, there is increasing evidence from quantam mechanics that space-time (yes, it is a real term that describes the fact that an object can occupy the
  4. I wouldn't say it's a matter of conscience to me -- it's a game! -- but I don't particularly like playing DS. Just like when I read a novel, I tend to like a novel with a sympathetic protagonist more than a novel with an unsympathetic one. As a general rule, not an absolute one. Since the game is for fun, and I prefer playing LS (mostly), that's what I do. When I do DS stuff, it tends to be minor DS stuff (stealing, verbally encouraging HK47, etc.). But even then, it's more fun for me, as a roleplayer, to try to be consistent (e.g. the only cold-blooded killing my character does is blo
  5. I've never had Force, and for KotOR II I fully agree with you on Force Breech, but the other four powers I do find have their uses, mainly on the harder difficulties when every edge you can get is necessary. 1. Force Body is useful mainly on hard difficulty when you have a Guardian-type character fighting an enemy that has a high enough dexterity to make your life miserable, but have low Wisdom. Force Body allows a Guardian to use the same impunity a Consular would use with offensive force powers. What's more, the highest tier of Force Body allows you to reduce the cost of high force power
  6. I like the Mandalorian Assault Armor, especially with the helmet. It just has that look of both terrifying style and function. Not to mention it's got amazing armor. Just don't use it if you have blasters...
  7. The main platform for those of pro-love for the Jedi appears to be that its passion that leads to the Dark Side, not love. That is an irrefutable point, and I concede on that. BUT, look at the analogy of a stove. Stoves are great: they heat our food, and with a skilled cook can be used to create an infinte number of possibilites of dishes. However, I don't think there is a person on the planet how has used a stove for really cooking, not just boiling a couple of hot dogs because mother wasn't around, that has not been burned at least once. There will always be accidents, sooner or later, and y
  8. Well, I'm going to assume you meant you liked how the game ended, not the genocide you inflict as you mop up your enemies... Personally I thought it was rather fitting, regardless of whether there will be a third game or not. Unlike most RPGs, this one is not about fighting a prominent war, where there will be a glorious ending. KOTOR II was more of a secret war within the Sith than an obvious galactic war as was seen in KOTOR I. Instead of creating the boiling froth of war between the Jedi and the Sith, KOTOR II reveals how it spilled over and affected everything else. Then, as one progr
  9. Well, the most problems people run into is the fact they forget the difference between a component and a fixture. When you build a lightsaber from scratch you need the fixtures to hold the components in place. Once you have the shell of a lightsaber, then you can start putting components in, such as upgraded lens, emmitters and energy cells.
  10. I was being intentional and yes I did read what you wrote and it doesn't make up for the lack of character development in the game. yes I have completed every character's story, completed 11 games so far so don't question me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There are enough threads for you to complain in about what you did not like about the game, do not ruin one of the few that actually praise it. So go be a toad elsewhere. I liked the intrigue it inserts into the whole story about the Mandalorian War and the Jedi Civil War. In KOTORI it was very black ahd white, but now it's a
  11. I agree with the multi-front war. I doubt Revan would have had his fleet gathered in one place, as it would have been too inefficient with the usage of time against the Mandalorians. Revan would have had to split up the fleet into divisions, just as all military branches are, and each division would be sent on a specific task. Divisions may cooperate, but they are essentially their own units. The Exile obviously was in charge of a division fighting on the ground, as the Exile carries the title of General, not Admiral, implying the Exile does not command ships. The account Bao Dur gives ma
  12. You're thinking of Information Retrieval, the MOI just stores and disseminates it. Now go off and fill out form ZX-81 40-A(that one about disseminating false information and all that), and a ZX-81 41(the one that authorizes the MOI to accept you cheque for information storage), may want to file a good ol' MCP-V5-7R0N just to be sure. Terminal User#7K421-2Q4B -------------------------------------- Central Services "We do the work, You do the pleasure" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And don't forget your receipt. You sign here, here and here. This is your receipt, and this is our
  13. There's an influence guide somewhere in the forum if you look hard enough, should give you some specific examples. In general, though, pick manipulative options and outcomes that end with HK getting to kill something.
  14. I've played the game a few times through, and never once have I ever head Atton's real name. So I, along with many others it seems, believe we'll never know his real name. Actually, when you think about it, we don't learn too many of the NPC's real names. 'Atton Rand' is obviously a pseudonym. Your crew consists of 'The Mandalore', 'The Disciple', 'The Handmaiden'... and not very often are those with names ever refered to with their real names. 'The Miraluka/Blind Seer', 'The Iridonian/Zabrak', 'The Old Hag'... even your character isn't refered to by name, you're just called 'The Exile'.
  15. I'm no Star Wars expert, but here's my stab at trying to explain some of the confusion that people seem to be having. Jedi are of light alignment, and Sith are of the dark alignment. Both are force wielders. So the statements are if you are a Jedi you are a force wielder, and if you are a Sith you are a force wielder. The positive and contrapositive is true, but the inverse and the converse are not. Thus a force wielder is not necessarily a Jedi or a Sith. This is what seems to be called a 'gray' or a 'neutral'. So I guess the question is are there force wielders that are neither Jedi nor
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