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  1. Yeah retraining did the trick, thank you. Somehow I thought this would be a baseline ability, my bad!
  2. Spell Shaping Available for Wizard, Druid, Priest, and Chanter classes; this passive ability allows spell casters to adjust the radius of certain AoE spells to increase the power level or area that the spell can reach Help?! How do I access this in my savegame or do I need to start a new game?
  3. Got the same problem, neither quests nor enemies show any difficulty skulls. Level scaling critical path only, only scale upwards is on, Veteran difficulty, no expert mode.
  4. I just checked in the beta, checked again, made a second char and checked him as well. The speed bonus from swift strikes & frenzy DOES stack (at least in the backer beta). Edit: I'm an idiot it was probably the dex buff.
  5. @master guardian: You already seem to have made up your mind which is a bit sad :/ In your original post you said you are open to multiclass a rogue, which considering everything you should really give a try.
  6. @the interrupt thing: Some abilities in the game have the added bonus of interrupting. Most of them only interrupt on crit while I believe most (all?) rogue abilities interrupt on hit. In short if your rogue stands in front of a caster that caster doesn't get to do a whole lot of casting. @Rogues in general: Their true strength lies in multiclassing imho. The fact that you can reach deathblows while being multiclassed gives every martial + rogue class a huge boost at the max level. I think people are sleeping a bit on persistent distraction. Combined with the guardian stance (so f
  7. Got a question for you guys. Been thinking about the chars I want in my party and was deciding if I want a multi or single class druid. When test lvling them in the backer beta I noticed that multiclass chars get less ability points per level than single class. Single and multiclass get 2 points every new powerlevel. So lvl 3/5/7/9 for single and lvl 4/7/(10) for multiclasses. I never payed attention to it and its probably super obvious for you guys but what is the intention behind this? Multiclasses are stretched thin as it is shouldn't they get more points resulting in more diverse but u
  8. In the high level gameplay video from a couple of days ago they hovered over a Plvl 6 invocation (iirc) that energizes the chanter. +5mig +2pen and interrupts on every crit which should work pretty nicely with a fast hitting crit skald.
  9. From the list going around in the forums I thought Aloth, Eder, Maia Rua, Pallegina, Serafen, Tekehu, Xoti, Fassina, Konstanten, Rekke & Ydwin were companions. But this topic starts with "There you have it, a 250k stretch goal for 4 portraits and 4 custom characters." Hence my question. Btw whats with the condescending tone?
  10. Wait who actually are the companions, who are the sidekicks and what makes sidekicks different from tavern build custom party members?
  11. Game question: Are they planing to give us access to the abilities overview screen at all times (the one you see when you level up). It would be really nice to plan out a build or quickly check what you are gonna get next level.
  12. I think we should wait for the next backer beta to get a feel for the system. What we can play right now is not finished or representative of the final ship combat.
  13. The good stuff: Exploration is fun and lets you have a little bit of "create your own adventure". The little text events are an excellent way to bring some roleplay encounters into a pc game. Multiclasses offer so much variety, very good for the replayability of the game! Crafting! specifically poisons and drugs. I feel those two always fall short in most rpgs. The idea of managing your own ship as a home base. Judging from the backer beta you guys put A LOT of different skills/backgrounds checks into dialog options. If a conversation only has one option it can feel very disappointing when
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