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  1. I'm down there at level 6 and (without spoiling) there is quite a difficult big creature somewhere... I really do not want to hurt my rep with the Principi by fighting through the Undercroft and most part of my team sucks at sneaking: any easy way to do so?
  2. Did you mean "frenzy" or do you really suggest to skip all rage skills and only use the barbarian's passives?
  3. Hi guys/gals, Has anyone tried or theorycrafted a barbarian/monk combo? I could not find any post on this multiclass build. I was planning on going Barbarian/Corpse-eater (for sustainability) + Monk/Shattered-pillar (to get wounds from hits). On the paper it seems to synergize quite well with the barbarian high hit-rate + AOEs and the wounds gained from hits by the Monk/Shattered-pillar but maybe I am missing something... If you feel like it's bad, could you advise a better balanced (non glass-canon) melee build, with high burst damage, AOEs ans some croud-control? Any advice abou
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