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  1. *sigh* Threads like this one are great examples of why I don't participate much in online forums anymore, and yet it has drawn me into its vortex of despair. I have a very hard time with taking seriously the opinions of people who actively enjoy participating in a forum community in which, as an example, it's considered fine to refer to the game Blackguards as "Nigguards"; or to describe people's RPG preferences as "explorationfags" or "combatfags". From what I can tell, RPGCodex is the 4chan of the RPG genre, and caring about their opinions, valid or not, is a waste of time. The
  2. It's a great game, but if I have to hear Eder tell me he's slowly dying of poison a few more times, I might be tempted to uninstall.
  3. Personally, I prefer role playing games to roll playing games. I felt that DA:O gave me more flexibility in how I chose to play my role, and was not a big fan of DA2 in that regard. However, I'm also slightly disappointed in the "role" playing aspect of PoE as well; it feels like a lot more effort went into the mechanics, and not as much into the story / role playing aspect. My character's background feels mostly irrelevant, and my choices haven't felt particularly powerful thus far.
  4. If Obsidian caves to the grammar Nazis and changes the content of a game I already paid for, I will never buy another product from them. Freedom of speech trumps grammatical censorship! [/sarcasm]
  5. But... but... I've seen all these forum posts about high deflection fighters being so OP that nobody will use other tank or off-tank classes, so this can't possibly be true - someone on the internet disagreed!
  6. Getting to the last act of Kotor 2 really blew my mind in this respect, and made me rethink the logic of kill xp in cRPGs (when Vrook explains why you've been becoming stronger as you fight across the galaxy, and explains that this isn't normal for a Jedi). I was thrilled to learn that Obsidian continued this line of thought in PoE and removed kill xp altogether.
  7. I'm not trying to offend anyone here, but is this honestly going to harm anyone's enjoyment of the game, even if there is a continuity error? That is just plain sad. More sad than I can ever comprehend.
  8. I'm honestly not going to go out of my way to get this game anymore. The release and shipping appears to be poorly coordinated by the distributor, and I'm certainly not going to reward that by running out and giving them a portion of the $50 cost of the game. I'll buy it when I have the chance, and hopefully enjoy it then. Too bad, because I was all gung-ho to buy this damn thing today. They'll have to wait an extra week or so for my hard-earned $$.
  9. I don't have a lot of respect for most of the game review sites, although they're better than the magazines, which make lots of money on those full-age ads.
  10. That's the feeling I'm getting from the game stores. The people at Gamestop didn't know and didn't care when the game was going to be released. People kept coming in asking for it and each time the guy would go to his computer! It was hilarious! How could the guy forget something he had read only a few minutes ago? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Heh, they had the date up on their board at the Gamestop here. I asked the guy if the date was correct, and he started digging around in the computer for it. I pointed at the board and his comment was "that thing is never right". I hate peop
  11. Now, I'm no fanboy, and I'm always willing to hear criticism of a game, even one I am looking forward to. But let's wait until we play the game, which nobody appears to have done yet, before we start nitpicking the devs to death over continuity.
  12. Did anyone find that this review contained less information on the game than many of the previews posted by IGN and elsewhere? It's almost as if the reviewer read all the other previews, and then re-wrote them and gave his opinion on some of them. Gamespot usually has pretty poor reviews anyway. Unfortunately I don't trust IGN any more than I do Gamespot, since they whore themselves out for advertising and exclusives. Good thing I liked KotOR I so much that KotOR II is pretty much a given, as long as I can find a copy.
  13. Not sure, but it certainly seems like the game isn't really getting the attention it deserves, considering it is the sequel to the 2003 game of the year. Most of the places I spoke with didn't know or care what the release date was. Nobody offered to reserve a copy or allow me to do a pre-order. I remember when I purchased Fable (talk about a waste of $50 - that game is SHORT, and the story is dreadfully cliched), they were pushing Halo 2 pre-orders pretty heavily. There were no Kotor II pre-order incentives that I am aware of, at least not at the EB Games that I usually go to.
  14. I called six different stores in my area (2 EB Games, Electronics Boutique, Gamestop, Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us). Out of those six stores, I received 4 different release dates from the brain-trusts answering the phone. I heard everything from "Tomorrow around 11:00 am" (EB Games) to "December 8th" (Gamestop, Wal-Mart) to "that game won't be released for another two weeks" (Toys-R-Us). For fans, this sort of haphazard distribution system sucks. Since I'm headed out of town to visit in-laws next weekend, I'm going to hold off on purchasing TSL until I get back, since I won't have enough pla
  15. True, but the answer to this question could be a spoiler. My apologies if this doesn't belong here.
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