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  1. The only way to check your influence over any given character is to check their alignment meter. The closer they are to your alignment, the more influence you have over them. If you're evil, their alignment might even be more evil than yours if you have a high enough influence. The same is true for good. You can make DS character LS, or LS characters DS. To do this, you have to gain a great deal of influence over, say, Handmaiden or Mandalore by doing things they would approve of. In Handmaiden's case, usually acts of generosity or kindness. In Mandalore's case, eliminating the weak or supporting General Vaklu. Once you have done those things (which may be counter to your PC's alignment causing you to sacrifice a few DS/LS points) and gotten a good deal of Influence over the character, they drift to your alignment. So in that way, you can make 'good' characters such as Disciple or Handmaiden 'fall', and 'bad' characters such as Mandalore and HK can be 'redeemed'.
  2. The fighting twice with Kreia is a glitch, I believe. You can use it to get double the LS points though, if you so desire. The vision of you next to Revan is intentional, I think. Symbolic of what is later to come in the game, you might say. Although the entire vision cave is symbolic of what is to come later in the game as well.
  3. You have to beat him 3 times. Or 4. That's the magic number to make things happen in Pazaak games with Pazaak players (getting special cards, etc). You have to beat Geredi at Pazaak 3 or 4 times and then he'll say he won't play with you anymore. The journal will be updated saying that you've defeated one of the major personalities in the den. Then you have to defeat Dahnis (a female Twi'lek). If you're male, you don't actually have to play her. If you're female and have Atton along, you don't have to play her either. If you don't have Atton, you just have to play and defeat her the old fashioned way. The last player you have to somehow defeat/remove is the droid. You can Repair her or use your Computer Skill on her if you have enough points. I've never played her more than once so I'm not sure if she will also stop playing after 3 rounds. Regardless, after you've done all these things the Champ shows up. You have to beat him twice, and then play him a third time. The third time, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose as he'll still give you the same prize.
  4. That is definitely one of the most humourous strategies I've ever heard of for dealing with the Star Forge. And I thought I was bad at combat. :D However, you could try going to the menus and changing the Gameplay setting to Easy. I do that when I have a kitten-weak Consular who can't win one-on-one sparring matches. Heh.
  5. I did: Consular/Jedi Master Sentinel/Jedi Watchman Consular/Sith Lord Both Jedi Master and Sith Lord were Force Death Machines. The Sith Lord was a little more balanced in terms of having higher strength and combat abilities (more DS specific items bumped up Strength, rather than Wisdom). But on the other hand, Sith Lord got Force Crush, which destroyed everything in its path. Both were quite fun. As the Sentinel/Watchman, I really played up the stealthy assassin aspect. Using Stealth, Sneak Attack, and Force Confusion was entertaining. I imagine the same experience could be had with a Sith Assassin. Regardless, the final stages of the game will be very easy no matter what Prestige class you pick. It's all a matter of which style you enjoy playing the most: Hack and Slash with a lightsaber, Stealth and Sneak Attack, or rip everyone apart with Force Powers.
  6. I had a similar problem with my most recent game. The chassis was on Nar Shadaa. I think the appearance of the parts might be random, but they appear either on the HK-50 remains or in droid shops. I wonder if they're tied to specific planets and events...
  7. I've played the games 3 times and have convinced all the characters that can become Jedi, to become Jedi in at least one of the games. In my experience, it is not possible to make them Jedi without having a certain level (high) of influence over them.
  8. That is unfortunate. I've personally gotten a lot more framerate drops and random freezes than story glitches. I've also heard rumours along similar lines. I played LSF twice with max influence on Atton & Disciple and have not personally encountered those scenes. Maybe fourth time as DSF will be the charm...
  9. There are 12. The one you missed was Hanharr. Disciple joins you if you're female, Handmaiden if you're male. Mira joins you if you're LS or Neutral when you're playing Nar Shadaa, while Hanharr joins you if you're DS.
  10. LSF R -> Carth is an Admiral of the Republic & you get multiple cutscenes with him throughout the game (this is true of all variants where Carth is alive) --Carth also has a special cutscene in which he asks whether you (the Exile) know of Revan's whereabouts --only one minor Bastila appearance on Korriban (cave) LSM R -> Carth is an Admiral of the Republic --Bastila on Korriban (cave) --Carth asks you whether you (the Exile) know of Revan's whereabouts, and Bastila appears later in the cutscene If you have enough influence with T3, you can also get a special recorded message of Bastila or Carth near the end of the game, after you've finished all the planets. You do not need to repair him all the way for this to happen as far as I know, but I believe you do need an Intelligence stat of at least 14. DSF R -> Carth is NOT an Admiral of the Republic (it is assumed he is dead after the DSF romance ending). Instead, you get some random 'Admiral Cede' who has all the same lines with none of the same panache. Puh. There is a bug in that you see a holorecording of Carth when you encounter the Disciple. --Bastila on Korriban (cave) & on Korriban (holocron) DSM R -> Carth is dead? --Bastila on Korriban (cave) & on Korriban (holocron) Those are the main changes I've noted in my games. I haven't played a DSM R game yet, so I might have missed something in that.
  11. -Precognition (Peragus) -Force Sight (learn it from Visas Marr) -Breath Control (Nar Shadaa) -Beast Control (Dxun) -Inspire Followers (LS/Jedi Master) -Force Enlightenment (LS/Jedi Watchmen) -Crush Opposition (DS/Sith Lord) -Force Crush (DS/Sith Lord) You learn Force Crush the second time you visit Dantooine and go to the Enclave. I'm uncertain if all Sith Prestige classes gain this power or if it's only the Sith Lord. Same with Inspire Followers & Force Enlightenment.
  12. I've played through 3 combinations. They mostly affect the cameos that appear in the game. Some of the dialogue is altered slightly based on Revan's alignment/gender, but nothing that really impacts gameplay in a significant way. I could go into further detail about the cameos if someone asks.
  13. The romances in KOTOR 2 are only shadows of what they were in KOTOR; echos, if you will. It's mostly hints, innuendo, and more of your NPCs talking about you than to you. Atton will hit on you several times towards the beginning, but that stops later on in the game. You build up influence with him so you can ask him about touchy subjects (mainly, his past). Talking about the touchy subjects will lead to his wanting to become a Jedi and that's about it. First, to gain influence: -agree with his plans (Peragus on the Harbinger) -On Telos in the Irrigation Center/Secret Jedi Academy you can talk to the Handmaidens. Ask any one of them about your friends/allies and she'll mention that the male one--Atton--could have potentially given them some trouble if he wanted to, due to his knowledge of Echani training. Later, you can ask him about it. Do not call him a liar and do not Force Persuade him. Say that you didn't mean any harm and that you think his skills could be an asset to the group. -On Nar Shadaa in the Refugee Center in the Serocco territory - there'll be an airspeeder. If you get at least one part to fix it, you'll come up with the option to say "I'll let the expert handle this". Atton will reply, "Expert. I like the sound of that" and you'll gain influence. -there are instances in the game where it's a clear LS/DS choice situation. You can engage in benevolent behavior (give a man some credits) or take the psychotic DS route (kill a person for looking at you twice). Atton is extremely easy in that he has no particular LS or DS inclination; so you can go about your merry way leaving either a path strewn with butterflies and rose petals or carnage and destruction in your wake. If you do a benevolent act, you'll gain influence. If you kill a random schmuck, he'll be shaken, but as long as you reassure him you'll gain influence anyway. I could go into this in greater detail if anyone asks. His past (spoilers): He has a not too squeaky-clean past that has made him who he is. The only way to find out about it is to hit a certain trigger spot in the Refugee Center of Nar Shadaa. Two twi'leks labeled only as "Twi'lek"'s will approach the party. If Atton is in the party, they will say something to the effect of "He (Atton) has returned. Will he recognize us? No, he's never seen us before. But the one he travels with deserves to know." If he's not in the party, "He (Atton) has returned. Does the one he travels with know about him? No, of course not." If you have done numerous good deeds around the Refugee Center and Nar Shadaa, they will say, "You've done much good for the Refugee Sector, so we'll tell you about your companion." If you haven't done anything (or have done DS things), they will say they know some information about Atton and charge you a small fee. After you have talked to the twi'leks, you can ask Atton about them. This is the first conversation. If you have enough influence, you can ask him immediately after more about his past, which is the second conversation. After that, again, if you have enough influence, you can start the third and final conversation. Depending on how you respond to what he tells you, you can make him a Dark Jedi or a LS Jedi. Once you've shown him the force and made him a Jedi, that concludes the dialogue about his past. NPC Interactions on the Ebon Hawk: -Bao-Dur and Atton discuss Atton's odds of hooking up with "the General" -Disciple and Atton argue over your PC -Disciple and your PC are meditating together. Atton is watching them, and Mira says, "Meditation envy?" Other: -if you talk to Mira and are more than 75% LS, she'll comment on your 'glow'. She'll compare it to being hooked up to a power coupling and then ask if you and Atton have ever hooked up a power coupling, wink wink. If you have more Influence with Disciple, she'll ask if you and Disciple hooked up a power coupling. -if you pursue the line of dialogue with Kreia regarding hearing the thoughts of your companions, you'll hear Atton's--which consist of him playing a game of Pazaak. You can go ask him about it. This is probably one of the sweeter lines of dialogue in the romance with him when he says at the end, "So if you're ever in battle with a Jedi--light or dark--that's trying to get into your head, they won't be able to touch you. Because you'll be far away with me, playing Pazaak" (paraphrase) -when you fight the final battle you'll have a chance to ask about the fate of your companions. You can ask, "Did Atton love me?" You can also ask about Disciple, who "will always love you in a pure, idealized way". I've played both Male and Female. The conversation you had with Disciple (as a female) is the same one that you have with Visas if you're male. You get a little more closure with the Visas romance, however. I'd guess that since Visas is said to be a viable romance option for Female PCs, that if you don't have enough/any influence with Disciple (and some with Visas), you'll get the speech with Visas instead of Disciple. That's probably easier with a DS Female character. I am mildly curious about whether Atton will step up to fill that conversation if you don't have enough influence with Visas OR Disciple. That is speculation on my part, however. Hope I helped. I can also post what I know about Disciple, though his romance is even skimpier than Atton's.
  14. You can get some decent cards from a Twi'lek woman in the Pazaak Den. But you really don't need a good side deck to win at Pazaak.
  15. Does anybody know exactly what triggers these 'mini-cutscenes'? I tend not to return to my ship all that often, even less now because it's not an instant heal like in the first KOTOR. I've noticed that when you gain a new character, you'll usually have a cutscene the first time you step onto the ship after it. I've also had several cutscenes, one after another. I'm not sure if the top was 2 or 3 unrelated cutscenes. I'm just wondering if it's entirely random with the exception of gaining new characters. Or if it's dependent on your levels, or the levels of your various characters, or related to plot progress, or influence, or something completely different.
  16. For the Mira instance, it was either Onderon, Dxun, or Nar Shadaraa. I wish I could remember more specifically which one it was, but my feeling was that the bounty hunters were triggered similarly to the first KOTOR--certain people will appear based on how many Star Maps you've collected, rather than being tied to the planet. I don't know if that's the way in works in K2, but that's the assumption I made. Heh. Re: Visas in the medical bay, you gain influence with Visas.
  17. I think the alignment requirement makes sense. After all, you are ascending to a new level of committment to one order or the other; there has to be a fairly reasonable chance that you won't just flip flop every which way after becoming a Sith Assassin or Jedi Master--although obviously, this is possible in the Star Wars universe. Yes. As can Mira and Atton. You have to have enough influence and talk to them enough in order to convince them to fulfill that potential, though.
  18. I've found Atton to be pretty easy to gain influence with. Throughout the story there will be many points in which Atton suggest some sort of plan or gives you advice. If you accept it and express confidence in his suggestions, you'll gain a lot of influence. He doesn't comment too much on acts or charity or goodness that you committ, though. Also, there's one conversation you can have with Kreia regarding trusting your allies and committing yourself to them. She warns you that you create weaknesses for yourself by becoming so close and if you pick a dialogue option to the effect of: I would die for my companions, etc, you lose influence with Kreia and gain influence with Atton. I've only done this with Atton in the party along with Kreia, so I'm not sure if it happens with other party members or if he's not there. Kreia is not a fan of the morality of a Jedi. If you don't agree with the cynical, pessimistic lessons she imparts on you, you lose quite a bit of influence (it adds up with the lessons). She also criticizes acts of charity or mercy. T3 is also like Atton in that at various plot points, T3 will communicate some information to you or express guilt over something he did/did not do. As long as you're gracious and reassuring in all your interactions with T3, you'll gain influence. Example: T3 shares with you an urgent message from Kelborn. You thank him and tell him you'll head to Dxun immediately, and you've gained influence. One specific instance in which you can gain influence with Mira is when you run into a group of bounty hunters (I believe the Zhug). If you have her in your party and say something to the effect of, 'You'd better watch out because Mira's a real bounty hunter, unlike you scum'. Mira replies that flattery will get you nowhere, but after the conversation ends you'll see the influence gained sign pop up. Oh, and regarding Visas: after you first beat her, she'll be in the medical bay. You and Atton will have a conversation regarding your reactions to her actions, and if you select that you didn't want to hurt her, etc, you'll gain influence. A substantial amount, I believe.
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