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  1. I have heard that the problems most people are having is do because they have an older model xbox..(thompson drive). Which i think is the problem because i have a brand new xbox and i haven't had any freezes up or any other problems with the game.. =/
  2. I keep hearing from people saying that the slowdowns are bad. I haven't had any at all (i've played all through the game).. =/ I just bought a brand new xbox though i have no idea if that is the reason or not.
  3. hrmm, I am always hearing people saying that the frame rate is low.. I don't understand why they get low frame rate.. I played through the game once so far and playing it a 2nd time now. I don't get a low frame rate.. I just bought a new xbox, though i don't know if that would make any diff or not...
  4. yes they look much better than in KOTOR. on a side note anyone know how fast the xbox is? is it 128bit?
  5. no problems so far.. Though i know some people that are having problems with the game going to a black screen at certain points and never returning, even when they start the game all over it still ends up happening..
  6. I didn't get force scream on my PC, even if i did i would die before i get 4 shots out.. =( I have to run away and use force lighting on them.. If 2+ jedi sith get close to me then i get killed in like 5 secs because of thier lightsabers.. Does the skill lightsaber defense help defend vs other lightsabers also??
  7. I am on Malachor V and inside the Trayus proving grounds and stuff.. I am having a hard time getting through all the sith.. Was this part hard for you guys or is my char just messed up... i am lvl 25 guardian DS.. I might of screwed my char up i don't know. I rushed through the game pretty fast.. Reason i ask this is because i keep hearing how easy the game is which it wasn't hard at all up untill this point then it suddenly got very hard... =/
  8. I have had no problems with The Sith Lords on the xbox.. I have beaten once so far and i haven't encountered any bugs or anything that i have seen, so far.. It is a good game, though i do think they could of done a little bit more to make it a very good game.
  9. well hmm. i guess it is too late in the game for me then? she is already out of my party. =(
  10. I play DS/male jedi guardian, i just learned it auto after i killed all the jedi and went back to the jedi enclave, i believe.
  11. When in the game are you suppose to get prestige classes? I think i might of missed it somehow. I am at the end of the game almost (lvl22 is my character) and i have seen no sign of them yet help plz.
  12. I did confront him but i didn't kill him.. I am on the Mandalorian moon now.
  13. I meant to kill Vrook(spelling?) on Dantooine, Can i go back and kill him after i have finished that planet?? I went back and looked for him but i couldn't find him.
  14. I need help getting out of the Sith Academy. I have already been to the new recruit computer and it opened the library but I can't repair the computer in the library.. So what should i do now?
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