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  1. That's really insulting; do you actually mean it? If i want to try out a fire vs. ice damage build in a class, does that I mean I can't think? Ranged vs. melee? I thought that we were bringing back more of an emphasis on world-building, less of an emphasis on graphics, more challenging encounters and interesting dialog. I didn't support PoE because I wanted to worship every single game design mistake that caused the old-school games to become unpopular in the first place.
  2. I've been playing computer games since Wizardry 1, so don't put me in the (sneering) "casual modern gamer" box. A lot of people seem to confuse rigid adherence to every detail of older games with some sort of gaming purity. I value a good storyline, interesting character development, interesting encounters that I find challenging and that make me think. I don't need to waste my time juggling things on inventory screens, and I do like to try out multiple ways to play characters without relying on internet "how-to" guides from others. And I also don't have hundreds of hours to game. Somethi
  3. That's a problem with infinite free respec, not one with having it at all.
  4. Wait for the reviews. They'll go deeper than visual impressions and should give you a better feel for the game. I also find the average fan review scores on steam and Metacritic to be a good gauge of launch stability.
  5. Some people just like to try on different choices for fun. If I do multiple playthroughs I would try different classes, not the same class with a different approach. This is not a short game. I'm also sure that they'd have an opt out for people who want it. Resources are a legit reservation, but this can be a high impact option, and it would probably be quite popular.
  6. I don't like the vibe that I'm getting from some players on this thread: that they want to punish other players for mistakes that they make and that they want to impose their game play preference on others. Letting people keep class, race, gender and change focus within their class does no harm to my game and some people really like doing it.
  7. I don't like respect on the fly. But the points above are solid: these are long games, and the purist approach will just lead to cookie cutter internet builds. And, given the lore, I can certainly see ways that a one shot respect could fit in logically.
  8. I'm happy to have backed it, and as someone who started computer games with Wizardry 1 I really like the sound of these changes. I don't need to cast Cure Light Wounds a zillion tomes after battles, or do a battery of prebuffs. Tedious and repetitive tasks were the worst part of the old IE games. Here's hoping that they keep the actual core elements without a fixation on nostalgia forms.
  9. In games like BG you had infinite storage. It was just tedious and clunky. Similarly, your character is always better off if they loot everything; so mechanics like individual corpse looting are really just a demand to make optimal game play dull and repetitive. The unlimited stash is the equivalent of dumping your junk in containers, and area loot simply speeds up a mechanical task. These are the sort of thing that make it not fun to replay old games, and mindless clicking is not skill. More to the point, coding resources are finite, and I'd rather see bug fixes than nostalgia t
  10. I refused to buy DA:I because the early reviews made it clear that it was a pure console port. And the idea of MMO like quests also didn't appeal. I really liked DA;O. The fights were tactically interesting, the story was reasonable by Bioware standards, and character development was solid. DA2: my God, but I hated that game. Recycled environments, insultingly easy (or easy but tedious on 'hard') combat, and repulsive factions (Nazis vs demons. Can't they both lose?). Add in that your choices didn't matter, and even interesting concepts like the Quinari couldn't save.). For the record, a
  11. If you want a pure nostalgia trip, including all design mistakes involved, BG still exists. Excuses aside, this comes across as a demand to mimic every aspect, no matter how trivial or misconceived, in a new game. Optimal game play should not require tedious mechanical tasks, and lots of mouse clicks do not make a task immersive or challenging.
  12. There is a development cost associated with toggles, and this looks to be a poor use of them. I understand objections to autoloot. But I really am paying attention to the people complaining about this, because it tells me that they're all about aping mechanics of older games unthinkingly. And this was a terrible, tedioustedious affair in BG that really put me off the game. Good riddance to a bad idea in my book.
  13. It's definitely true that you have to have a good story. My point was that computer RPGs have such a narrow set of plots because the constraints of the game format itself (start with a random player character) don't tend to allow a rich associated plot.
  14. I think that there is a basic angle that has been missed in this discussion: if you want a game with a boygirl humanelfdwarforcother protagonist you are forced to a very limited set of plot devices. If you want your protagonist to have context - actual relationships that predate the game period - you don't get to mix and match gender / species / background in arbitrary ways. What made Torment special was that you were able to figure out, as the story progressed, that you actually *had* connections to the other characters and history. Similarly, they at least made an attempt in Dragon Age
  15. It's almost as if there are many years between the games. For heavens sake: some games don't grab me, and I don't feel the need to go on and on in a fan forum dedicated to related games about how inferior those games are.
  16. Making the companion boost your stats would add some nice flavor and customization. If you actually want a pet class you typically design the abilities around it: for example, high efficiency heals for the pet only, or taunts that focus enemies on the pet, or so on.
  17. Not every story works well for everyone. I really liked the storyline in Wasteland 2 - there were decisions with real consequences, and you started out as a crew of lawmen struggling in a corner of Arizona, not a set of demi-gods to be. But others might not. However, this isn't a reason to change things up.
  18. To be honest, I think that people here are putting Baldurs Gate up on a very unrealistic pedastal. Quest overload is a huge problem. Once you accumulate a long list of quests, for example, they just all blur together and lose all urgency. People end up just running around and doing the most efficient things (e.g. if you're here, do A B C; if there, D E F; it's a lot faster if you do Z first...) If you put the game down for a week and come back you can't reconstruct what the heck you were doing. I find it much more important to have quests that make internal sense - so that you do urgent o
  19. I've been following this game for awhile - first post. I really don't understand the relentless criticism of games like Wasteland 2. I have a pretty long background in these sorts of games - back to Wizardry 1, actually. I never finished Wasteland 1 because I got to the final battle and found out that I'd run out of bullets. Not on my team - in the game world. Wasteland 2 does a lot of things right. It has a definite feel to it, the skills almost all turn out to be useful, and there are a lot of ways to approach problems. (e.g. you can pick a lock on a door, bash it down, or blow i
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