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  1. I spoke to both the stone faces and had both tiles activated, but only one lights up now when I step on it. This quest seems pretty buggy
  2. The inventory system is definitely in need of a rework. For conveniences sake, the party pool would help a lot.
  3. If nothing else, I'd like to change the skin/horn colour
  4. Yup, seeing that there, and also for 10% of the items I pick up
  5. Not sure if that helps but I couldn't figure out how to use unlock either. Then I selected the rogue and clicked on a locked chest and she opened it. I think as far as that goes, if your stats are high enough, you simply open it when you attempt to open it. No other actions required.
  6. Okay, maybe that's a bug itself then. Because I have all these things in my inventory, and I see the scenarios that they can be used in...but never an option to utilize the items
  7. Honestly don't know if bumps are allowed, but this is really bothering me. Anyone have a solution?
  8. I fought no boars, but when I lied to Medreth and she took a hike, about 4-5 boars stayed behind, so I guess I know what that was all about now haha.
  9. I'm in a bit of a different situation in that I have lockpicks, but don't know how to use them on locked things? Do I equip the lockpicks to an inventory slot? I tried putting it in the usage slot, but it says 'filter error' or something. Same thing for grappling hook. How do I use these items?
  10. Even a forum post would be nice. I'm waiting for 10 pacific time though before I start getting antsy
  11. I am, actually. The design actually appeals to me, as well as the bonuses
  12. I think the general consensus has been that it's going by pacific time
  13. Human for my first playthrough. I tend to play as human for any game, though I'm not sure why.
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