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  1. Did not know that when I made my choice of Good Old Games that I was be disregarded as a second rate investor and have to wait longer on a patch then my steam breatheren. Very dissapointing and would of been nice if told it would be this way beforehand.
  2. With game breaking bugs you kinda have to put the team on overtime. Other games in the past with bugs breaking the game have had hotfixes in the range from a few hours to a day. Not many games other then MMO's do this. Single player off line games and even some with online components often do not get patchs, even for game breaking things, for a week or 2.
  3. I kickstarted because I beleave in the company and the concept of the game sounds amazing and exactly what I want. But Im extreamly bad at beta's and really wouldnt give a damn to much other then playing through once and then forgetting about it. I gave my beta backer key to a friend who also Kickstarted this game but for not as much money, who also would be much more involved and care about actually testing the stuff in the beta. email said this wouldnt be attached to the final game so hope its alright. Thought id post just to say it and see if its ok.
  4. Very dissapointed to see a gun on the charcter portrait, did not relize this would be gun powder fantasy. Hoping that was just a sample and not going forward in game. Ive also never heard this archtype called a 'leader' generally the leader is whatever character your playing. Usually consider 'cloth' preists healers/support, 'plate/chain' preists sub-damage/healer
  5. Kinda funny. I backed as i think most of us did. And I hardly come to the forums. Second time. Personally. I paid for there experience, knowlege, and ability to craft a tale/world. It dissapoints me a bit how much input could be affected by the community for this game. Everyones, 'I wants' might not be the best for it. I'll have to trust the team can weed it out. That said, at least they are listening which is more then can be said for others. 'shrug' Its an experiment for all involved As for a private backers forum. I don't think there is much need. Just because a person can
  6. Aloof, 'smarter' then you jackass. Just haning around because your mildly amusing. And they needs a frompy shirt. frills and lace. oh yes!
  7. Yes. This is what im really hoping to see. My favourite thing to do in these games is see how far I can make it with just the power of word. How well developed or far along do they actuallly let me talk my way through. Arcanum let me WIN the game though words alone. While boring for some I love it. I always make characters full of skills low on killing power (thats what my companions are for). This is really what im hoping to see in this game if possible. The other. Talkative companions. Companions that care about me and each other. Ill never forget in Baldurs gate having Eld
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