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  1. I can't wait for the next video to come so we can get more info on what's going on.
  2. That's a good point, at the moment there is no Private backer's forum so we just have to see how it work's out.
  3. that basically confirmed it I'll be able to confirm my purchase when the website releases.
  4. I am just wondering because I pledged as a "slacker backer" before registering to anything. And the only thing I registered to was the forum's, and am just wondering if you need to register to anything else, and that if you need to associate your pledge to an account such as the forum account, or if that is unnecessary. And if unnecessary how do you get your backer badge, seeing that you won't need to link a pledge to an account to have a backer badge, because at the moment I don't know where the backer badge would be shown in the forum's, or something else which I don't know of because I only know of the forum's that are registrable. but anyway I am not really concerned about the badge more I am concerned about how I would receive the final product when it's released, do they just send you an email with the serial key when its released or do they send you an email which you must reply with your confirmation number and reference. confirming that you pledged.
  5. Hello just curious if anyone would know where I could find the "private backer forums" as i have pre-purchased the "slacker backer" pledge pack, also how would I attach my Backer badge to this account?
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