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  1. I'd like to see even more sub races, especially for godlikes. Even completely new races if possible.
  2. Yes, If we put all 4 godlike types under one umbrella it could be argued that they have even more variety than other races as all 4 types look so drastically different. Still, I would love to see a few more options, or the ability to alter colour, flames that are white or red for fire godlike for example. Again, I don't think that this is absolutely essential, as the current options all look great to me. I have a feeling that the godlike will prove to be one of the more popular races, and that more options for customisation would be appreciated by a lot of players.
  3. Yes, I was hoping we would be able to choose non human godlike and was very pleased to see that included. I just think customisation of a characters head is very important in an RPG, and I wish the number of head options for godlike were a little closer to the variation for the other races. This is not absoutely essential, my favourite game of all time, Baldur's gate 2, had none of this customisation beyond options for different colours.
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but since godlike cannot select hair, facial hair or skin tone options, I think there should be a greater variety of head options for them. Other races can have hundreds of variations by selecting different options, and yet each type of godlike has only 3 possible looks for each gender as far as I can see.
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