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  1. Enjoy the game, we'll join you within 2 months.
  2. Sweeeeet! Dude! Sweeeeet! Dude! Sweeeeet! Dude, where's my Kotor2??? Your good, I mean your gooood, real good. You, you, your good. Yeah you, you got a gift! (Analyze my lines :D) Nice find (w00t)
  3. Whiiiiiilllis! Isn't that from the 70's? I do remember Yaddle from the movies, I think they showed her in episode 2, maybe 1, don't remember. It was very brief, kinda to show that Yoda wasn't the only Jedi of his species. We know that anyways because of Vandar.
  4. The most powerful Sith/Dark Jedi are in my opinion Exar Kun and Marka Ragnos. Most of the ancient Darkside Masters were of similar ability, just that one was a bit stronger than the other. Plus it is also depended on the artifacts that they used.
  5. I was just thinking about the Chronicles and the SW history. It is known that Ulic Qel Droma was severed from the force many years ago. Could it be possible that this is our PC? Kinda just popped into my head this morning. The question is open for debate.
  6. Congrads on goldness, hope everyone enjoys it on the XBox cause we PC users have a long wait ahead of us. Btw, anyone read the story of how "The Hades ruined Kotor2"? Reminds me of the grinch a bit.
  7. Perhaps the other two Sith Lords are Credo and ALEEMA.
  8. Actually she was quite strong. Just because she's not an Exar Kun/Malak/Revan/Vader/Yoda/etc doesn't mean that she's not strong in the Force. From a RPing perspective she was strong, second in command of the academy. From a technical view she was lacking stats/powers that should have made her stand out more. There are certain things tha one has to consider, like game play mechanics. If Bendak Starkiller was any stronger on Taris then killing him would be next to impossible, but compared to other opponents later in the game he seems like a joke.
  9. I'd love Coruscant but I doubt that it is one of the planets.
  10. I'd think that they would play an important role. But it may lie within ancient ruins persay, because they lost touch with the Force long ago. The Unknown world could possibly a place to visit, but you have to remember that the Rakata are very limited technologically, and secondly if the Sith are reconquering the galaxy, the Unknown world is the perfect place to control and investigate.
  11. What I meant was that Jedi powers are not offensive by nature. Jedi may only act in self defense and kill in defense, he may attack, but only when provoked or defending a cause.
  12. Jedi powers are non-aggressive, anything that does damage is. So that is against the Jedi philosophy. The Universal powers are a mix of Lightside and Darkside, but true Lightside powers cannot cause harm, they only heal or augment. If you want to cause damage, go Darkside or Neutral, but as it is in the SW Universe the Lightside cannot cause damage, to anything. Edit: Lightside cannot cause direct damage, purposeful with malicious intent.
  13. I don't know, but I t hink that it may be Hoth because there are about 5 planets listed on the K2 website, so this could be one of the 7. But I would figure that if it was Hoth, they'd implement the snow a bit better, it seems as if its just leveled white ground, with snow falling. I'd a figured that it may look a bit like the sand dunes on Tatooine.
  14. Counsler/Something, probably Counsler/Sith Lord if its very Force focus oriented.
  15. I doubt that the Sith are truly dead. Eventually someone will find a tomb or temple and learn about the Ancient Sith, that person will most likely be a fallen Jedi who will take the Mantle of Dark Lord, that is the way.
  16. The man will only be happy if he can play non Jedi, end of story. Well no, thats not the end. He won't be happy, EVER! There's always a flaw that he will find that doesn't suit his tastes.
  17. All that only means that he has the mindset of an educated, 55 year old mule. Stubborn and smelly! How can the Star Wars universe be without Jedi? OMG! That is ridiculous, you want SW without Jedi. Thats like Forgotten Realms without Dragons, Liches, and Elminsters/Drizzts. The man complains about Jedi in SW... wow, dude take a hint and play another game. SW will always have Jedi.
  18. You just have to find faults don't you? Can't you leave a little inconsistency for the sake of gameplay. With you its either too many lightsabers or not enough. On another note, we are still playing Jedi... :D!
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