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  1. I quite like the relatively restrained look of lots of the unique items in Deadfire and Pillars 1. They look practical rather than the bizarre over-sized weapons/armour you often get in other games. I like the game's relatively realistic aesthetic. That said, the odd aura/glow might help satisfy both camps here.
  2. I'm personally not a fan of +1AR/+1 Penetration for enemies on Veteran, as it changes the symmetry of mechanics that applied to me in Veteran: both enemies and the player are playing by the same rules. Indeed, this is generally a point Obsidian have made in both Pillars 1 and Pillars 2, noting that it is only PotD that alters opposing stats. That said, I'm glad it is an easy switch with mods for those that it appeals to even if I take the opposite side and counsel against this change being the default on Veteran.
  3. Isn't this a fairly major change that should be optional? I always enjoyed the Veteran difficulty in PoE 1 and 2 for having standard mechanics but more difficult encounters.
  4. Sent a saved game to the bugs address (as file too large for upload) with this issue.
  5. Sent a saved game to the bugs address (as saved file too large) with this issue. Sometimes need to click a new NPCs and wait 30 seconds or so, then loud noise plays every time option menu is selected (whether via escape or click the options button).
  6. I have the same bug - the main character has +5 Spell Resistance buff from the Lantern, the others have +10 Spell Resistance Lantern buff.
  7. It's the Altar on the same island you need to go to on the 16th for the Sanguine Blade, not the cave.
  8. Cheers, look forward to hunting those down. The Sanguine Greatsword is NE of Crookspur, in the NW sector of the map but much further south than Nemnok's Island.
  9. The Sanguine Greatsword is available from an altar on an Island in the NW of the map. You need to visit the altar on the 16th of a month and wait until the sword appears during the ritual. Any hints on how to find the Blackened plate and its helm are much appreciated!
  10. Good question! Whispers of the Endless Paths looks like it does lower damage, but can do a lot more as it rolls two attacks against its original target - the normal attack plus an AOE (the latter of which can hit other enemies too). A quick field test should demonstrate both the "double hit" on the original target and the AOE. Hope this helps.
  11. One way of addressing this might be to slightly accelerate the pace at which multi-class characters get access to abilities of a given power level, but to still cap them at power level 7 access? This would let them use more of their ability choices on interesting mid level abilities while keeping the highest level abilities for single class characters.
  12. Sympathetic to shifting some of the passives around a little, particularly to make multi-class choices more interesting (as these characters spend longer at lower power levels) as long as it doesn't make multi class characters too strong.
  13. Adding my voice to the others here. I was playing on Veteran and the fight was still very difficult indeed - I had to cheese it by drawing the Titan away. Multiple Greater blights using scirocco makes for a fight that goes from "under control" to "everyone taking damage and essentially stun locked, unable to respond" in alarmingly rapid fashion. Both that ability and the number of greater blights might be an issue. Ability is generally manageable, but only because other packs only include one greater blight at a time. Might also be an issue later in the game if there are packs with
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