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  1. Do they realise it's already 23.44 in Thailand where i live? Given the fact they're Americans, probably not.
  2. No offense, but some of you are frighteningly un-funny. And people still push like!
  3. I don't have any interest at all in computer game music. When are you going to tell me about the bloody Aumaua? Annoying.
  4. It means they had a larger budget to spend making the game better. Are they really expected to account for whether it was the last half a million or the first half a million went towards adding some extra spells or improving the Trolls? Does it matter? Ps I hope they do improve the Trolls. Divinity Original Sin had quite a cool looking Troll i thought. I like the Games Workshop Trolls best of all. Project Eternity Troll looks like a spindly Zombie if i'm honest, i wasn't pleased with him. I've always had a soft spot for Trolls, and there is no way one of these ones could throw a Gobl
  5. 1. Nude mod 2. Romance mod 3. Healing potion mod 4. Rest anywhere 5. Inventory anywhere Ive got my fingers crossed that one of the people that ponied up for Beta access is also a modder. Maybe a rest anywhere fix can be made before the game is released to the public. I'm trying to work out if you are being serious or joking?? A rest anywhere mod would immediately devalue any sense of challenge or achievement. I'd have zero interest in this game if you could rest anywhere anytime. I wouldn't even bother to download it for free if that was the case. I presume you are being
  6. Good old bag of holding - probably the most useful magical item of them all. Although flying carpets are pretty good i suppose.
  7. I am desperately hoping for the option to be able to override the companions' portraits should i choose to. I am very fussy with portraits; it is a snapshot of who the character is, so for me it's arguably the single most important thing of all. The in-game portraits might be just what i want to see, but if i don't happen to like a given npc's picture, i am unable to include them in my party. Absolutely invaluable, obvious feature to include for a (presumably) small cost as far as i'm concerned.
  8. Every time i've read an interview/preview whatever, the questioner seems to be harping on about how/why will this game be any different, same old quests etc., as if everybody is bored sick of games like this and Obsidian are forced to defend themselves. It's bloody annoying me. I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't like this stuff, but they won't buy it. I'm blissfully happy for this game to be very similar in nature. I haven't encountered hardly any games of this kind over the years; just crap first person shooters and rts nonsense everywhere. I'm sure Obsidian will make as ma
  9. I quite agree with you! I've always loved the stereotypical warhammer dwarf with his big beard. Those dwarves in the update look like they're wearing fake stuck on beards to be honest.
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