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  1. Yep, I'm a backer for this one. We are ahead of schedule in terms of dollar amounts compared to KS2 (which was wildly successful) but down in terms of backers at this point. This means the average person is spending more (the average is currently around $560.00 per person) so we are spreading the word for new backers. When it's all said and done we should be at $2,000,000 but hopefully much higher. There are a lot of new packs, add-ons, and stretch goals coming. Great for dioramas, wargaming, DnD, kids, etc.. So, if you have disposable income for game terrain that you might never use
  2. Thank you, cap'n. Don't you by happenstance have an advice of how to preserve sanity talking with those "some people"? Oh I always have advice. #1 - Never give advice, nobody takes it anyways. and to completely ignore my own advice #2 - Understand that diversity is what makes people interesting (and frustrating). If you were the same as me then I wouldn't want to talk to you as I would already know everything you know. However, since we are different I can learn from you. Now learning can be what *to* do as well as what *not to* do. #3 - Probably & most importantly: It'
  3. Anyone looking to add a good deal of detailed scenery to their dungeons please check out this awesome Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1207385459/twisting-catacombs-miniature-dungeon-scenery 3 days left!!
  4. That's uncalled for. The poll is biased (I admitted as much), but I don't think I was antagonizing anyone. Fair enough...Meant nothing personally against yourself...just the poll...the troll poll heh I hereby take it back and officially apologize while restating it as "biased poll".
  5. Don't really care either way...could be neat for those who enjoy that sort of thing so long as it doesn't hold major XP weight... but I mainly voted yes because of the troll poll.
  6. Pretty vague stuff...this spiritual successor business: Giant Bomb: Spiritual Successor. When a developer creates a game that could be perceived as a new installment in an existing franchise that they've worked on before, but doesn't share the same name due to licensing issues or other reasons, it's called a spiritual successor. Wikipedia: A spiritual successor,[1][2] sometimes called a spiritual sequel, is a successor to a work of fiction which does not build upon the storyline established by a previous work as do most traditional prequels or sequels, yet features many of the same e
  7. I think thats the real reason why people want combat xp, its not about combat xp itself. Combat was the easiest and effortless way to progress in BG because combat in general in those games was rather easy. Being such a touchy subject I will give my personal opinion and thoughts and not try to speak for anyone else: I agree with your 1st sentence entirely: "I think thats the real reason why people want combat xp, its not about combat xp itself." To me: Combat XP is just another avenue used to traverse through the game world. A lot of people love their quests. I do not like
  8. From what I understand: Quest exp helps balance the game for the designers but now may make some players adjust their playing style. It seems a lot of people won't be negatively affected by this change but those who like their quests as potentially optional tasks perceive that they could be negatively affected. To be honest, I personally dislike quests that are mandatory. They're a chore. Most are very boring. Pillars of Eternity seems to rely on quests and storylines and by fusing these two together seems to have the potential to be very interesting. I hope so because it seems li
  9. Look, if you haven't played the beta, you have no business speaking to it's successes or flaws and any academic discussion belongs in the general forum. That AND drunkposting just makes you look like a fool. It's easy to get tired of the same squad of ~8 guys wailing like a broken record about how the game and it's creators suck, are monsters, with nothing productive to add. Maybe you would prefer "if you can't say anything (productive), don't say anything at all" better? Regardless, you listed graphical gimmicks as top of your list for features you would look for in a BG successor, an
  10. He? Two things that were NOT in any of the Infinity Engines games, as requirement for a spiritual successor? I can understand people who cling to every single little detail that was part of those games being disappointed. It is undeniable that some things were lost in transition, a few of them major. But asking for things that were never even considered in those games as features? I never said "requirement" but I did list a few points that, to me, would be considered in their "spiritual successor" to a 14+ year old game. Obsidian can incorporate sweeping changes into their "spirit
  11. Here is some friendly advice. If you haven't even played it, either take it to the non beta general discussion forum or shut up. Also maybe don't post while drinking because you just look like a moron. :snip: Or in simple terms.... where I grew up we have a saying. If you don't have something good to say, don't say anything. Need to live your advice before you start giving it...cheers kherman
  12. Okay, entirely understood. If you do want a full game for Divinity: Original Sin let me know. I may have not explained it correctly in my previous post. The collectors edition gives you 2 keys. It might provide some ideas that we can harness in providing Obsidian some valueable feedback! PM if interested.
  13. So you're not happy with PoE? I recall some of your posts were in the positive for this game, especially the game design. Why the turn around? Thank-you Hiro-San, It's nice when someone tries to understand you no matter how contentious the point. Simply, I just am not having fun with Pillars of Eternity right now. I purchased Divinity: Original Sin after my beta dissapointment (I purchased the collector's edition and my brother in-law is here-in-banned from playing anymore video games from my sister. Hiro-san you want the 2nd key PM and let me know it's yours.) Hopefully I
  14. divinity original sin Baldurs gate Type that in to google.com for results on those who compare it to Baldur's Gate. Your argument is not only with me, but with gaming websites and a gaming (Steam) community. From the clunky animations to the convulated fight scenes to the pathetic visual "personlization" and "someone killed a bunch of people so apprehend" storylines... it's obvious that Pillars of Eternity is as much of a "spiritual successor" to baldur's gate 2 as baldur's gate 1 was (as of right now). 4 months out from Dec. 31-14 people have not been overwhelmingly asking for i
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