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  1. This is an observed and documented behaviour that People Will Do That. They will actually feel bad about doing it but they will also feel bad about knowing a way to do something that is better and not doing it. You can sit there and shout "just don't do it" all you want but that doesn't change anything on a population numbers level. Human nature is human nature and you can't argue people out of it. If as a developer you know about degenerate game mechanics and you know about this behavioural trait that people have what are you going to do. Change it. Changing it is the only reasonable option.
  2. It is sometimes tempting to look at statements like that and go say something "but its so simple, why don't you get it" or to react to changes being made with "you can't dumb things down for the idiots". But its important to look at reality. If you have representative and accurate feedback and that feedback tells you part of a game was experienced as too complicated or unfun then you have only one choice. You will need to make changes. Perhaps you need to teach it better, or make the interface clearer, etc. But you cannot sit there and go "well they're all idiots for not getting it" it doesn't matter if that is true or not, it doesn't matter if you over or underestimated average intelligence. Whats matters is what reality is telling you. And if reality is telling you that it was indeed to complicated then you have to deal with it. Well perhaps not. You can steadfastly hold on to your notions. To this day there are people who insist that THAC0 was in fact perfectly reasonable, intuitive and did not need to be changed. That bonuses that needed to be subtracted from a number and bonuses that needed to be added can both be expressed with a plus are fine. That having time units in a real time game be expressed in Rounds, Turns and Hours was not an issue. Those people are generally considered to be wrong, and outside of Siege of Dragonspear as last hurrah nobody makes games with those rules anymore. And while DnD 5e was in many ways a rejection of the "modern" design of 4e nobody was clamoring to bring THAC0 back.
  3. Sure for bossfights and the like where you could normally dump a whole spellbook if it lasted long enough you have less spells to cast. But overall you have all your spells available every fight so you can actually cast many more. And by less its only about 3/4's of the amount you could cast in PoE1 if you use an empower for resources. The class I'm "dropping" in Deadfire is probably going to be Chanter.
  4. Before the release of the whole game some people expressed concerns that Pillars of Eternity would not be serious and grim enough. And then Gilded Vale the first town you go to in the game had a Hanging Tree full of corpses. I wouldn't be concerned if I was you.
  5. I have issues with basically everything you sort of haphazardly vomited out in your post. And many reasons why in a fantasy world none of this even has to matter. However nobody enjoys the sphaggetti post from hell that throws out 50 arguments. So I'm going to just zero in on a critical point you seem to have ignored. Real humans don't follow your argument for why the colour scheme of the Deadfire is wrong. Actual living humans have lived and continue to live basically everywhere that will sustain human life. Swamps, deserts, polars regions where half the year its mostly just dark, land where its overcast all the time and rains a lot, etc, etc, etc. You're not going to find credible research on the migration patterns of ancient humans based on grass greenness and if the water is the right shade of blue. You're right, lack of sunlight can cause depression. But people still live in the north of Finland, Sweden and Norway regardless. Now if you had come with the the simple point that you don't like the colour pallete, sure. I can understand that, perfectly valid feeback that. However the idea that clearly nobody would ever live here because the colours and wrong and therefor Obsidian just has to change it because this Ted Video on the Evolutionary Psychology of Art Appreciation said so. No. Just no.
  6. It's clear you care about making Deadfire more accessible for modders and that has already born fruit in the beta. One thing that is almost always one of the most difficult if not impossible things to change in games is the interface, how difficult/viable would you say it is to mod interface screens or the HUD in Deadfire?
  7. Please elaborate... On your "full first game?", I don't believe it's that high. Even for this forum. This poll has attracted a little over 110 voters and is only going to be seen by people who go out of their way to post or at least view a forum for a game that has not been released yet and has a relatively small beta. Additionally only those who care about what difficulty level they will play it at are going to vote. That last part is more important than you might think, only people who actively care about difficulty are going to vote for this and potd players are probably much more likely express their intent that than the general population. In short the sample size is tiny and its biased towards the players who prefer the higher difficulty modes.
  8. It forces the mouse cursor to remain inside of the game window. PoE lets you scroll the map by hitting the edge of the game window. But if the game window is either not full screen, or you have a second monitor it'll just move the mouse outside of the game. Caged Cursor prevents that.
  9. I'm sure that with this well thought counter argument. The Image with rioters with pitchforks and general tone you will convince a lot of people that you have something meaningfull to add to this instad of "I DON'T LIKE IT". Good job. RPG Codex: doesn't scale to your level. Instead just shouts angrily about things it doesn't like. The idea that there is a cost to movement is not exactly bad. In fact its a good idea. And when it comes to engament attacks ( which i'm sure are going to come up) every class has ways to help them disengage. I'm just going to go out and say slowed recovery during movement is a good idea. Moving untill your recovery is over, shooting and then moving again should come with a downside.
  10. Description: Sometimes, selecting a spell to cast it will scroll the screen towards the place where the spell is in the ui. This bug seems to start occuring only after some time has past playing. Once it start it will occur frequently. Steps to Reproduce: I've not been able to reproduce this without just playing the game for a significant period of time and then having it occur. Expected Behaviour: Selecting a spell should not move the camera.
  11. Medreths party seemed much easier on Path of the Damned this time. New menu sounds are very nice indeed. Performance seems better. Going to go sleep now, then more tomorrow.
  12. Description: When scouting mode is on there is a glowing green outline around it on the Centre UI Panel. When this panel is hidden the outline is not hidden and peeks through the portraits. You can see this happening in the first image below, the green outline is peeking t hrough the BB Rogue portrait. Steps to reproduce 1. Activate Scouting Mode 2. click the diamond on the left of the centre panel to hide it 3. Observe the Scouting mode outline peeking through the third portrait from the left. Expected Behaviour: The glowing outline should not be visible when the centre ui panel is hidding.
  13. Description: When using the Mouse Cursor Cage option sometimes the cageing effect will disable causing the cursor to be able to leave the game window. So far I've been unable to figure out exactly what causes this. It suspect its tied to menus, specificly containers. But I am in no way sure about that. Disabeling the option and then Leaving the options menu, followed by re-enabeling the option fixes the problem. Steps to reproduce: So far i've not been able to reproduce this bug. Expected Behaviour: When the Cage Cursor option is enabled the mouse cursor should not be able to leave the game window.
  14. I have had this happen too. I'm playing in fullscreen but like Flow I have no clue how to reproduce it.
  15. So I've been giving Path of the Damned a try again. Good news, its not totally playable. Except for that damn ogre with his pack of 5 bears, two of which are elder bears. Let me tell you about Elder Bears, those things are practically bossfights on their own. Going to have to figure out something for that fight, i can disengage and try luring stuff out one by one but honestly if I pull an elder bear its a good chance i wipe, if its an elder bear plus anything else its definitely just over.
  16. I have no clue how i caused this, nor how to reproduce it. But I had a bear model take off and just sort of fly away flopping about like the physics system had just broken. Interestingly it did so while the game was otherwise paused. Have a look.
  17. Add another to the list of people that have seen this happen.
  18. I can tell you that on PotD it feels like trying to stop a landslide with a twig. By the time i've killed a wood beetle the party is dead.
  19. In Winfriths shop there is a lamp, on his desk, a white texture fades in an out of existance over it, I assume its a missing smoke animation. In addition when zoomed in all the way the shop still shakes.
  20. You might be able to pull of quests without combat but that might end up a very conflicted personality and involve just letting the badguys do what they want.
  21. Right, I know this is already becoming an absolutely massive unwieldy thing but let me just add some sort of conclusion to it. If you do not care about what skills you get you can just pick whatever, this likely leads to a balance between Athletics and whatever your class skill is. That is actually a fortunate side effect of the overabundance of Athletics options. But at least this won't lead to characters with skill spreads that just don't allow them to do anything meaningful at all in dialogue or skill challenges. If you want to actually pick a skill you have two straight up good options. Specialize in your class skill, this will probably work out fine. Specialize in Athletics, this will definitely work for you. And three options you can make work, but have to accept that its basically got no flexibility in approach or enhancing your class itself. Specialize in Survival, this is a decent option and will make you or your party more survivable in the long term through healing and consumables. Specialize in Lore, can be made to work for some characters, feels very awkward on others. The vast majority of Lore talents are split with another skill and highly situational or class bound. Specialize in Mechanics, but accept that you'll just have to be about Traps. Cannot specialize in stealth if you do not get it from your class without taking the +4 straight stealth without other benefits, the skillspreads on the talents simply do not allow it. What do I think about all that ? Well its not as bad as I thought it would be. But its not great either. Having the good options be a specific skill designated to your class or athletics is not going to lead to a great variety of skill layouts. You can make other things work but that doesn't mesh with every class or leads to just being pigeonholed into accepting the only playstyle this gives you. Ideally everything would be as flexible as athletics is now but it would be preferable to just try something completely different that actually encourages choices. This system does not encourage choices it encourages planning ahead and sticking to a course even more than the previous way. If this system is going to be the way forward at the very least the balance of which skills are assigned to talents and in what ratios has to be redone to de-emphasize athletics and give other skills more room. Right. Bring on the comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms.
  22. The muscle wizard. Its been brought up by the the developers often enough now. Muscle wizard is going to have a lot of Athletics with his Might stat. It only makes sense. The background of choice for our wizard will be Mercenary for 1 Athletics and 1 Lore, In addition the wizard starts with 2 Lore 1 Mechanics. I'm not listing the Athletics Talents. There is a a massive amount of atheletics talents. Its likely over half of them. And a good section of those are +2 athletics talents. If you have been paying attention above I actually managed only one character in there that did NOT have any points in it. Its hard to avoid getting at least some Athletics. Here is an Athletics Wizard build, it is not the only one I can imagine. This one is all about causing interupt with all your spells and making your wand attacks more accurate for added interupt when spells are not neccesary. Athletics Wizard: Background - Mercenary: 1 Athletics , 1 Lore Talents: Interrupting Blows: 2 Athletics Weapon Focus Adventurer: 2 Athletics Athletics 5 Lore 3 Mechanics 1 So yes, you can make a wizard build that enhances your core gameplay options, with athletics. You can make a build that enhances your core gameplay options with athletics for every single class. How about another wizard build ? Maybe more caster focused ? How about all one who really likes fire ? Lets start by taking the scholar background for 2 lore. Its the wizard thing to do. Pyromancer Wizard: Background - Scholar: 2 Lore Talents: Scion of Flame: 1 Lore, 1 Survival Lesser Invulnerability Spell Heuristsics: 2 Lore Lore 7 Mechanics 1 Survival 1 Turns out with blaster focus now either gone or not available yet at level 4 I couldn't really specialize that much in throwing big fireballs. Instead I took a talent that lets me cast defensive spells faster. Since Lore is the caster skill and Wizards also have Lore as their skill in talents, the combination of investing in spells on a wizard leads to large amounts of lore. Much like in priests.
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