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  1. There's a problem with shortcut keys. You can't select any abilities on the right of Empower with keyboard ("next ability" key). I'm sure it worked before I got Empower (I don't have any savegames with lvl 1). Then it stopped.
  2. The color scheme is something you see all the time, thus it can have an influence on the way you feel. Subconsciously affecting your mood. In brighter environment, similar to California, people just feel better. Just look at a recent article from Scientific American. It's about trees in urban areas but the principle is the same. rapidly accumulating evidence that urban trees help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, decrease stress and elevate mental engagement and attentiveness as well as improve a sense of safety, comfort and overall happiness, along with other social and physiological benefits. Trees. It seems like nothing. But it actually works and impacts people's feelings. When it comes to video games, they can have varied environment. Not only bright or only dark. But having a setting like a tropical archipelago and not utilize its aesthetic potential is a wasted chance in my opinion.
  3. It's like ordinary science. You make hypotheses and then do studies that can confirm (or rather falsify) them. This guy in the video based his statements on statistical studies of people's preferences and then provided evolutionary explanations. Theory of evolution states that organisms become best adapted for utilizing resources of their environment. If you know where a species evolved you may easily find out what they need and like the most and then do appropriate studies. I'm not really sure if there are mathematical models specifically created for aesthetics. There are mostly tons of studies about sexual preferences, like female shapes, faces and so on. But you can find some studies in Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.pl/scholar?hl=pl&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=aesthetics+evolution&btnG= I'm not an expert on the subject and certainly have no idea about art. I've been only interested in theory of evolution for quite a while now. Maybe people like to spend holiday in places similar to California because it's hot and women are scarcely dressed? That's certainly true :D I've never said anything about it. But I did say that evolution is all about statistics. Most people prefer similar (to some extent) things. Like most men prefer women. And it won't change.
  4. I'm quite sure I've already answered most of you arguments in my other, so I won't repeat myself. Sure, people live in Finland (although suicide rate is extremely high). But do they think it looks nicer than California? Where do people prefer to go for holiday? And so on. You can always find some screenshots that look similar but have different color schemes and make polls (just not here because it's always better to exclude any fanboys). Oh, and I wouldn't bother to express my personal opinions - in this case - if I didn't think most others might feel the same.
  5. A lot of the things I am referring to are widely regarded as great works of art, so I'm dubious that I am in some sort of minority here. That also applies to art. Watch the video in the first post. And there is always a possibility to make some professional studies. Look here - although it's just a simple poll, very far from perfect but it corresponds with hypothesis: https://www.rpgwatch.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37566 (it's 94% now). It's very interesting that Blood and Wine was very praised for it's graphics but it seems it was about Greece-like environment, not bad color scheme. It just could be even better. Mostly I propose brighter color scheme. So it seems like there was more sunlight. Actually, Obsidian devs need only to look outside the window. I have no way to compare but it seems to me D:OS was more popular on YT before release. Good and pleasant colors might also be a factor there. At least it's possible. Of course Deadfire graphics stands out for itself. It doesn't need to be that dark just for the sake of being original.
  6. Evolution is all about statistics. Most people prefer quite similar things (to certain degree of similarity). But preferences may vary, some percentage of population like something different than most. It's natural. And humans' preferences are shaped by environmental factors (although this ability also comes from evolution). Not only inherited preferences. Current trends or fashion and childhood experiences are a major factor here. But some things don't change. People won't start to prefer uneatable food like grass or sand over more natural food. And prefer cloudy skies - in the long run - over blue skies. It would make them feel tired sooner. Low light levels may look cool for some time but not for long. Green color of well watered plants will look better than dying plants and so on. And RPGs are games you play for many hours.
  7. Deadfire color scheme. I think there's some problem here, because... it doesn't correspond with theory of evolution. And what exactly do I mean by that? Human perception of beauty was determined by evolution. Essentially people prefer things that are good and healthy for them - in the specific environment they evolved in. And humans evolved in Africa tens of thousands years ago. Back then it looked more like contemporary Greece. Or California. The colors, green plants, water, sky, some sand and much sunlight. In comparison, Deadfire lighting is definitely darker. The same goes for UI. And sunlight is very important for humans. Lack of sunlight can even cause depression, like it's the case with autumn depression. Thus it's obvious evolution made humans prefer brighter environment. It draws people. It's just more pleasant to look at and be there. Of course it would be impossible to change all the graphics now but some adjustments to the lighting and overall color scheme are probably still a viable option. Like adjustments in the beginning of the game. It may be a good idea, because the beginning is the part that is the most often shown on Twitch and YT. --- And here's a short talk about evolution of perception of beauty on Ted Talks.
  8. I know what it is. It's a fake depth of field (not real DOF). And nothing changes the fact that you can't look there and see the view clearly. Even if you wanted to. Desperately. It could always be optional.
  9. The views far down are all blurred. It doesn't look bad only when you move. But when you stop and, especially, try to look there (as many would, because people like cool views), then it can feel somewhat disappointing. Also, in some places the graphics look a little too cartoonish. Like the roof and windows of the mage's mansion at 2:50 in the video. I can't be absolutely sure but I don't think the majority of older players would prefer that. Although I understand it may be too late to change the graphics now. Not that it's game breaking. But it may still be possible to avoid that in the future.
  10. Would you make the font brighter? It's bad for eyes. Also, there are people who don't like LCDs - and still use CRT monitors )
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