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  1. Or just a great way to troll people before you go out.
  2. Charging stations are pretty widespread now. Plus you really only need an outlet to get some juice.
  3. I haven't done it, but it is supposed to be about 5 minutes. It is supposed to be similar to filling a propane tank, but I think they've improved the pump design somewhat. Still gets cold apparently, so hopefully it doesn't freeze over. Ask as many questions as you'd like. Trying to answer them is helping me understand the car.
  4. I paid $44k ($59k - $15k manufactures rebate.) I had $7k in trade in value, so ended up financing $37k. The financing is at a 0% interest rate for 6 years though, so that was a huge factor for me. There is an $8k tax credit for federal and $4.5k California tax credit, so that helps a ton too. With the $15k gas card, that brings the cost down quite a bit. If I do some mental gymnastics, I can convince myself I got a pretty killer deal on it. In reality I'll save some money on gas and maintenance, but still have about a $500 payment on the vehicle every month. Which doesn't seem too b
  5. That's a bit complicated. The tank holds 5.6 kg. The average price seems to be $16.51 per kg at the limited stations available today. A full tank is supposed to get you about 400 miles, so it could be pretty pricey. But hydrogen prices are supposed to drop way down as the infrastructure expands, so hopefully that is a temporary concern. The cheeky answer is it costs me nothing. Toyota gives you a $15k hydrogen card with purchase, so they are basically covering the first 3 years of fuel costs. They also covered the first 3 years of maintenance. I have to take it in every 6 months so they c
  6. The future has arrived. This thing is super fun to drive. It also pees h2o.
  7. Heh, lot to unpack there, but you aren't going to find many churches siding with you on that one: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-32960507
  8. That looks pretty good. Developer seems to have a good track record, so I look forward to seeing it on release. Edit: Oh, I was grinding through Phoenix Point, but finally gave up and started cheating to get to the end. I do enjoy that the game takes the Long War approach to the campaign, but eventually the missions start to get stale and I just don't want to gather crates on resource missions anymore.
  9. What student athletes actually receive in terms of tuitions, room and board varies dramatically based on the school, the programs, and their value to said program.
  10. Huh, that is an interesting premise and an unfortunate name.
  11. I am surprised the Nets are out in the 2nd round, but I guess that shows how the most important ability for a team is availability. It's a pretty bizarre batch of teams left.
  12. LC, that's a fierce looking car. Pictures of mine will have to wait. They didn't have my color in stock (charcoal) so I have a loaner for the time being. The Mirai definitely feels futuristic. It has all the sensors and self parking stuff. Plus it has butt coolers, which was great on a hot day. I also hear I may need to fight people at the hydrogen stations to fill it up, so very Mad Max futuristic.
  13. Ok, I bought a Toyota Mirai. First new car I have ever owned and it is fancy. There was a ton of incentives to make it affordable, but I still walked out twice, so I think I got them down to a decent price. Actually the haggling is mostly over how much my trade-in is worth.
  14. I'm going to challenge this a bit because I think too many people get hung up on dates when it comes to history. But honestly that is super low on the list of what is needed to understand historical events. What really needs to be focused on is the order of the events and the cause and effect. Sorry, it's just I'm constantly drilling into my students how unimportant it is that they managed to rote memorize a bunch of dates. It means nothing if you don't understand how we got there and what the impact was. So yeah, it's your engineering education.
  15. I am thinking about buying a hydrogen car. The Toyota Mirai looks sweet and has a ton of promotions around it. I have fueling stations somewhat close to me, amd a bunch near my work, so it might be a good deal. It shouldn't explode like the Hindenberg.
  16. Specific dates from history are less important than the intent behind the observation. It's not like Jesus was born on December 25th. I think it is great for people to understand that it was a long process to end slavery with many important steps, and there is still progress to be made. Juneteenth is a good time to acknowledge that.
  17. Hmm, I guess I should be more specific. When I say young people, I mean ages 10-20. Honestly 20-30 year old people should have a clue. That isn't very young.
  18. This is not new. Young people have always had a naivete about what is right and wrong. Distrust of authority and government and thinking critically about society come with age.
  19. Yep, I moved the mattress out into the living room where we have a decent AC unit. We are camping out until it cools down tomorrow.
  20. Pain is just weakness leaving the bidy, boys.
  21. I like this, but glasses are much different than taking medication. I'd be concerned about taking a pill to improve my eyesight for the rest of my life because there is a good chance there could be side effects. Glasses are a simple fix for a disability. They aren't necessarily prefect and they don't really fix the problem. But I do believe we need to focus on more simple fixes in mental health. Do you exercise every day? Do you practice good nutrition? I'm not saying these should be used instead of medication, but they should be the first steps. I've had a lot of students over the
  22. Hah, that was what I was thinking. She attended one college and is assuming that they are run exactly the same. It's kind of a big country. Your mileage may vary dramatically. Heck, UC Berkeley is a state school and it is still going to be dramatically different than UCLA.
  23. On the same topic: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-06-14/california-defies-doom-with-no-1-u-s-economy I know a number of people who moved out of the Bay Area in the last year. As much as I daydream about the idea, the reality is the grass is rarely greener. A bunch of them ended up in Texas right before the Snowpocalypse. It was easy for them to leave because the housing market is on fire. They were able to sell properties and pocket a ton of equity. Which says two things: 1. There is still a tremendous amount of people who want to live and buy houses in the Bay
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