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  1. $20k a year is probably fine to retire on as long as you move to a country that won't medically bankrupt you.
  2. I'd imagine TP is readily available already, as I've found most public restrooms provide that and don't expect you to bring your own. Fun fact, my wife who teachers High School PE, has been buying feminine hygiene products and providing them for students for the last couple decades. She typically sells bottled water to cover the costs.
  3. You totally make me want to play an MM game, but I'm not sure I can handle the graphics anymore. I did enjoy MM X: Legacy awhile back, maybe I should give that a try? Any other decent newish Might and Magic/Lands of Lore style games? I've already played Grimrock.
  4. I'd love to do that. Hardly the hobo life, RV's these days are super swank. I am pretty sure once the kids are out of the house and self-sufficient, my wife and I will downsize to a condo or something small, and my wife and I will buy a Sprinter Van to travel in for a chunk of the year. I think I have her no board with this. I've been enjoying my new Instacart profession. It's a pretty fun side hustle. This week has been profitable with all the Thanksgiving shopping trips needed.
  5. Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary? Yell yeah! Interesting strategy using people that are actually qualified for their jobs. Wonder what Biden's end game is here?
  6. I got lost in the ventilation ducts in Underrail and never made it out. But it was fun for a bit.
  7. If you used that on a test to describe the President of the US, I would give you half credit, and that would be a gift.
  8. Agh! Got my modern day military thriller characters all mixed up.
  9. It does seem that the people that hang out here have remarkably similar tastes in gaming, which is infinitely more helpful than trying to sit through Steam reviews for a decent idea on a game. Despite that common bond, it certainly isn't an echo chamber in WoT.
  10. Whoa whoa, Volo is a fan of the NWN OC, and that is weird. I guess I should have said I was a big fan of the NWN toolset and mod community. I was actually pretty active in a project called A Land Far Away, which was a multi-server persistent world. I tried to help build the Luskan server, but I was pretty terrible at development. I haven't check on that project in a decade, and it looks like it is still going!
  11. It started off pretty innocently. I was a big fan of NWN and registered when I heard they were developing the sequel. But I didn't really join the community until I finished KotOR II and was like...this is the ending? What the heck happened? I immediately logged into Obsidian's forum to find answers, and was surprised to find them! Then I found a thread on the TV show LOST, and found even more answers. Plus some guys were talking hockey. Honestly there are some real oldie but goodie threads that just pulled me on. Look at this crazy one: More than 16 years later and we final
  12. Finished Jack Reacher Season 2. I had started it last year and stalled out. He still plays soldier too much for a Jack Ryan story. But I am glas I finished and I hope they get back to more analyst type stuff in season 3.
  13. Every time I read your posts, I feel compelled to start a new game. But I think I am going to try and be patient and wait for Xenonauts 2.
  14. I started playing The Division 2. I figure it is a good idea to get used to seeing Washington DC as a battlefield, given the current trajectory of the country. So far so good!
  15. I typically only have mixed drinks when I am out with my wife, and typically we explore new drinks during our Vegas trips. But I am clearly missing all that with the pandemic, so I decided to throw some cheap bourbon in with spiced cider. It turned out pretty well! Itch is now scratched.
  16. I have a 5 Guys across the street from our in-n-out, and I go there almost exclusively. I guess it is different when you are raised with them. Habit Burger is probably my tops for a good burger chain joint.
  17. I like how you barely notice Melania has been turned into Voldemort.
  18. I miss the days where gamers sat quietly in their parent's basement trying to take over the world.
  19. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/national-international/california-inmate-who-fought-wildfires-and-completed-sentence-now-faces-deportation/2404103/?_osource=SocialFlowFB_BAYBrand&fbclid=IwAR0ZU-usHlqC7A92aO8IiXnBU2PRnrPcvWo_5kOdblvoRaUG2VZahVpmAtQ Here is another ridiculous immigration story. This guy is a legal resident and has been in the US since he was 2. He spent most of his life in the prison system after committing a crime at 16 (which seems like a completely different issue.) Apparently he did well enough in prison to qualify for the firefighter program and has been active dur
  20. Ok, I get that there might be other modern world games, there are other open world games. GTA is the current king of the open world genre. I preferred Saint's Row myself, but the GTA games are the benchmark. Just like Skyrim seems to be the fantasy open world benchmark (or is it Witcher 3 now?) So yeah, Cyberpunk will get the comparison unless it becomes the new benchmark.
  21. GTA is basically the original open world modern setting game, so I think that is why you are getting that comparison.
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