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  1. 16:10 support would be cool. Specifically, 1920x1200. Yep, 1920x1200 definitely needs some love too! Hey Karkarov I love your work on the solid UI and it would really be a blast to start PoE (thanks Obsidian!) with a KarkarovD matching the native res of my crappy Samsung at 1920x1200. Pretty please? Oh, and thanks Sensuki and Bester for the IE Mod, I really can't find the words to show my appreciation for all your efforts to improve (if possible!) PoE, Thanks guys!
  2. Beautifully crafted, as always... Kudos to you Grotesque! By the way what about a 1920x1200 res (16:10) version? Hm?
  3. Pffft... Hahaha, Infinitron posted this in the comment section: Priceless
  4. This. Personally, I'd really love to see some hand-sketched Item descriptions (just like in the Baldur's Gate series), but if i remember correctly -among the devs- Kaz is busy, trying to fix the visual cluttery of the UI part of the Melee engagement system. Well, one can only hope
  5. Wow! Nice update guys, i'm looking forward to the next with Justin Bell! Oh by the way, was the ARM code-wheel really an april-fools joke? But if it's that so, how i'm supposed to put the right amount of lunarium in my rocket pack without it? hmm? Wait, wrong game i guess... (ah my old Amiga 500)
  6. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to Obsidian and everybody in the forum!
  7. First post of a longtime lurker. I've voted yes: definitely more wilderness areas (please, make them meaningful and big like those in Baldur's Gate 1) and more reactive and fleshed out companions (quality over quantity, here).
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