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  1. I hate -level scaling -droping random items with random properties by creatures -manga/anime style There are a lots of things I hate. But these three are my worst enemy.
  2. Nice piece of art! Can you show us your work in better resolution? Especially this: http://media.obsidian.net/eternity/media/updates/0064/pe-db-mood.jpg P.S. You shouldnt touch screen with pen! Tracks are very hard to clean...
  3. I agree, but still they need improvements, like centurionofprix said. In my opinion characters should be a little more "raw".
  4. Amazing update note! Great pics! I'm looking forward to see companions portraits!
  5. Very good point. Portraits should be larger. Your "concept" is very good. God bless You.
  6. I never like monks in RPG and I'm still not conviced, but I very like concept arts and paint. Especially Dyrrvood models, looks like poor medieval villagers outfit. p.s Will Vailian Republicans have black skin and looks belong to upper class? I guess it's historical justice .
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