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  1. Did you use a different e-mail for Kickstarter than you used for the forum? If so, you need to link your e-mail address from Kickstarter to your account here and then it should send you a confirmation e-mail and give you credit for whatever you gave on Kickstarter
  2. I love Obsidian's past games but had trouble with bugs. I'm completely 100% fine with waiting an extra few months if it means they have time to properly bug-test the game now that they are finally free from a publisher demanding for the game to be released whether or not it's complete.
  3. I'm a huge supporter of a true save-anywhere system. If I need to quit the game, I don't want to lose progress. If there's one hard part that's giving me trouble, I don't want to continuously repeat the easy part before it over and over again just to get back up to the part I'm having trouble with. If the dialogue options are unclear, I don't want to be stuck with choosing the one I didn't mean to (this isn't really a problem if the dialogue choices will show the full text though, but I hate it when the choices are just icons or short phrases that don't really tell me what the character will say if I pick it). And of course if the game is buggy I like having a ton of backup saves that I can fall back on to minimize the amount of gameplay I lose from trying to get around the bug. Having said all of that, I have reloaded a lot if I was having trouble with a fight (trying different strategies until I found something that worked) but I never really reloaded a lot to win at random events like opening a chest. I don't mind at all if the game pre-generates random events and saves the results in the game save because I wasn't going to keep redoing the random event anyway. I can see how that might be addictive to people who like to gamble though, and if the game wants to discourage people from getting addicted to gambling in it then I think that's okay. The main issue for me is that people should be able to save their progress whenever they want so that they won't lose a lot of gameplay if something happens.
  4. All of those choices sound interesting. I've always thought it silly how in some RPG's the NPC's will constantly disapprove of my actions but never actually do anything about it. It would be interesting if the NPC's had more of their own personalities and would actually try to convince me to do it their way, or perhaps even leave or try to stop me if they really feel that strongly about it. And it's always interesting when other NPC's recognize and react to party members. That makes the world feel more connected, like the party members don't purely exist to follow me around and they actually existed before I got there I picked the "other" option too because in addition to party members who like and support me versus party members who hate and oppose me, I think it would be really interesting to have a neutral character like Kreia who actively challenges the player to consider why we're doing something (regardless of what we chose) so that we think about it more deeply and consider possible consequences that we might not have thought of otherwise. And of course it would be awesome if there were actually unexpected consequences that make sense but which we didn't predict when we made the decision.
  5. I'm also interested to find out what will be in the expansion pack. I don't mean story-wise, but a general idea like how many new quests and locations, or a rough estimate of additional gameplay, or something like that. I paid for the expansion pack on faith that Obsidian will make a genuine expansion, but I'm a little wary because of how so many companies handle DLC or season passes where it sounds like it will be actual game content and then it's some outfits or a challenge arena or something else I don't care about. I'm trusting Obsidian to make an expansion that has a lot of real content in it and it would be nice to have official confirmation of that I can't remember any XP that had more content than the base game. StarCraft: BroodWar was about as long as the original StarCraft. It's not unprecedented for an expansion pack to be very long
  6. I just linked up my pledge and confirmed my order today. On my profile page it mentions the Kickstarter badge, but I don't see it on my posts. It's not that big of a deal, but I figured I might as well ask about it
  7. I'm still used to the name "Project Eternity" so I think it would be cool to have a shirt with that name on it. I'll have to get used to "Pillars of Eternity," but I'm sure I'll like it by the time the game comes out
  8. I intend to go with the GOG version. I don't mind Steam in general, but I got the Infinity Engine games on GOG so that I could mod them without any trouble, and since this game is in the same vein I expect I'll want to mod it too. It's usually pretty annoying to mod games on Steam (either the Steam client gets annoyed that files changed and doesn't want to run the game, or for a newer game like Skyrim an update gets downloaded and breaks whichever mods I had installed at the time). That page also says gog and steam. Isn't it a bit weird we didn't get to choose on the backer portal? I think I just realized the answer to your question -- it says that the DRM-free Linux platform is to be announced. They probably don't want people to choose a platform until all of the platforms are decided (otherwise it would get confusing if people had to skip choosing or choose a choice they didn't really want for now until the third option becomes available).
  9. I was having trouble last night, but it worked for me today. I couldn't sign into the site to manage my pledge (it kept saying my information was incorrect so maybe I had trouble with the Capcha thing). So I signed into the forums and realized I was signed into the pledge site automatically. Then I tried to link my e-mail address from Kickstarter and it said it sent an e-mail but nothing came so I gave up. Today I found the e-mail in my inbox and was able to successfully link my Kickstarter pledge to the rewards site and confirm my rewards. It now says my order is pending, so I think it worked I'm sure most of the problems are just because everyone is trying to sign on at once now that the site is finally active. Hopefully if people wait a day or two it will work
  10. Did the backer site go live yet? I vaguely remember reading that it was supposed to be finished awhile ago. I don't mind waiting if it's still being worked on of course I just don't want to miss out on selecting my add-on if it's already live. Or is there another way I'm supposed to choose my add-on? Thanks!
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