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    fantasy books, cRPG, belly dancing, fire hula hoop and hooping. Also drawing http://ailantan.deviantart.com/
    I like liquids.


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  1. Congratulation to the team! I can't wait to get to watch documentary and play the game :D What new recipe will be my favorite from this one~ <3
  2. Divinity: Original Sin is so good...

  3. I like this tune, it have feeling of serenity in it, like i would sit on grass just on outskirts of village near woods. Dyrford seems to be peacefull, but with something disturbing that peace nearby.
  4. I would love to have Blue Jay as a companion bird. Or some variety of it. Also mix like bird/snake would be kinda cool. Like Ravenwyrm.
  5. Even if achievements are in PoE game on steam, i don't mind - only if they don't pop up during gameplay. I know they are source of information for developers. But i don't want them to show up when i play. Like for example they can be shown under menu bar after you hit escape key. (Ones that you achieved during this gameplay session)
  6. I think i may stop caring to read treads on this forum anymore.
  7. Godlike mage and she will be glorious bastard. I usually go with chaotic good, but we will see. Almost all of my playtrought are with magic wielding protagonist. I'm also tempted with cypher class.
  8. So far my conclusions is that we are fine with more streach goal for a game if they have all they need for what they promised us, and now either have more money to spent on next streach goals or add even more content. Companions and more areas are also most desirable things to add into game, as mods made for BG2 for example - a lot of them consist of NPC mods that add companions into a game, or like for IWD 1 & 2 NPC Project Mod that for me is must play with after i tried it once. Only thing i would like to say i worry about is that i don't want empty wildeness areas like in BG1. I li
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