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  1. You are all wrong. Obviously, the most important aspect is having every charater be bisexual and a potential LI for the PC.
  2. You're confusing sapient with sentient. The only non-fantasy sapient species is humans, hence the name homo sapiens. I guess it would depend on how the dragons are done in the game if they're done at all. Maybe they have different moral taboos than humans, or maybe are very survival of the fittest species and would't care for a dragon weak enough to be killed by a lowly human/elf/dwarf or w/e. It would be cool, if they have different factions in the dragon society, each taking a different stance on various issues.
  3. Proof please. I'd like to point out how silly "Ad Populum" arguments are given the forums we're on. An old-school isometric RPG? Most players won't like that. It's the same preconception un-argument that is constnatly used (and abused) and leads to stagnation and creation of souless clones. Adventure games are dead. Old-schoold RPG's are dead. Oh wait, PE kickstarter campaign was a massive sucess! Space shooters are dead. Oh wait, Star Citizen broke all records. See the problem with equating "what is on the market" with "what will be a sucess". People play whats on the market because that's what they have available or is what they know. If the market is saturated with bread, people will eat bread because there's so much of it to go around. That doens't mean people will not like cake because bread is popular. The same could be said about your argument. There isn't any reliable data available for what players prefer in terms of any specific game-play mechanic; except for game-play metric data that developers use, but it's not available to us. And sure, PE and Star Citizen are a massive success for Kickstarter, but even if 75K backers turn in to 300K(though, I hope the number is in millions) buyers, it's hardly a massive success compared to other games, including old school 2/2.5D isometric games.
  4. If I remember correctly dragons are typically associated with serpents, not dinosaurs. Either way, I don't see a reason to change dragons; why not just create a new creature if they wanted to create something different?
  5. I think this sort of mechanic makes more sense in games with survival themed settings(FO:NV/Wasteland), where resources are scarce and gathering food and water is a significant economic burden. There is also the toxicity of the food and water to worry about or what diseases it may carry adding another layer to the mechanic. Since none of these problems exist in the P:E setting, as far as we know, it can become tiresome to stop every 15-20 minutes to eat and drink just so you hp doesn't fall or your stats don't take a hit. Not to mention having to go into town to buy it every time you run out.
  6. Well, it's not like the game's development; They can't exactly show us concept art, and demo videos of an incomplete site. "Well, at some point, this will be a log in box, and this will allow you to navigate the page." It's kind of a "Not done/done" thing. Several of the other Kickstarters have done the same thing. Most don't even mention anything about the pledge managers, except for maybe initially (to tell you that there will, in fact, be a backer site/manager), then like a week before it's done (in one of those "Good news, folks! It's almost time for the backer site to be up!" updates). It's kind of like waiting on your food at a restaurant. I don't expect the server to come tell me "Okay, they're blending the sauce now!", or "They've flipped the chicken, so the other side is cooking now!". I just know a meal takes time to make, and I patiently await the completed meal. The incomplete components of the meal have no value to me, and are not news-worthy. Bad example....if a restaurant makes me wait too long I leave and don't return. In this case they should have mentions of what's going on....delays, progress and so on. There should be SOMETHING to say about it. It's not as big of a deal as you guys make it out to be. A couple updates ago they said it would take a few weeks, "It's still not done yet" is hardly update worthy. Besides, I doubt it'll be much different than these forums unless you pledged $1000+ and get to design something in the game, which was like 20-30 people as AFAIK.
  7. Well, yes, they should, but I'd prefer not to have to redo everything because the default setup is ugly. Besides, bindings != layout and UI. I was just addressing op regarding the mouse buttons, but i hear ya about the layout and UI. If you ask me a good UI should be intuitive and the old IE games UI were anything but, so I hope we see some improvements.
  8. Strage and weird pets like the Lim Lim are awesome. As a side note, if you turned the Lim Lim to stone, you are a terrible person.
  9. If your character is someone of note(e.g. Fame > 40), your character should get an entry in the codex that gets updated every time you do something significant; maybe even add slight inaccuracies or exaggerations depending of your character alignment. That is, if they include a codex, rep system, and an alignment system.
  10. They should just let you select the key + mouse bindings.
  11. They haven't released that much info on it as of yet. These links are the only ones I know about. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts/326585 http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts/312639 The wiki is not official, it's run by the community afaik.
  12. Animating faces using 3D models in a way that looks at least *somewhat* realistic, is very difficult i.e. expensive. For a triple-A first-person 3D game with a 100 million dollar budget, it might be a worthwhile investment. But in the case of PE, I think not. I suppose, although rendered portraits are really cool as well so IDK about OP but I won't be bummed out either way. I just hope they include more than a handful and make them class/race specific.
  13. The most recent one I remember was in NWN2 with the bard in Blacklake District. It was fun and a pain in the ass at the same time being so musically inept. On the other hand, puzzles like Towers of Hanoi or cryptograms have been used quite a lot in other games, so I hope they include something we haven't seen before.
  14. The duck hunt dog. But seriously, no Carth Onasi types or Qara(flipped out every time you said hello or something.)
  15. I think someone from obsidian said they created a new dialog system; but like everyone here said, there probably won't be full VO. Someone on another thread suggested animated portraits with facial expressions, that would be kinda cool during interactions.
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