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  1. Will the Ranger Companions have any effect on storylines? Or will it just be a cookie-cutter assistant to the Ranger?
  2. "I'm sorry." "I know." "I'm so sorry." "Lad." and the old hand gripped a young shoulder. "I know." "They'll sing songs of you. A hundred. A thousand." the youth proclaimed, as slight tears fell about him. ​"Aye, maybe. But just something to get the blood stirring 'fore the real tale is spun, I think." and his grey eyes turned away from the cavern, and looked up into the face of his protégé, his kind and faithful novice. “You’re special, boy. I could say that a thousand times, but today, here and now, I mean it. I mean every word.” And his twisted, cankered hand gripped tight as an iron vice. “
  3. You do realise they would have made Neeshka a romance option, had there been time in the development cycle? That might be a myth, though.
  4. I think giving you too much choice in terms of 'who is your character?' can lead to a helluva lot of problems. I'm sure it has been mentioned, but if you have a thousand different storylines, the way they integrate into the main plot will be cheap - much as I have faith in these guys, they can't write an entirely new game simply because your Halfling Barbarian decided to be born in Bum's End rather than Ear's Hole. At the same time, however, I think a few choices are key. Having a single set place where everyone originates from can stilt the imagination. Take Candlekeep; Candlekeep was a d
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